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Reader’s Favourite Albums…Common Dreads

  Common Dreads

“Here Tonight, I Clock A Thousand Heads. Here To Unite Through Common Dreads”. Introductory lyrics from the first track of the follow up to the 2007 album “Take To The Skies”, Common Dreads is one of the most tense, off the wall, sensationally albums written in the modern age.  As we know the second album is difficult to write and with a huge shift of genre it was “touch and go” if” Enter Shikari” could pull it off. The opening line that leads into post-hardcore-techno-metal – electronic masterpiece “Solidarity” sets the tone for the album perfectly. A political edge to the album leads serious songs such as “Fanfare For The Conscious Man” and “Step-Up” but there is such a shift in other songs. You know that songs such as “ZZzonked, “Hectic” and “The Jester” were written for the pure purpose of having a good time. Despite the still very political based lyrics “Enter Shikari” creates a distinguished sound that no other band can create.  

“Abusing Music Genres Worthless Boundaries Since 2003” is a slogan used by Shikari that describes themselves perfectly. These political lyrics feature such a diverse range of lexical choices and the songs are written so well that they seem accessible to anyone. Very few bands could feature the lyrics “i ain’t saying anything that could be construed as an apology, there’s another case study for anthropology” and still get away with it. Anthems that will get an entire crowd singing together such as “Juggernauts” and “No Sleep Tonight” create a sense of belonging. The “dubstep” mash up, of the two “Havocs” on the album will get people skanking so hard they’re brain will melt.  It is safe to say this is an epic that will be remembered for years to come and it is this album that will define for the band.  Go pick it up now.



Author: david

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