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Future Rust, And Future Dust #10: Winehouse, Everything Everything & Wolf Gang

I guess, I cannot avoid the big news in music even the world right now, can I?

I was very unfortunate to have been in Camden at the time when the news surfaced. The mood did turn dark and gloomy, after a while the pubs and shops started to play ‘Back To Black’ for the dearest Queen of Camden, crowds gathered and sang their hearts out.

Did I joy in? No. As many others I was not really ‘shocked’ as such, yes a tragic heart breaking shock she died, but we all hoped and prayed that Amy would turn her life around, but to those sick fucks outside Camden Stables taking bets on Peter Doherty being next: you make me sick. To wish death upon troubled humans. Disgusting. Even those saying ‘about time’ regarding Amy death deserve hate. She only just died, no time for silly stupid jokes.

If I personally had any authority over Amy wherever that be family/manager/record label. I would not have sent her to a luxury rehab centre, where you can discharge yourself, but to a mental home Amy was fragile and she should have been sectioned.

23 July 2011 will be remembered as the day bad took over the good, and may Amy Winehouse finally rest without her deadly demons

RIP Queen of Camden


Keep walking

Wolfgang – Suego Faults – (Atlantic)

Max McElligott (Wolf Gang) started this year as one of my artists to watch. From the word go ‘Something Unusual’ reminded me of Patrick Wolf, as time went by that comparison continued and kept on coming. Straight out of the 80s, ice cream on the hill with your darling heartbreak, Max McElligott never used to sing as confidently as he does on ‘Lions In Cages’ with its dazzling synth hookline. But that is about it, Max knows he has the big chorus and does not seem to want to work on the rest of the verses. Throughout Suego Faults I felt this. Lost, but with big bouncy choruses. Like empty almost could have been MGMT songs. I am a huge fan of ‘The King and All Of His Men’. Brilliant song, with all the correct ‘oooh-oooohs’ to match the quirky keyboard tones, very Adam Ant.

‘Back To Back’ is dark, moody. I don’t want to look at your heartbroken face type song. I actually did enjoy the sexy three-line bass tone. Now lift up your skirt and show me your pants. Not joking. Lift. Up. Your. Skirt. Wait, let me get my wolf beater tank stop on first, fisted with a Stella. You ready? Right Wolf Gang.

Max tried his hardest with a big piano ballad ‘Midnight Dancers,‘ at times, it falls rather flat, flatter than that whiskey and coke hiding under my bed (the spiders need a drink too you know?). ‘Planets’ the perfect way to end such a candy cane record. Filled with spacey psychic tones. By the time the end came, my space ship had already crashed into a glitter ball. Mid song. With a flag signed ‘always next time’

Strictly Our Opinion: At times I did fall into Sugeo Faults, but it sounds far too Patrick Wolf, but without the adorable romance sugar charm Mr Wolf has. I just won’t be rushing to play Sugeo Faults again, which deeply confuses me. I have been waiting for this debut for a while, it seems dancing like a Duran Duran member got my attention, but the album as a whole is just quite up to the same standards. Supero Faults is a decent album, but come tomorrow I won’t be hyping it, sorry Max but you have fallen at the first hurdle.   [2.5/5.0]

Out now.

Viva Brother will be wiping themselves all over my ears, in only a few more days. Famous First Words comes out on Monday 1st August. Get yours


Single of the week:

Spector - Never Fade Away

Such a charming let your thoughts float away clappy type of song with a hint of pure indie 80′s new romantic sexy joy. Front man Fred MacPherson of Les Incompetents and Ox.Eagle.Lion.Man fame may have just finally struck gold with Spector. It’s about fiddly time.

Two Wounded Birds - Midnight Wave

Another beach type band cruising all the way from America. Two Wounded Birds consist of fast paced surf rock with a classy touch of 80′s cocaine habits. I just wish Two Wounded Birds made longer songs but instead fall into Vaccines category with short songs, but also with a dash of post The Drums (band)

Two Wounded Birds enter Midnight Wave with their catchy fresh sound, while still time to attack you with the guitars and then snap you out of within two minutes. I hate, but love those that too.

Having played The BBC Introducing stage at this Glastonbury, will Two Wounded Birds find a home on the BBC stage at Reading and Leeds? (Editor’s Note: No)


Band To Watch Out For

Bos Angeles

You would expect a band to have risen from around the Bournemouth way (Boscombe  to be extract) to be not that good. What would they use for inspirational? Ice cream. Check. Old people waiting for die. Check. Dreamy, drowsy lazy heartbreaking lyrics, drums that could break a Marc Jacob model in half. No. Really? Yes really.

Bos Angeles who surprising class Glasvegas as one of their influences. You what? Their sound could not be any further away from the Glasgow band. Actually come to think of it Bos Angeles sound is very Los Angeles. See what I did there? Clever me? Star me please. They do actually have a hint of sunny plastic hill bubble LA with a tiny arty sound taken from the mean cold streets of New York baby! (Excuse the baby! Part of you must)

Bos Angeles can safety be slotted into the post-punk, surf-rock genre. I even heard met they over making ice cream, oh how California, I mean Bournemouth.

Check their Bampcamp out for more, also a FREE download of the over amazing ‘Beach Slalom’


Future Dust, And Future Rust caught live this week:

Everything Everything – 100 Club – 20 July 2011

Everything Everything were back in their boiler suits, how we all know them best

Will the real Slim Shady please stand up

Front man Jonathan Higgs, still sporting his ‘Slim Shady‘ dyed peroxide hair. Wait, Everything Everything on stage is like little Eminem’s, minus the chain saws but with the added instruments. Clearly on a high from the previous day’s Mercury Prize short list entry, especially lead front man Jonathan.

Having listened to Man Alive since I heard they were added onto this years Mercurys and seeing Everything Everything live since. I still think Man Alive is far to clever for its own good. Man Alive is exciting, refreshing and tiring at the same time, Everything Everything live, most differently, have the energy to get the crowd curled up in to a ball of human sweat mirrored with the quirky jazzy features. The chemistry the boys have on stage and towards the crowd is something else.

Here is my audience, fill them with glittery wholes of wholesome music that is not the average type of sound. Perhaps art, however not Lady Gaga type of art. She’s no art, she’s a boner feeding from Madonna and Prince. Everything Everything are true art.[4.0/5.0]


With support from the band  R O M A N C E, who thankfully I managed to miss while breathing in lung cancer outside and choking my kidney in warm Bourbon.

I went to see R O M A N C E once while they had the buzz around them. I walked away laughing my giggles off. Buzz? More like buzz up. R O M A N C E make very bad rock, real bad actually. Crap  rock. If you see them at Reading and Leeds please chuck rocks at them.

Also a big thank you to Converse for the G-List for this rather small secret exclusive set too.



Each and every record mentioned above is worth a trip to your local record store/itunes for, If you don’t go, I may just haunt you, I can do this. I am special. Honestly you won’t regret it (the buying I mean, not me haunting you.)



Author: Simone

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