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Future Rust, And Future Dust #51


Is it safe to come out of hiding? It is all over? Can I walk around a certain parts of London and not melt with flashes of bulbs and wading through crowds of maps? Am I able to mutter stuff when someone dares asks me a question in public? London was happy for a few weeks, people were smiling on trains. This was/is not allowed. Oh, how I missed the awkward tube journeys.

Are you ready for the big Festival? I am so unready it hurts me to say we only have a week to go. Having took a break from Reading last year to score me some red wine, and lack of sweaty cheese at Rock En Seine in France I should be emotionally moved by going back to my home, instead I can feel the hurt of having to lodge my tent from wherever it is, and squeeze clothes into a bag big enough to carry a small children in. Bring it on.


Fields, oh,  Fields, where art thou Tree?

With Reading and Leeds around the corner (well for those who live in Reading or Leeds) Melvin Benn gave NME a Reading Festival tour, I say tour, I mean a two minute clip of doing what Mr Benn does best, making zero sense. Watch the video of him talking about a tree, and a river, I know! How Reading Festival? Please don’t ask for that two minutes back, unless you received an invite to the annual Festival Republic barbecue, then go gain them back. I can’t, I never get invite, time for one to storm it and steal the Halloumi Cheese, that went down a storm last year, so I heard…

The Vaccines – Freebie Alert!

The Vaccines released a free EP called Please, Please Do Not Disturb featuring the band play four cover versions just a month before the London four piece are due to release their second album Coming Of Age, little over a year on from their debut. Please, Please Do Not Disturb features a wild bunch of covers, I say wild, I mean snooze off hits. from ‘The Winner Takes It All’ by Abba, which frankly is a rather poor cover from The Vaccines, lifeless death almost, the EP also features ‘Mannequin’ by Wire, ‘The Beast In Me’ by Nick Lowe and ‘The Summer Feeling’ by Jonathan Richman

Basically this EP is front man Justin Young going back to his Jay Jay Pistolet days of him playing acoustic tracks in the corners of Camden music venues (I witnessed many of these shows) with his poetic voice – nothing like the fast shouty paced of The Vaccines, no wonder the EP is free, which you can download for free from The Vaccines official site.      

Kele is back

With Bloc Party about to release the album, no one thought could happen, with the ‘have they split up, have they not?‘has Kele left the band?‘ and so on.

Blco Party proved a lot of us wrong, mostly NME, and went ahead and recorded the album FOUR. Kele of Bloc Party recently did an interview with The Fly Magazine, where he was quoted saying ‘‘I didn’t like Nirvana when I was a kid and I didn’t like people who liked Nirvana’’ he goes on to say it took him five – ten years to overcome this fear, and while recording the  new album (which you can now stream) he was listening to lots and lots of Nirvana’s album Bleech, due to modern guitar music being dry and flat, I have nothing to say on the matter, my lips are sealed. Ask me tomorrow, about his solo direction of dusty electro beats, from the guy who went dub step and stuff…

Sorry this is me trying to do a NME and misquote the band. Please do feel free to read the full interview in this month’s free issue of The Fly, where Kele did actually move house half way through the interview, oh Kele, Kele, Kele. Will he appear if I say his name in a mirror on Halloween?

 Song Of The Week

Peace – California Daze

Peace are a personal favourite band of mine right now, they are kicking me dribble in all the correct places, ‘California Daze’ is the second taster we get from their forthcoming EP Delicious (due out September 9th via Columbia (I know! Big shots)). The EP will feature four songs ‘Follow Baby’ ‘Oceans Eye’ ‘Bloodshake’ and ‘California Daze.’ Peace like their Birmingham peers (Swim Deep, Jaws etc) are dreaming of escapism away from the B-Town grey to the wavey sun soaked California, actual lullaby lush, dazey Beatles-esque harmonies “were you born to live or born to die? 

‘California Daze’ is far from the bands previous math rock charged demo ‘Bblood’ and Queens Of The Stone Age- esque guitas ‘Follow Baby’. Having said that, one listen to ‘California Daze’ is more than enough to get you in the mood for some eye shutting with the person next to you, oh hiya fish. Close your eyes and mentally escape from your tied body of aches and pains, grab the brain remote, switch off and melt away to the brilliant Arctic Monkey-like lyrics  (okay, this is getting far too pilates).

Peace are heading out on tour towards the end of August, catch them in your town, TICKETS

Summer Camp – Life

Anyone who witnessed the summery pop duo Summer Camp on their last tour will remember the band dropping the then untitled song ‘Life’ into their set, met with roars.’Life’ sees Elizabeth spread her vocal chords over rather delightful electro keys, think electro ballad, with a dark felt twist to ‘Life.’ The intimate music video captures Summer Camp in all their glory on tour in the UK, Thailand, Hong Kong and Mexico City.

The band were set to play Underage Festival alongside side Spector, Tribes, Palama Violets, but the festival fell victim to 2012′s “death of festivals”, such a shame. Underage is the only UK festival that allows strictly under 19′s to attend. My little sister and her friends were not happy bunnies either, they had their outfits all planned out. I dislike that, gutting that they are still unable to see certain bands play. Always next year Underage.

FIDLAR – The Punks Are Finally Taking Acid

Last week saw FIDLAR aka Fuck It Dog Life’s A Risk take the crown of FRAFD’s Song Of The Week, sadly they lost the crown this week to B-Towns heroes Peace. ‘The Punks Are Finally Taking Acid’ is equally as good with the ever present two chord punk gems the band are known for,  this time a little slower and more bashful. Think Black Keys overdosed on blues going around the bend on a two wheeled skateboard in California, crazy right? The music video is amazing, yet rather stupid.

2:54 – Sugar

‘Sugar’ is the new single from the beyond awesome sister duo band 2:54′s self titled debut album, which frankly is loaded in guitars and vocals that make you quiver in your lips. ‘Sugar’ is one of the album highlights layered with Colette guitars and Hannah’s seduction vocals spinning into the gritty dance floor drums. 2:54 have built a strong  reputation for their intense live performances, and lucky goers at Reading and Leeds get to witness the sultry duo in The Festival Republic tent, lucky us I say, lucky us.


Next week Future Rust, And Future Dust will go indie crazy. Being a self confessed indie whore, next week I shall go hardcore and give you the 411 lowdown on which indie bands to go watch during R&L, from the coolest of the cool, to the un-coolest of the uncool. I know, I am spoiling you all, the secret Festival Republic gems will be out of the bag, ready to be exposed.

This is it till next week unless you have gone early bird than howdy you keening bees.

That chick Simone

Each and every record mentioned above is worth a trip to your local record store/iTunes for, If you don’t go, I may just haunt you, I can do this. I am special. Honestly you won’t regret it (the buying I mean, not me haunting you)



Author: Simone

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