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Strictly Albums Of The Year: Blood Pressures

Released 4th April 2011 by Domino Records

Chart Performance: Blood Pressures entered the UK charts at no.40 but enjoyed huge success in France flying in at no.8.

What The Critics Said: “Blood Pressures is a darker, slower ride than Midnight Boom, but it shows the Kills can make subtle innovations as well as bold ones, and make them fit their signature sound to boot.” Allmusic

The Kills fourth studio album in ten years Blood Pressures shows they have no chance of slowing down. The duo have gone back to basic and recreated their ever amazing anxiety ridden guitar/drum minimal garage rock noise that they have been grinding through their drum machine for years.

Third album Midnight Boom took them to a completely different level, feeling more produced while still maintaing the typical Kills dirt, and producing some of The Kills finest beat pop pieces of work.

Blood Pressures has seen the tight duo go back to the basics of No Wow; gritty cigarettes and nervous fuck or fight foreplay mainly on gender. The sudden heavy bass riffs imposed on ”Future Starts Slow” is enough for anyone to furiously shake their dark locks of dirty hair around. The way Jamie is working his bass is utter mind blowing, dark and evil. It’s almost if you can hear him screaming ”HAHA” to the gossip columns. Even the drum machine is worth a mention on ”Future Starts Slow,” the drum machine blows it away mixed up in the shared vocals of Alison and Jamie.
Blood Pressures was off a good start.

Blues rock (”Damned If She Do”) and garage rock (”Nail In My Coffin”) sound like death being beaten off with monstrous thumps for survival and for air (actually make that for who gets to smoke the last cigarette). Lead album singles ”Satellite” and ”DNA” are The Kills heaviest songs to date, layered with dark blue’s gritty post punk bass matched with huge chorus melodies.

“Heart Is A Beating Drum” could not have been anymore pin pong blues if it even tried. The slower songs ”Pots And Pans,” ”The Last Goodbye” and the ever melancholic ”Baby Says” showcase The Kills are not about the guitars and smoking hot, but that Alison used her time with The Dead Weather wisely to starch out these rougher vocals that work to The Kills advantage on Blood Pressures, while Jamie got to hang out for two years solid playing with arty post-punk riffs.

Blood Pressures is by far The Kills darkest hour album; having gone back to the basics and reworked their garage rock with old school blues with the help from the typical layer of The Kills guitars and death staring vocals. Blood Pressures is The Kills ambitious album. Dark is the new dirt. Simone F



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