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Strictly New Band (no.33): Out Side Room

Out Side Room

Location: Sussex

Out Side Room are a five piece indie dance band from East Sussex, they blend a mix of styles that can be compared to both Two Door Cinema Club and Friendly Fires – a traditional indie sound, that takes a dance twist.

Each song they play seems to take a different path; ‘Meow’ jeers at the party drug with a killer bass line, while ‘Untouchable’ and ‘In Harms Way’ are for more dancey. Lyrically Out Side Room tend towards a day to day view, or perhaps a night to night life that’s filled with love, lust and drugs, making for at least a few songs that can be appreciated by just about everyone. The accessibility of their lyrics combined with some impossibly catchy tunes makes for a perfect combination for instant hits.

The band’s live shows have provided many more huge songs including the fan favourite ‘Wake Up’. When it comes to live performances, Out Side Room can’t seem to put a foot wrong, having the crowd grasping for every moment, especially with the impeccably timed stop-start of ‘Bleak Freak’, it’s hard to not have a good time at one of their shows. The music is instantly lovable and effortlessly cool; a true testament to lead singer Max Davenport’s songwriting abilities. His ability to write potential indie classics such as ‘Meow’ at such an early stage in the band’s career can only mean they’re destined for big things.

The band have an abundance of great tracks that they’ll be narrowing down for an EP very soon.. Expect to see a lot more from them in 2012, with more shows to come across the country. Kyle Prangnell

The Buzz: Outside Room are one of Sussex’s most promising young outfits with a  captivating live show.

For Fans Of: Friendly Fires & Two Door Cinema Club

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