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Strictly Metal (Vol.3): The Lost Edition

Good evening my fellow rockers and metalheads… Stressing about all those christmas presents you still need to buy? The shite weather? Well, I can’t perform miracles but hopefully this second installment of music news from the best genre out there may soothe your fragile minds!! Here we go…


STOP PRESS! As announced just earlier today on Strictly RandL, the first announcements for Rock Am Ring 2012 are in. Rocking the famous Nurburgring this coming June will be monster acts Metallica, Machine Head, Lamb Of God, Linkin Park, Motorhead and someone I am especially excited about – grunge gods Soundgarden. Yep, it’s official kids- so expect that rumour mill to go into serious overdrive. Although… it’s probably safe to say that a UK fest appearance is now highly plausible.

While we are on the subject of Seattle’s finest, tickets absolutely flew out for Pearl Jam’s upcoming Manchester date this last week. Rumour has it that the whole of the MEN sold out in 3 minutes. Congrats if you managed to secure your place at the front for Eddie and the guys! They will be supported by LA punk rockers X.

Like your rock and metal with a deliciously gothic and melodic feel? Then head over to Lacuna Coil’s Facebook page immediately for a look at their new single “Kill The Light” which is currently streaming. This track is also taken from the upcoming album Dark Adrenaline which is due for release on January 23rd via Century Media. Be sure to check out the stunning video for “Trip the Darkness” while you are there too!

Also gracing English soil next year are the totally bitchin’ Steel Panther. They will be bringing their salubrious 80′s Sunset Strip drenched debauchery to a venue near you in March (Birmingham, Glasgow, Manchester and London). New single “Just like Tiger Woods” (from the epic Balls Out) is available for download now via Universal Records.

For the more discerning metal customer out there- seminal Geordie black metallers Venom’s Welcome to Hell is officially 30 years old. Full of audacious blasphemy? Yes. Primitive if not slightly rudimentary in its musical delivery? Yes. But here’s the clincher – it fucking rules. If you wanna hear what BM SHOULD sound like, then look no further than this opus.

Last but certainly not least, the Key Club in California played host to a true metal legend on December 14th- the late, great Darrell “Dimebag” Abbot. Known as Dimebash, the event is a celebration of both Dime’s life and his illustrious musical career with Pantera and Damageplan. All-star tributes came from the likes of Serj Tankian and members of Black Sabbath, Alice In Chains, Disturbed and Rage Against The Machine.

Album Of The Week:

Rammstein – Made In Germany: 1995-2011. 

Due to the rapidly approaching festive season, there is pretty much bugger all in the way of releases this month apart from re-issues and various crap Christmas themed compilations. Zzzzzz. There is however, one piece of gold amongst the steaming pile of turd out there. I am of course, referring to pyro-loving industrial mentalists Rammstein.

Sixteen years after the release of debut album Herzelied in 1995, this greatest hits compilation is indeed a career retrospective of sorts but fucking hell it’s a beast. There are loads of different formats available to download/buy and all the favourites are here including “Mein Teil”, “Du Hast”, “Links 2-3-4″ and the fantastically OTT “Pussy”. There’s also a CD rammed full of remixes from the likes of Faith No More, Devin Townsend and Meshuggah (their take on “Benzin” is a true highlight and darker than the coldest of cold December nights!) Forget socks or pants, this is the perfect stocking filler.

New Tracks/Single of The Week:

Immigrant Song (Trent Reznor feat. Karen O)

Taken from the soundtrack of David Fincher’s remake of The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, the score of which is penned by Reznor and Atticus Ross and it’s a 3 hour soundtrack of (at times ambient) electro-industrial awesome-ness. Originally penned by the mighty Led Zeppelin, Trent has enlisted the help of Yeah Yeah Yeah’s eccentric frontwoman Karen O on vocal duties here.  I cannot get enough of this song this week- it’s everything a cover SHOULD be. Ferocious yet hypnotic and with creepy visual sequences to boot – stunning. It’s a shame Leona bloody Lewis didn’t sit up and take notes from Miss O instead of butchering Nine Inch Nails’ masterpiece “Hurt” with her saccharine blend of X Factor dullness. Anyway, here’s the official visuals vid for you all to get your fix.

Well, that’s all for now folks. Here’s to a very metal Crimbo and a rocking New Year… See you again here very soon for more gossip, news and reviews.



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