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Strictly New Bands (No.11): Spector


Hometown: Dalston, London

Spector a dashing five piece band rising from East London’s elite music scene with their charming oh-so British new romantic indie pop with a heartbroken lyrical sound. The line up consists of Fred Macpherson the vocalist, Christopher Burman the guitar fiddler, Jed Cullen swaps and changes between synth and guitar, Danny Blandy lightly bangs on the drums and finally ladies man Thomas Shickle the bassist. Bassists do get the pretty girls don’t they?

Spector are inspired pretty much the first half of the 00′s. The Strokes, The Raptures and Yeah, Yeah, Yeahs. Lead singer Fred McPherson is not only leading Spector but was the survivor of two previous Hoxton hipsters bands, which flopped miserable. The names of those two bands were Les Incompétents and Ox.Eagle.Lion.Man  (if you fancy youtubing them for giggle purposes). Finally Spector may see him break the mould with him declaring going back to music he loved as a fifteen year old.

The debut single ”Never Fade Away” broke into the hipster’s blogs, even a mention in Nylon magazine. ”Never Fade Away’‘ is an almost, but not quite love song. Filled with bursts of guitar energy and hand clapping favourites. After the huge hype over ‘‘Never Fade Away’‘ next in line was ”What You Wanted’‘ with spacey riffs into rock synths, yet also another massive sing along, but this time instead of using your hands to clap away to the melody in ”Never Fade Away” ”What You Wanted’‘ fists are needing for the catchy air punching fever, or leg jumps.  The music video for ”What You Wanted‘ was filmed at Dalston very own old hang out, Efes. Current song ”Grey Tie & Suit” is creaking in spacey hooks. Simone F

Buzz: Having been one of 2012′s bands to watch out for since the summer, now as of today making BBC Sounds 2012 longlist category (home to Jessie J, Ellie Goulding and Adele.) Next years Vaccines perhaps with the less ”mainstream” following.

For Fans Of: Fred McPherson, The Killers cluttered choruses with the youthful fun of The Vaccines loaded with coolness. Pure cool.

Website: Spector

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Author: Simone

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