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Introducing: The BBC Introducing Bands – Saturday

Part 2 of Introducing: The BBC Introducing Bands, Saturday at Reading and Sunday at Leeds.

Hawk Eyes

Hawk Eyes are a metal band from Leeds, they formed in 2004 and have since gone on to receive a highly respectable reviews for their current album Ideas (funded by PledgeMusic) from the the likes of  Kerrang, Artrocker and Q magazines. Having original starting out in Leeds as a band called Chickenhawk (who happened to play the same stage back in 2009). This time the band are back, louder and more pissed off, having released a couple of albums and a few EP’s and with a new drummer in toe the band look ready to smash the stage apart. Hawk Eyes are a must see for any persons who enjoy metalcore, and who really want to let the ‘pissed off’ out. Simone F

Sarah Williams White

One of the best things about researching new bands is finding out how they label themselves. Whether it’s odd but senisible tropical-wave (Vacationer) or Boom Beat Pop in the case of Sarah Williams White. In truth she lacks the boom, but her knowing brand of beat driven pop melts divinely on “Your Silence Is Killing Me”. At times the track plays like a hybrid between Erkyah Badu and Robyn, but in other moments it sounds dangerously similar to Kate Nash’s duff know it all single “Caroline’s A Victim”.

Thankfully, the skipping and a serene “Take Your Time” eases its way into your eardrums atop a relatively inventive arrangement – the same sense of imagination recurs during “If I Smile At You”. This lady clearly cares about her beats – even if her lyrics are at times cringe inducing, and her vocals occasional scream appropriation. Still it’s too early for that kind of dissection, Sarah Williams White is buzzing with ideas and stylistic influences from abstract indie to gentle ragga – which should all sound beautiful in the sunshine (fingers crossed). David Hayter

Cut Ribbons

Welsh band Cut Ribbons describe themselves as ”five dashingly good looking musicians from the popular holiday destination of Llanelli” - not sure how to take this, yes the band may be good looking and from a destination I’ve never heard from before but…Back to their alternative music Cut Ribbons have been featured on the BBC Introducing playlist for one week, with their ever popular song ‘Paper Shields’ being featured on Fearne Cotton, Greg James, Scott Mills and Nick Grimshaw’s BBC Radio One show’s, and with a bio like that, this is one band clearly not lacking in confidence. Simone F


London four-piece Escapists are more conventional than Sarah Williams White but should go down a treat at Reading. They linger delectably, haunting every crevice of the free to download “Ghost In Your Bedroom”. The National with added falsettos should give you an idea of how these malignant brooders sounds. Oddly, the cheerlessly titled “Burial” is a far more uptempo affair, stomping and marching with a distinctly Coldplay-ish sense of skyward momentum. In one moment this band can sound anguished, the next they sound like Interpol’s inspiring cousin – go figure. David Hayter

Escape To New York

The band with one of most awkward unfriendly Google searches, Escape To New York, are from Derbyshire (or as Goggle points out the band are actually a Hollywood blockbuster). We did manage to hunt down a photograph (we think it is them) and a YouTube snippet of their forthcoming dates, including Reading and Leeds (phew) after much investigation we did manage to find out the band only formed in June 2012 (after many line up changes…) Escape To New York recently played a headline slot at Y-Not Festival, not bad for a first show right? The band seem to have much Merch around the internet, with no music. I feel a little sceptical, I guess it happened to WU LYF, why not to many other bands? I for one am curious, join me, and we can be curious together. Simone F

Max Raptor

If one things clear from reading Max Raptor’s legion of press releases (they even have them on Soundcloud) it’s that they’re label want the phrase “anthemic candour” to catch on – it won’t, but Max Raptor just might. If you want an immediate adrenaline with spritely hooks and social grandstanding – this is the band for you. If they can bring all these elements together successfully live (and that’s a big if) Max Raptor should have no problem winning over passers by who want a quick pogo and chant-along. We know Reading loves Post-Hardcore and if Max Raptor have peaked your interest go and check out their mini-LP Portraits to get a more well rounded introduction. David Hayter


Hildamay are the second band of the day to leave my head and fingertips in a twist, when I first saw the Hilamay name mentioned I screamed at the thought of Josh Bleech’s band – however after digging deeper, leaving me with an itch, I came to realise that I generally have no idea if there are two separate bands with the same name, both from South East London, or the line up has completely changed (Google is as clueless as me.) The band linked to Reading and Leeds are the above band, who are punk rockers making them a must see for fans of Refused and The Bronx, where is Josh Bleech? Simone F



A lesson to aspiring artist of any genre: think long and hard about search engine optimisation. People need to be able to find you. If you’re a rapper from Manachester you might not want to call yourself RIO. Not only is their Rio Ferdinand, there’s a movie called Rio (the one with annoying Orange advert), and to make matters worse said movie has a rap soundtrack.

Anyway, after a lot of effort we uncovered “Can’t Stop We” and it was worth the effort (to an extent). The track is a real laugh, the type of rap that can succeed at on the BBC Introducing stage – it’s catchy and quick. Oh and yes the video features Rio Ferdinand for what it’s worth. “We Love Grime” is a more traditional offering, with a jagged jabbing strings, and a guest spot from Strictly favourite Ghetts. So if you fancy some catchy hooks and a vintage grime vibe, then RIO might float your boat. David Hayter

Dear Prudence

Dear Prudence are Brighton’s current dark pop band, having been inspired by Siouxsie and The Banshees version of The Beatles song ‘Dear Prudence’. With their depth of edgy undercurrent hooks, Dear Prudence are leading the way when it comes to creating catchy, feisty choruses. The band are lead by Madi Poncia who will definitely be bringing the alternative fans along to the BBC Introducing stage – a must see. Simone F

Black Moth

This five piece should have no trouble catching festival goers attention with their black clad look, cat tattoos, and with lead singer Harriet Bevan’s Ozzy-eske drone. With a classic rock vibe, Black Moth manage to sound both ferocious and disinterested simultaneously. They could almost be a Horrors from another dimension if Faris was less into haunting shoegaze and more interested in the pummeling proto-punk of Strange House. “The Articulate Dead” should sound awesome on the cosy confines of the BBC Introducing Stage, watch out for those fairground synths. David Hayter


Indie Folk Leeds based band Backyards seem to be summoning up a fanbase, having released their debut EP If You’re Scared in the first half of 2012. The band’s blend of intense vocals, synths, strings and drums works very well for them. Simone F

Vengeance And The Panther Queen

Part of me was hoping after seeing that band name and having heard the ferocious drum intro to “My Ebola” that the track would drop into quirky cutesy pop…It doesn’t of course, instead this Dublin five-piece front piece fronted by Tara McCormack thrash and seethe knowingly over chugging riffs and breakneck punk. They’re often too cute for their own good, and there are plenty of weak lines for every “I wouldn’t call them idiots, I wouldn’t call them at all, I wouldn’t get into it”.  VATPQ will probably be a love them or hate them outfit, as the band lack the emotional believability of The Kills, instead focusing of rocking out and having fun on tracks like “I Hate Work” David Hayter

Bearfoot Beware

Awesomely named Leeds band Bearfoot Beware are a trio influenced by the likes of Battles, Foals, Refused and At The Drive In, who specialise in their self confessed  ‘raw energy and prog-inspired freakouts come alive’ on stage. Bearfoot Beware are the first band on on Saturday/Sunday, be sure to grab your free bap with enough time to catch their charming pop – I predict quite a future for this band. Simone F



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