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Strictly New Bands (no.13): All The Young

All The Young

Hometown: Stoke on Trent

All The Young are a young band crying about how angry people are in Stoke. Formally another band called New Education, who were basically a group of angry fighting young men, they toured with Pete(r) Doherty and The Holloways. Under the new name change they have toured with Morrissey and The Courteeners, oh and Viva Brother. Well done record label.

Recently signed to Warner Brothers for an impressive amount of money, All The Young are the type of band who could impress you within a minute of listening to their music, which to be honest, is what indie anthems are about, yes anthems. All The Young don’t mess around; they are making songs for the arenas. They swapped Jeans for suits, and bad language for politeness, oh and a name change, thanks to the record label.

”Welcome Home” is very British, the sound couldn’t be any more good old fashioned rock n roll if it tried. ”’The First Time” went onto become XFM’s most overplayed song for a while, thanks to Steve Harris. ”The First Time” is gutted with indie guitars and a mouthful of lyrics that beg to be sung back to the band.

Debut album Quiet Night In is due out early next year, which happened to have been produced by the man behind Rage Against The Machine and Biffy Clyro. Although All The Young are not as quite loud rock as Rage and Biffy, let’s hope this works out. Simone F

Buzz: With the record deal they have, expect them to be whored everywhere. Hopefully All The Young will not be marketed as the next Oasis, they may be northern, but they have some class.

Website: AllTheYoung



Author: david

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