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Reading and Leeds Festival Mobile App Review

So Festival Republic released the hotly anticipated mobile phone app for Reading Festival and Leeds Festival. With all the other festivals having released theirs already, have we got the best of the bunch or something that reflects the free price tag.

Festival Mobile App

Well, it is certainly easy to use and obvious what the icons are. The initial prompt to sign up to the newsletter is a nice touch but we dare say most will just click on “No Thanks”.

The lineup screens and the information behind them are nicely presented whether they be in a list or in the “flow” style. However you don’t get to see what days the acts are playing on easily. For this you have to go to the schedule section. Annoyingly for the user, you have to go to the merchandise store to unlock this.

The news is nicely presented even though the options don’t seem very responsive. The information pages have the content that you’ll also need for a good festival.

The music section is also pretty good but very limited in what it offers. Similarly, the videos aren’t exactly setting our world on fire. The photos complete the hat trick – not exactly fantastic.

The fan wall offers you nothing away from Facebook and Twitter apart from seeing who’s near you. Whether that’s a good thing or not is open to debate.

The merchandise store seems to the job as well.

Strictly Our Opinion

We feel that FR were so close with this app but it fails on the major points. The two major ones being that it’s only available on iPhones (even then, some features need a working camera) so we can’t even use our iTouch. In a small study, the vast majority of people we asked didn’t have an iPhone.

Also, the application seems to self-close a lot. Not ideal and in fact, quite annoying. We’ve seen this a lot on the boards and across Facebook.

Not showing the schedule straight away is annoying. You want to see the schedule days before the event, not make up your mind when you’re there on the spot.

On some sections such as the information sections, a lot of screen real estate is used up my images or just blank spaces. Not ideal.

Lastly if you are going to have any media then make it exciting and relevant, not just filler.

This app was so close to being the best of bunch but unfortunately it doesn’t get there. If Festival Republic work on it for next year then it’s sure to be a winner.

We’ve used the latest iPhones and iTouch to test with the latest firmware.

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