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Future Rust, And Future Dust #55

Hello, how do you all do?

I seem to be skipping issues of FRAFD more and more frequently, I am deeply sorry especially to you my one reader Nan. I could promise never to do such a thing again, but you know? I am a girl, and we are unreliable. We say ‘two minutes away’ in actual fact we are still sat on the bar stool for than an hour ago checking out the hotter guy with more tattoos at the bar.Embedded image permalink

I did mange to spend my time wisely volunteering at Oxjam last weekend (Oxfam with live music) and hung out with some pretty decent people and bands (one band with potential caught my musical eye) and I’m mourning yet another dead fish. RIP Donny T.

Since the last issue, one is a year older, but not so much wiser, well, only in regards to my mastermind ability to scour tea pots and dinner candles, for dinner parties. Bottle of gin, packet of toffees and one is good to party. Shame really, this time last year I had a mental breakdown about becoming an age older (FRAFD #20). I have some come to realise YOLO is where the youth are at, hideous word I know…Twee-teen-four is the new YOLO. Get with it…

Music News:

Do you remember?

This week marks the ten year anniversary of The Libertines debut album Up The Bracket. lets face it, what a rather dramatic ten years The Libertines have had, from drugs and fights to burglary and prison sentences via supermodels and no show performances to a one off appearance at Reading and Leeds 2010.

Up The Bracket was released post-Strokes, but with more sweat and grime any band could imagine, The Libertines were a band for the living rooms, and performing in tight contained venues with groupies hanging off their blunt cigarette buds. At the time The Libertines were living the guitar hero dream, little did the band know that a decade later they would still be one of the bands making headlines (most recently Doherty was questioned by a French train line for stealing a trolley of cold meat, turkey hopefully, I know, I know…) The Libertines are a statement on indie guitar music and will always stand as one of the most iconic bands of our generation, the ‘whole’ thing about The Libertines is how insecure one member of the band was, and the other was more like ‘it is what is it’ – The attuitude of true rock stars breaking upon scene that had not been broken since The Clash

Are you a Libertine? Do you share eventful stories surrounding this band, whether that be down the pub, at a gig or at a party where The Libertines are sweating in the background?

Parental control is on (One Direction tag) but I can confirm a night out with one of the front man’s equally bitten shoulders and arms, and bagging cigarettes off others, even with the offer of buying a packet. Some like to talk to others. More than that The Libertines were all about the music, everywhere they went not only chaos ensued, but the band always had a guitar in arm ready to pound away.

Rock out album chart

Since the start of September, guitar music seems to be making movements within the album chart. Week after week the album chart have been dominated with albums of guitar bands. The Vaccines were first to get a number one with their old school rock n roll second album Come Of Age. Second came the awesome The XX with Coexist, onto The Killers (I know, I know, but…) followed by Mumford & Sons and Muse. Having an album chart dominated by guitar bands is indeed very welcoming, although the entire above bar Mumford & Sons (who went back to #1 this week) have only spent a week at the top, it is nice to see the ‘real’ music fans are burying their hands into their pockets and buying new music (Go Adele for making XL Recordings a bunch of monies!)

Although I am sure the single chart is dying in the usual recycled tat that some call music, I refuse to look, the singles chart is like Primark ‘the chuck away fashion’ - who have most recently signed a deal with Universal Music Group to sell albums, um right. Buy some socks and pick up a Rihanna CD, some would think ‘hell yeah!!!’  What the hell, Ed Sheeran was the most  illegal downloaded aritst this year, Primark shoppers do not buy CD’S do they? Think of the ethics? Christ! pound knickers and Rihanna’s album. Sounds like a trashy party gone stale,whatever happened to the passion and excitement of going to a record store?

 Dunky Funk?

Foals have sold out a mini Novemeber/December toilet tour to display new material from their upcoming album (no London show, how dare!) Front man Yannis told the NME 

There are some heavier moments and some dirtier moments. It’s swampy; some of the grooves are quite stinky. There’s a track called ‘My Number’ that had a Curtis Mayfield groove which was pretty unashamedly funk, for want of a better word.

We’ve always been pretty rhythmically preoccupied, but once the four-on-the-floor, hi-hat, indie disco stuff’s dead and buried with a chain of garlic around its neck, that feels like a really fertile place to go to.”

In typical Yannis fashion this basically means he has been on voiding different sounds for the dirty funk parties, after complaining (not the press, mind you) about younger bands stealing Foals signature guitar sound. I for one, am all up for ripping off Foals guitars, they are the best of math.

Jake Bugg – Two Fingers

Man of the moment Jake Bugg released his brilliantly youthful self titled debut album on Monday, (which is featured everywhere on London billboards.) to rave reviews with his simple modern day Dylan type lyrics – think post Alex Turner via Sun Records from Europe’s biggest housing estate.  For an eighteen year old he has already supported his idols The Stone Roses and Noel Gallagher.

‘Two Fingers’ like much of the album sounds like a story of effortless anthemia with lyrics like ‘I drink to remember/ I smoke to forget’ – you can almost picture Wembley mouth babbling this back. Jake Bugg is the new ‘IT’

Peace – Bloodshake

Birmingham band Peace have released a brand new psychedelic music video for re-worked ‘Bloodshake,’ which was original called ‘Bbloodshake’ with more an occurrence of math rock scoring through the demo track, featured on the brand new EP ‘Delicious’ (out now FYI)

Watch out for a dress up lookalike fronting another indie band (also featured on this very page.) You will have to concrete, beware if you blink, it not only takes away the pretentious feeling of acid but also ruins the idea of escapism.

The Vaccines – I Always Knew

With a November sold out tour and a headline appearance at the o2 Arena next year, The Vaccines are practically on walking on water (like the jesuses they are) whipping their hair to the side to those who judged the hype and still wonder where the hype came from. The bands second album Come Of Age stormed the charts beating n Two Door Cinema Club to top spot. Now The Vaccines are back with a new single ‘I Always Knew,’ layered in strokes of Strokes style (soz).

The music video stars model Dree Hemingway in a typical dating scenario, starts of awkward, once the awkwardness has been passed, the fun whirlwind romance starts and all of a sudden its going way too fast and emotions are over. A stop, and like that the relationship is over. Beyond nostalgic.


Spector – Friday Night, Don’t Ever Let It End

Spector are currently midway though their Enjoy It While It Lasts UK tour have let rip another single from their romantically awkward album. ‘Friday Night, Don’t Ever Let It End’ is in typical Spector - catchy lyrics fit for the hipster The Kaiser Chiefs, dancey and drunk time music.

The music video see’s the band partying on a Friday night with a bunch of their friends, watch out for many East London faces, and of course the coolest dude ever Dev Hynes and Slutever gets a little cameo with many of the band members flash their newly bleached hair (Dan, why?)

*New feature alert*

I am going to wind down future issues of indie nonsense with a song that has been massively overplayed on my iPod throughout the week. Wherever that be an old or a brand new single, the choices are endless and not strictly indie based of such.

On rapid iPod repeat

The Black Keys – The Little Black Submarine

My train journeys are becoming more and more Black Keys unplanned ear emotion, something about being stuck underground with faces of alarmed Londoner’s trying to avoiding eye contact, fits into El Camino only too well just a shame that hand ‘accidently’ rubbed my behind, hey?

And on that note, time to say goodbye. Stay awesome!

Simone F – The indie breather

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Each and every record mentioned above is worth a trip to your local record store/iTunes for, If you don’t go, I may just haunt you, I can do this. I am special. Honestly you won’t regret it (the buying I mean, not me haunting you)



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