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Strictly New Bands (no.19): Little Racer


Little Racer

Location: Brooklyn, NYC

Little Racer (Elliot Michaud, Ish Nazmi and Mike Seay) are the latest in long line of intriguing new bands to emerge from Brooklyn in recent months. Unlike our other Brooklyn favourites Friends, Little Dancer prefer the sounds of Californian surf, and the slamming guitars of Best Coast and Surfer Blood, to funk and 90s r’n’b.

In keeping with the New York tradition this band burst onto the scene at this year’s CMJ festival capturing an international audience for the first time, and recently (I mean like five days ago) they finished off a tour of London that saw the band hitting the usual hot spots (Silver Bullett, Shackwell Arms, Electric Showrooms, etc.).

So the hype is already in place, but what about the sound? Well the first thing that strikes you about Little Racer is the startling assuredness that they possess. This self confidence is best displayed on “The Town”, a daring arrangement that starts with some warm honking horns, before dropping into the kind of sugary sweetness that only Vampire Weekend can pull off, and then, out of seemingly nowhere they decide to rattle off a couple of bars of The Beatles “Till There Was You”. The band even manage a trippy quasi-disco bridge and brilliantly bold and starkly minimal finale.

It’s fantastically engaging stuff, and that’s not even their best track, that honour is reserved for lead single “Split For The Coast”; an irresistibly jolt of warped surf guitars and staggered lyricism. The comparision to Surfer Blood come naturally enough, but this band has already displayed a level of creative ingenuity that feels more at home in the company of Surf’s Up and Smile, but lets not get ahead of ourselves. David Hayter

The Buzz: Hot from rocking CMJ, Little Racer are the latest New York band to have comprehensively mastered the California sound.

For Fans Of: Brian Wilson, Surfer Blood, Vampire Weekend, Real Estate and Best Coast

Website: Facebook and Bandcamp



Author: david

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