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Reading 2012 Review: Enter Shikari

I’ve now seen Enter Shikari more times than I’ve seen any other band. Mull that over for a second. There is a very good reason why – their live show will impress ANYONE. From the brutality of “Zzzzonked’s” beatdowns to the melodic singalong in “Warm Smiles”, Enter Shikari have something for everyone. Asking around after the set, I was met with a resounding response of “I’m not really a fan of their music but it was very good”. Now if they just go home and try the music we will all be happy.

The set started off with the duo “System…//…Meltdown”, borrowing the synth line from 2009′s “Solidarity”. From the very start there was screaming, there were heavy breakdowns, chants, mosh pits…again, this band inspire the very best from the Reading crowd year after year and this was no exception. They dived straight back into the oldies with “Sorry You’re Not A Winner”, which actually seemed to be a little worse for wear in the crowd. The iconic 3 clap chant at the start wasn’t as loud as I’m used to.

Traditional music genres got a suitable thrashing for the whole set, but it all really came together during the modern Reading anthem, “Juggernauts”. Aptly with little to say, Reynolds sent the track blasting off into the crowd, bringing back crowd surfer after crowd surfer. The atmosphere was truly chaotic (or that was that just the multiple head injuries from that track?)

Enter Shikari are criticised for being a Reading house band, but with sets like this, it only makes me think…you really can’t get too much of a good thing. William Sorenson



Author: david

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