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Strictly New Band (No.12): Bos Angeles

Bos Angeles

Location: Bournemouth

Earlier this year I wrote an entire feature decrying the phoniness of British music, complaining that our folk stars not only came front central London but spent the majority of their time pretending they were from the Mid West. I went on to bemoan the fake slackers, band’s having nostalgic memories of a scene they could hardly have lived through and with which they had little in common. So why do I bring this up? Well today’s Strictly New Band, Bos Angeles, as their name suggest, are a Bournemouth band who sound like their from America’s sun soaked west coast.

This band couldn’t be more sunny slacker pop if they tried. Rough around the edge, shaggy production, laid back surf riffage, time moves slower here Californian vocals, and a disinterested attitude, it all screams of a 90s/00s American rock collision. Thankfully, there’s a healthy dose of Hook underlying these Brits, as a burbling but beefy New Order bassline underpins their gentle distorted waves.

Unlike the wannabe Dinosaur Jnrs and Pavements of this world, Bos Angeles are helped by simulating the sound on an entire state rather than just a handful of bands. There’s even some classic Bryds jangle buried beneath their noise rock posturing, and while tracks like “June” sound tired, “Beach Slalom” and “Days Of Youth” are a riot, albeit a cynical one. California remains a fertile breading ground for innovation, and honestly, Bournemouth could do with a bit of sunny swagger, even if it’s on loan from the US. David Hayter

The Buzz: Bos Angeles are bringing the hazy cool of California to the not so cool southern shore of dear old Blighty.

For Fans Of: The Drums, Spectrals, Pavement(ish) and New Order.

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Author: david

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