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Future Rust, And Future Dust #54

It’s me, me, me and more me. Anyone miss me? Thought not.

I am back,  I would absolutely love to say I have busying myself with sunbathing topless while the ever delightful French snap away almost a mile away, or even attending Strictly favourite The Missive’s Single/Ep Launch for ‘Sleeping With The Bad Guys‘ in The Valleys, oh no! I have done very little bar perhaps run frantically around London Charity shops looking for tea sets for midnight tea parties, which later worked out in my favour with friends on a rug with glittering  candles and a broken guitar. My social networking skills would call this real life socialising, gathering, with real people. I know! This is the twenty-first century still?

In-between tea pouring, feeling paranoid about the real gingers staring my fake ginger out, mourning an empty fish tank and mouthing lyrics to a chalk board, one managed to fit a few days of London and Milan Fashion Week (for a fashion blog) and a ‘Hello’ wedding reception into the calendar. I totally dined with champagne and awkward conversation about my once upon true love for the former Viva Brother with members of the oh-too-cool. Oh, right Viva on my face. Viva4Lyf


Mumford & Sons has more than 600,000 legal world wide fans.

Despite a heavy mixture of below average album reviews from Mumford & Sons second well overdue album with  the UK music journalists many rating the album as ‘blah’ and accusing the band of using the same formula as the debut (they did, fact.) Mumford & Sons are having the last laugh, not only by storming straight to the top of the album chart but, by becoming the fastest selling album of 2012 in the US beating the teen dribble face Justin Bieber. Some people are easily pleased, not us. We demand a re-birth per album. Mumford & Sons, you bore us now. Having said that I did manage to catch the band at The Roundhouse last week as part of the ITunes Festival, I did enjoy this as much as I did glaring over at pregnant Adele and a cringe worthy Chris Martin. I dislike pregnant women as I do Coldplay, sends shaking pain down my body. During the set it was almost impossible to know which song came from which of their two albums, in a way each song blended well into the next song and so on. The crowd were buzzing, full of energy when needed be, mostly during ‘Little ‘Lion Man’ and ‘I Will Wait’ and falling deeply silent during ‘Timshel.’ Marcus declared that the band were using the ITunes Festival as a platform as their album launch. Are you on Team M&S?

Hip hip hooray for the live music

Under the new Live Music Act venues with a capacity of less than two hundred people will no longer need a license in order to stage music events. As someone who has attended illegal lock-ins and warehouses due to this very reason this is brilliant news. This means smaller venues now have the right to hold live music events without the hassle of being turned down for a license, giving the business a chance to grow and showcase smaller live acts. This is great for those who were scared of starting up a new music event due to the orders in place, now is your chance. Also included under the bill is that unamplified music can now be played in any location between the hours of 8am and 11pm.

Goodbye red tape. Hello new music.

Single Of The Week

Swim Deep – Honey 

B-town kings Swim Deep have recently confirmed their next single ‘Honey’ also the first release from the newly signed deal with Chess Club Records. ‘Honey’ is dreamier than previous singles of ‘King City’ and ‘Beach Justice’ but that by no means any less awesome.

‘Honey’ is licking in sticky sugar synths melting away of dreams of girls, daydreaming and the ever addictive harmonies that will leave you humming the drums panting for more listens. With lyrics like ‘ don’t just dream in your sleep, it’s just lazy. Are we having fun? Or are we daze-y? Oooh, baby’’ almost in practical not to lose all sense of surrounding areas, life in winter jackets and just swim deep in the ocean of glitter

The music video for ‘Honey’ features the band covered in paint with a rather dreamy type female (not in a typical pop fashion way, this female is wearing clothes. Yes a pop video with clothes, totally rare)

Tomorrow (4th) at The Sebright Arms Swim Deep take to the stage in Hackney, babes Yes I used babes, the approximate language to use around the band of sunny escaping dreams.

Out 5th November via Chess Club Records Soundcloud / Tumblr /  Facebook


12 Dirty Bullets - She Could Love You Forever

London indie charmers 12 Dirty Bullets are ready to straighten their jeans to commence the release of their overdue second album Riddles. ‘She Could Love You Forever’ is the first single taken from ‘Riddles,’ fluttered with daily boy-girl experience lyrics.

‘She Could Love You Forever’ was partly filmed in my once upon time local digs of Trinity Bar, home to Kate Nash and err Scouting For Girls. ‘She Could Love You Forever’ is currently a free download from the bands website, get your mp3 now.

12 Dirty Bullets are having an Album Launch Party at Dingwalls, Camden on Friday 12th of October. Get your tickets and be prepared to be charmed upon by London’s hidden gem. Facebook / Soundcloud

 And to end all the fun with one more dash of fun

FIDLAR – I Just Wanna Die (Feat The LA Fire Department)

One of the best bands at Reading this year for me and it seems a great deal of you folks belong to FIDLAR, not only for their awesome fuzz and their rather cheap lyrics about being high and drunken, but for getting the Friday afternoon crowd ready to pardy! (As the teen-kids say)

Firstly the band has featured live footage from the LA Fire Department for their newly uploaded YouTube song ‘I Just Wanna Die’ oh yes! Only FIDLAR could get away with a title like that and not come across as total emos but complete stoners with lyrics like ‘getting super high’ ‘pass out on your floor.’ FIDLAR are the fun band that truly YOLO (I had to Urban Dictionary this one, one is not that down with the kids, total old bear) do enjoy, smile a lot, let those papers on your desk be thrown aside for at least the two minutes of pure YOLO, then cry about the fret of having to premaster the perfectly formed filing ‘must do’ pile. BURN!


 A few weeks ago I asked for someone to help design me a logo, a fair few came back. None to my taste am afraid. I did enjoy the email with the subject C U Next Tuesday. I laughed and caps lock HIPSTER tapped in the text body. Thank you Louis, you made my life. Please feel free to reply to my response of more hipster rumbles for you only.

I am still on the logo lookout so feel free to email [email protected]


Simone The Hipster

Each and every record mentioned above is worth a trip to your local record store/iTunes for, If you don’t go, I may just haunt you, I can do this. I am special. Honestly you won’t regret it (the buying I mean, not me haunting you)



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