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Strictly Albums Of The Year: What Did You Expect From The Vaccines?

Released 14th March 2011 by Domino Records

Chart Performance: The Vaccines had great success across Europe and flew into the UK charts at No.4. The album also produced four charting singles.

What The Critics Said: “It’s youthful, ambitious and mesmerisingly catchy.” The Fly

The Vaccines kicked started guitar music in 2011, after 2010 drowned in Urban pop. The Vaccines brought the light hearted fun of teenaged pop back into the guitar world as, let’s face it, it had been a slightly damp blur in 2010.

The Vaccines not only went onto be this year’s summer band, playing different countries every day, but they did it with dignity, keeping a low key on all the questions about being 2011′s big band. Ask them the question now, and they will give you the truthful answer of ”we knew it, but wanted to keep some grace.” Let’s face it, The Vaccines would have been slaughtered by the press otherwise. Look what happened to that other hyped ‘had to change their name, due to legal issues’ band, that some will say never delivered.

Freddie and Co may be having the time of their lives, playing the huge gig sing along almost-anthems like now;”Post Break Up Sex”, ”If You Wanna,”, ”Blow It Up” and even the slower paced hits ”Wetsuit” and ”Norgard” are received with air punching glee. To top off a great year, they hooked up with Mr Albert Hammond Jnr. Need I say more? Mixing The Strokes signature hooks and The Vaccines riffs on “Tiger Blood” .

They make not be reinventing the entire guitar music era, but The Vaccines lived up to the hype. They delivered a strong fast paced album, which went straight into the top 5. Played pretty much every single festival around the world during the summer, and saw ridiculous amounts of people singing their lyrics back word for word. From that tiny solid sold out, first come, first served show at The Flowerpot this time last year, to where The Vaccines are now; The Vaccines have earn every glorious moment of success. Simone F.



Author: david

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