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Introducing: The BBC Introducing Bands – Friday

Mikill Pane 

Mikill Pane is a poetic hip-hop artist from East London, currently known for his feature on Ed Sheeran’s smash hit ‘Little Lady,’ which went onto stay on top of the iTunes charts for a number of weeks. 2011 saw Milkill Pane tour with friend Sheeran (thanks to pop legend producer Jake Gosling). In October 2011 he released  The Guinness & Blackcurrant EP produced by Seb Rochford  of Babyshambles and Adele fame. Early this year Mikill Pane toured with previous BBC Introducing band Rizzle Kicks and realsed the crictcal acclaimed EP You Guest It featuring chart toppers Ed Sheeran, Example, Paloma Faith and er Katie Price, with chart topping friends like this Mikill Pane pronounced ‘Mike-ill’ could be the next big thing to grace the BBC Introducing Stage Simone F


Hailing from Yorkshire and formed in 2010 Proxies are a four-piece who describe their sound as alternative/electronic on Facebook. What do they sound like in real life? Well “Trojan (Inside Your Chest)” mixes a consistent tubthumping beat with a slow building riff, waning smokey vocals, and a big satisfying bass drop/chorus. Oddly, despite the meaty drop, “If I Had A Penny To My Name” would suggest the band are more influenced by early 2000s dance than brostep by numbers. The energy levels remain high, and their production is very crisp, but the middle of the road rock vocals may put some fans off. Too gimmicky for dance fans, but if you’ve enjoyed the speight of rock to electronic conversion of the last 24 months you’ll love Proxies. David Hayter


Samoans are a Welsh progressive math rock band, based in Cardiff. Samoans seem to have a build up reputation throughout the past few years for their rather energetic live shows. Cardiff are calling the Samoans the next up and coming talent of the present, let’s give the band a heads up and rock out to their awesomely intense drumming. After listening to their début single ‘Somersault’, out via Barely Regal Records, you get the urgent sense that Samoans are a good old fashioned good ol’ rock and rock band to get sweaty too. Samoans are set to release their début EP Elevated Reflections in September, and be sure to catch them bring their cool infectiously loud rock music to the fields.  Simone F


Lady Lykez

North London rapper Lady Lykez brings plenty of spunk and wit to her off kilter rhymes. The bratty digs on “Not Your Hair” shows a penchant for self-deprecation, tonal dexterity, and erh…cheesy punchlines. Still the playful persona and the barrage of punchlines should help Lady Lykez win over an unfamiliar audience. Still it’s not all jokes, Lykez shows off plenty of West Indian influenced intensity of the quick winding rhymes of “Badda Dan”. The success of Lady Lykez will depend on how she chooses to represent herself, aggressive or self-effacing? It’s a tough choice will the crowd want to laugh to “I Love My Butt” or to bounce to something harder? David Hayter

Wet Nuns

Sheffield band Wet Nuns have been hotly tipped this year not only by us at here at Strictly, but also other music types, including none other than Matt from Arctic Monkeys who praised Wet Nuns for their dirty-blues and mind blowing drumming at any chance given, sure why not? Wet Nuns are the type of band that will involve a pit of nakedness and lots of head banging. If you fancy getting down and witnessing death hanging by the whiskey blues, Wet Nuns are a must see, you must see, otherwise, you may as well die. Simone F 

Attention Thieves


Local four-piece Attention Theives will be on home turf when they rock up on the BBC Introducing Stage, and they certainly have a Reading friendly sound. Think a harder Lostprophets with some AFI choppiness thrown in. Sure Reading hardly needs another screaming post-hardcore outfit, but “Can’t Say” is insanely catchy, and these boys have the polish to match their enthusiasm. They should go down a treat and “Bring Yourself To Justice” suggests that they’re happy to play around with compositions and slow down the pace for a bit of reflection. David Hayter

Fish Tank

Fish Tank are a three piece math rock band from Broadstairs, Kent, forming after lead singer Ed met drummer Joe during freshers week at University before brining in bass player Joe Nash, the rest is history. Fish Tank became a proper band and have since released two EP’s and début single ‘KC;MILR’ which stormed hundreds of downloads and multi plays on BBC Introducing. From reports Fish Tank are going from strength to strength earning a deserved place on the BBC Stage. Simone F

Park Bench Society


With a name like that you’ve either got to be really funny or really awesome. The band who describe themselves as “Loughborough acoustic gwarning large”, but don’t be discouraged, the Forest Gate EP is more subtle than that description would suggest. Horns soar over a delicate xylophone line (I don’t get to type that word nearly enough) and a sweet skipping acoustic ballad. The word play is at times a little too cute and will remind some of Ed Sheeran (and the girls may swoon), but the arrangement on “Girl From City” provides a deeply intriguing contrast to the immediacy of their lyrics. Park Bench Society are a confounding charismatic bunch, with a mind for a clever one liners – love ‘em or hate ‘em, they should have no problem winning over the wanders on the BBC Introducing stage. David Hayter

Danica Hunter 

Eighteen year old Danica Hunter self confessed sound is ‘her own genre, not in a box and still evolving, a mix of pop, soft rock and indie.’ When not at college Danica can be seen touring London and the surrounding areas, gaining a reputation for capturing the audience attention with her memorable voice. Simone F

Family Of The Year 

Family Of THe Year will be making the long trip from Silverlake, California in an attempt to make an imprint on the UK scene, and with the meaty hit “St. Croix” under their belt they should have no problems making friends. Echoing irresistible vocals, a laid back approach, and a series of spritely arrangements should get everyone dancing (badly). Okay so some of the lines are a touch cringing, but it’s the summer and when everyone is in a good mood and (fingers crossed) soaked in sun, I doubt we’ll care all that much. David Hayter

We Were Frontiers

Indie folk band We Were Frontiers will be one of the first bands to play Reading Festival this year (no pressure) bringing their Leeds charm and their so-we-have heard exciting live show to the hopefully mud free fields. We Were Frontiers are a relatively new band, while many bands gracing the BBC Introducing Stage have been around for a number of years, this band including of two brothers must be doing something right. Simone F


Indie Poppers Marsicans don’t exactly dare to be different, but the Leeds lads should benefit from a hometown crowd and some loveably ragged indie joints. “Imbroglio” stomps and thuds in all the right places while “Hands”, the wilting Vampire Weekend inspire stop and start swooner, should have hearts fluttering and hands pumping. They may struggle to stand out on their own terms, but with melodies this sweet no one should sleep on Marsicans. David Hayter



Author: Simone

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