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Strictly Albums Of The Year: Relentless Reckless Forever

Released 2nd March 2001 by Spinefarm Records

Chart Performance: A big hit across Europe and a number no.1 in Finland, Relentless Reckless Forever went to no.71 in the UK chart and has gone Gold in Europe.

What The Critics Said: “While Bodom’s brand of melodic death metal, with its bouncy beats and heavy use of keyboards, will not appeal to everyone, this album represents that signature assault at its best.” Revolver

March saw the return of arguably Finland’s biggest guitar hero, Alexi Laiho and the rest of his band, Children of Bodom. Relentless Reckless Forever is the band’s seventh studio offering and it’s more of the same batshit crazy, shred-heavy, melodic, symphonic death metal  you’d expect… but ultimately the band can’t be easily pigeon-holed, so it’s easier to just say it rocks.

As with so many bands Bodom are plagued with the “it’s not as good as their early work” label whenever they release new material and critics and fans alike have cast that label onto Relentless and I think that’s unjust. Something the band’s always done well is the intertwining of keyboards and guitars which really adds serious melody to solos, riffs and breaks, helping things to remain eminently listenable. This twin guitar/keyboard sound is best heard on ‘Roundtrip to Hell’, which features keyboard and guitar solos, and ‘Pussyfoot Miss Suicide’.

Of course, if you do want turn-it-up-to-11 the divine heaviness the album’s closer, ‘Northpole Throwdown’ is pretty thunderous, the bass in the intro alone is enough to make your ears buzz if listened to through headphones.

I’m the first to admit that Relentless Reckless Forever is not CoB’s best record (I’d recommend Hate Crew Deathroll for that) but it is a good album nonetheless and Alexi and company’s good is better than a lot of bands best. Adam McCartney



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