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Lewis’ Take: “The Whole Line Up Seems Lazy”

Strictly Hip Hop & Grime’s Lewis Lowe Reacts To The Line Up

Another year, another Reading and Leeds festival announcement which is bound to split the fans opinions to no end. Unfortunately for me the initial release has come as a bit of a let down.

Whilst I am impressed with the headliner selection, I am unimpressed with the under card on most of the days, but what has annoyed me most is Paramore sub headlining again. They were terrible last time they played in 2010 and it just seems a very lazy booking by Festival Republic.

In fact, the whole line up seems a bit lazy with numerous repeat bookings and other than a reunion performance by At The Drive In there is simply no ‘wow factor’ at all. It’s such a shame, as there were numerous bands touring this year that would have added something extra to the line up, take Tenacious D and Soundgarden for example. I’m not really a fan of either band but there can be no doubting that having them on the bill would have been a brilliant move, they would have bought a bit of spark to an otherwise dull line up.

Melvin said last week that he plans to offer a free burger and pint to people going to the festival this year and I cant help wondering if it’s as a peace offering after a disappointing announcement.



Author: david

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