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Strictly New Bands (No.16): Fractures

Hometown:  London

Fractures offer dirty 90s pop being hammered down by post punk’s guitars gripping onto the art rock revival; Fractures find glory in balancing these influences. Fractures are Freddie Murray, Matt Gwyer, Harry Adams and Gary Southwell who you could all encounter at the best hair awards.

”Brixton Animal” could not be anymore druggy brit-pop even if it tried. The guitars are smelly, vocals are wavy hazy, the chorus is lazily big and feels like sloppy sex in a cigarette smoke filled room.  ”Ride” feels the same way, but with more anthemic air kissing lyrics ”I feel like being alone” layered atop big gritty strings.

Although Fractures ‘image‘ does remind me of a less shambolic Towers Of London, who let’s face were all about big hair, lots of hair spray, getting drunk, screwing the groupies in front of everyone (think bums in every direction, no joking) and beating people up who used Sex Pistols within the same sentence as Towers Of the capital of England. Simone F

The Buzz: Fractures are well known across London for their chaotic, yet amazing live shows – 2012 sees them duck into my hat of ‘ones to watch’

For Fans Of: Supergrass via The Libertines, dirty Camden rock n roll aka drugs and drinking measured into a broken bloodied glasses of grit.



Author: Simone

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