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Music For The Masses: Best Coast – Crazy For You Review

Best Coast – Crazy For You

Bob Dylan once said that you can’t be in love and wise at the same time. This makes sense since everyone who falls in love seems to temporarily revert into a strange fantasy world where they dream of kissing like Romeo and Juliet, having kids like the Swiss Family Robinson and having sex like something out of the most expensive regions of the internet. Cynical though I may sound, surely this simple-minded, amorous inner-fool exists in every psychologically healthy person to some extent: it’s this part of my brain that gets fed when I listen to Best Coast.

Lyrically, ‘Crazy For You’ could hardly be simpler, following the familiar pop templates of “I love you”, “You piss me off but I still love you” and “I love you and this pisses me off”. Rather than sounding clich├ęd, it sounds weirdly refreshing to hear someone removing the frills from these subjects and laying them out, bare and blunt. Even so, it would hardly work at all if it weren’t for the fact that the melodies and songs are so perfect. Sun-drenched beach-pop surf-rock with a lo-fi fuzzy sheen that sounds like it’s coming from a nearby radio while you’re thinking of someone you want but can’t have. While everything that goes into it seems fairly basic, it’s just got that something that makes it a breed apart from other records of its ilk and every song is just as valuable as the next. Plus, it’s far from insubstantial; it’s likely you’ll be listening to this record for a long, long time. I certainly have and I don’t doubt that ‘Crazy For You’ will continue to be an absolute staple in my collection.

Catchiness isn’t a necessary requirement to make a good record, but unfortunately, it seems that, more often than not, it’s the sole characteristic a record needs to get into the top 40. Here we have a record of which every track you’ll be whistling round the house for weeks; one that feels like a giant hug to the adolescent in all of us; one that swells with emotion and enthusiasm and it doesn’t even scrape the UK top 100. Meanwhile, Cher Lloyd is riding the top of the charts like Red Rum; I’m sure this dark time is prophesized somewhere towards the end of the book of Revelation.




Author: david

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