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Future Rust, And Future Dust #6: WU, Wolf and Horrors

I write this while stabbing my Glastonbury to do list onto my doodle book, if I go a little off key, it actually means my brain has already floated to cider fun in a field with the Cows and Pigs.

Foot and Mouth is dead now yeah?

Future Dust, And Future: Album of the week

Patrick Wolf – Lupercalia (Hideout)

It feels like a monster of a journey since Lycanthropy hit my music radar, five records later Mr Wolf is bearing his soul to the world, no longer singing about  the context of being in love he is now feeling the love, bad.

Lupercalia starts with ‘The City” which is the perfect pop summer song, I found myself humming along acting all happy, thank the trees the moment ‘The City” was over it was time endure Patrick’s personal diary. Lyrical ‘The City’ is as catchy as an STI down the local teenager youth club, this is what summer should sound like. Patrick peels back his skin and allows us all to celebrate the love he has found within an person during songs ‘Slow Motion’ ‘Together’ which has a very funky  slow beat, very breath taking. ‘Armistice’ is an off tone hopeless romantic song which left me speechless for once. ‘Armistice’ is just incredible beautiful, nothing more or less then beautiful.

‘William’ is another beautiful poem, written for his dearest Fiancée William (Get it?) it’s only 50 seconds long, but oh my Patrick really is a love sick puppy.  Patrick weeps at the very start ‘I showed you my ugly heart.’ No need to be a drama queen Wolf. ‘The Falcons’ very is lovely almost ‘The City’ like, upbeat with the theoretical summer tone to it.

Strictly Our Opinion: Patrick beginnings Lupercalia with ‘The City,’ an upbeat song and ends Luperalia with ‘The Falcons’ another upbeat song. Everything in between is sandwiched to make way for the perfect poems of love to William. Patrick Wolf has his love now, no longer needing to be love. If I was one for expressing my feelings of love (This is England who has feeling here?)  I would have broken down in tears right here. Patrick Wolf what has become of you?  Craving love boy Wolf has died, reborn man in love Wolf  [4.0/5.0]

Out now

Young Widows – In And Out Of Youth And Lightness (Temporary Residence)

I was introduced to Young Widows a few days again, by a friend recommending me to buy In And Out.. and my, I am not displeased.  Knowing absolutely nothing about Young Widows was only a good thing was it not? No bias judgment here. If you are fan of dark gloomy guitar music then Young Widows are for you, if you believe that The White Lies are dark gloomy music, you really need to give Young Widows a try, they are better with just the correct amount of creepiness surrounding their sound. ‘The Muted’ is amazing, no other words bar amazing. It’s dark. It’s mean. It’s harsh. It is one hell of a mind blowing song. ‘Future Hearts’ is spine binding, addicted almost beautiful like record.

Strictly Our Opinion: Thunder in the ears, earth quake to the stomach, a jug of LSD to the brain. Slot Young Widows under the gothic rock almost hardcore with elements of punk rock [3.5/5.0]

Out now

Future Dust, And Future Rusts: Single of the week

Slow Club – Two Cousins

Slow Club, have never failed to ensnare me with lovely flowers in hair beautiful type songs. ‘Two Cousins” is just one of those, the music video to accompany the track is pretty awesome too.

The lo-fi duo are back with their brand new forthcoming album in September. Two Cousins is the first single to be taken from it.

Caught live this week:

The Horrors – York Hall, Bethnal Green

While staggering into York Hall (part time Leisure Centre, part time Boxing club) I heard the whispering’s of why here? It is The Horrors, why allow them showcase their new set to somewhere like KOKO or Heaven? Where is the magical fun in that? Not very arty cool is that? Think of all the bands that have graced those stages? No magic.

The all dressed in the usual black cobble Horrors graced the stage to storm the set with brand new song  ‘Changing The Rain’ no one really knew how to act here, shall we move? Shall we stay still. Stay still won. ‘Scarlet Fields’ one of my favourites from Primary Colours some would say an odd choice, I say The Horrors.

‘I See Through You’ a lovely off riff’ish space’ish type.

‘Still Life’ has not actually been officially released as of yet (to buy wise) but the crowd where mouthing the words along, a classic in the making. Of course ‘See Within A See’ got a look in, one of the greatest records ever made by The Horrors, I do remember the ending of ‘See Within A Sea’ getting cut of quite short (don’t quote me on that) took away a little of the special bond.

Songs from Primary Colour; ‘Three Decades’ ‘Scarlet Fields’ ‘Who Can Say’ ‘Mirrors Image’ where beefed up, almost louder rock types. Say goodbye to the dramatic moody music and welcome the louder colourful, yet not that chipper Horrors.
The light show was well a belching for my eyes; I am no fan of lights. I like lying down in totally pitch black darkness; hence my repeated drunk appearance’s very late at night at Hoxton Square. The lights became to take control of my next actions, either I was to pass out right there after a panic attack or dip my hands into my bag and reach for my sunglasses. I chose the latter.  I know, I know. I was stood there around 9.30pm inside a Boxing club watching The Horrors in John Lennon style sunglasses, total weirdo? I would call it health and safety, myself.

For more of an in-depth review read Strictly Dave’s review who was also in the rather Dalston clothed based crowd audience.

WU LYF – Village Underground, Shoreditch

I was flipping most of the day wherever to see WU LYF or Wolf Gang. I went with the flow and decided to head over to Village Underground (one of Shoreditch’s finest venues) XOYO always has too many sound issues, plus I wanted to see the fuss behind WU LYF.

Okay on record WU LYF are not actually that special, live I was blown away. The live band where loud, it’s Friday night this is what we want, loud, fierce dancer music to drunk sway too.

The set ended with a stage invasion, members of the audience where LYF-oving it, most stripped bare exposing their hairy monkey like chests (Simon Neil would have been proud) It was mental, as a member of the crowd who was ‘unsure’ about WU LYF even I was drawn in to the magical presence WU LYF had created upon the stage. The cult following were clearly out in full swing, singing word-for-word to the whole set. I still have difficulty understanding Ellen, must just be me? Does anyone else have trouble? I feel like his talking in some kind of bullshit alien accent, what the hell. I can just mute him out, he blends in with the heavily charged music anyway.

Strictly Our Opinion: OK, so I think I may just be catching the WU LYF virus, sshh. Just don’t tell people actually enjoy them.

As of Wednesday morning, I shall be carrying myself over to that huge Somerset field that goes by the name of Glastonbury Festival. You know where the cows and farmers live?

Next week will be a sort of special edition of Future Dust, And Future Rust (No Star Bus special)

Must pack my Hunters.


Each and every record mentioned above is worth a trip to your local record store/itunes for, If you don’t go, I may just haunt you, I can do this. I am special. Honestly you won’t regret it (the buying I mean, not me haunting you.)



Author: Simone

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