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Strictly Albums Of The Year: Let Them Talk

Released 9th May 2011 on Warner Bros.

Chart Performance: A runaway success story Hugh Laurie’s Let Them Talk has already gone gold in both the Argentina and UK having flown into the charts at no.2, where it not for Adele (i.e in any other year), Hugh Laurie would have a number one record to his name.

What The Critics Said: “To his enormous credit, Laurie never sounds like a dilettante among this group; he holds his own, working his way into the marrow of the songs, playing credible piano throughout” Allmusic

Actors crossing over into music is often a recipe for disaster, and even though I’m a fan of Hugh Laurie, I checked out his music with a critical mind. Checked out one or two songs originally which I thought sounded pretty cool so purchased a ticket to his gig in Manchester which coincided with a trip up North. Not going to dwell on the gig too much as its an album review but the gig was more than enough to tell me Hugh was very serious about what he was doing, It’s not some hobby just to pass the time. Over his life he’s become skilled at a number of different instruments even taking up Piano lessons from the age of 6.

The first single from the album was ‘You Don’t Know My Mind’ and it’s a major success in my opinion, he captures the essence of one of his biggest influence, Lead Belly, perfectly in this song. It’s evident how much soul and feeling he puts into it and its one of those tracks that just sneaks into your brain, and leaves you find mumbling it to yourself.

The album pays tribute to a lot of his favourite musicians and tracks and successfully reached the number 2 slot in the UK album charts. It’s a fantastically gritty blues album and really captures the essence of blues/jazz music. Definitely an excellent shout for someone who is trying to branch out with their music tastes or even for the most hardened blues enthusiasts, who will appreciate it.

Theres a real variety of funky and upbeat tunes through to the more moody and saddening ones. ‘Battle Of Jericho’ will have you stomping your feat and ‘St James Infirmary’ really shows off Hughs ability on Piano and highlights how perfectly suited his voice is to this style of music. The album features collaborations with artists such as Tom Jones and famous blues artists Irma Thomas and Dr John to give it an extra polished touch.

I’m no expert on blues or jazz music but ‘Let Them Talk’ is a great listen and would be a great introduction into blues/jazz music for anyone. On the rare occasions Hugh Laurie performs over here tickets fly, at first it may largely be down to him simply being Hugh Laurie but next time people rush out to buy a ticket, it will be because of the music, grab this album and find out why. Craig Brooks



Author: david

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