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Future Rust, And Future Dust #50

‘Ello, my brain is back and ready to remove the downer points the last few weeks have held, fear not , I’m currently bouncing with energy and ready to big up all the new indie singles in the world, the whole world (currently holding a mini sharper world). I have the world in my hands again. Besides carrying the world in my hands one has been at work, work, work, oh and work some more.

I have managed to go slumming in shop fronts drinking from a nasty cheap  bottle while being depressed on Cloud Nothing album. Best. Night. Ever. Till one tweeted this, which lead to many calls and texts from worried people wanting to come ‘save me’. I was saved. I slapped him, drunkly.

Future Rust, And Future Dust has reached the massive 5 0 today, fifty non issues of indie nonsense, some tears, some anger, some rather thoughtful issues mixed in with hot Christmas and Easter tips. I give this issue to you, yes you, the one with your hands down your trousers. This issue is for you and all the work you do to help me move forward in the world.


Killing in the name of… Music

One Direction (I know, how cool of me, think of the inter-web traffic Admin) has sold more records than the UK’s best guitar bands Arctic Monkeys, Noel Gallagher and Mumford & Sons combined, oh yes, combined. The Simon Cowell puppets One Direction  have made history by selling more than twelve millions in less than a year. Not bad I say for a group (One Direction) of pretty boys making young girls, oh and some oldies, wet their pants literally with songs like ‘What Makes You Beautiful‘…oh and um the USA bummed the pop boys hard by allowing One Direction to smash The Beatles debut album, Introducing The Beatles, to top the Billboard, oh dears. Is this the way our music culture is heading?

Where music is no longer about the music but a pretty face? Remember when music was ugly? No names *cough* Oasis. This is one question us REAL music fans have to ask ourselves, do we need to bother ourselves defending guitar music when a TV band are smashing history, even The Beatles and Take That (and what?). I give One Direction a few more years, till their faces become manly.  I give Arctic Monkeys and Mumford & Sons a lifetime of making music (and one more One Direction, for Google search sake)

Free food alert!

Yes Melvin Benn has now officially committed himself to giving weekend holders free baps and beers. With the promise of burger a day, now breakfast of either bacon or scrambled egg and mushroom, how nice of him? Well as someone who is British and comes from London, I for one have a whinge to add. One does not like egg, and one is a veg head, one does not eat baps. Why is this not catering for me and me only? How about the vegans of the world? If you wish to read the actual story, read the full story here.

Song Of The Week

Fidlar – West Coast Feat Henry Rollins

Los Angeles band Fidlar recently uploaded the rather too awesome demo ‘West Coast’ loaded in catchy ”AHHHAHHH’s” enough to get even the stubbornness person out of their comfort zone, come on get your ”inner goddess” out, she wants to ”AHHHAHHH’‘ and ‘OOOOOO” when required. Oh, sorry, the nation of pathetic women just wet themselves thinking of Mr Fifty Shades of man waste, and with Youtube comments about wanting to masturbate over ‘West Coast’ one believes that ends the previous sentence on a high (another preference within ‘West Coast, wow! My sarcasm is not killing it this afternoon, sugar me up) ‘West Coast’ is addicted, like the Camden Caners addicted to their next fix. Now listen to it, and dream of sun, sex and people doing drugs. Drugs are bad kids, just picture it, okay?

Blood Diamonds – Phone Sex Feat Grimes

Hello massive Grimes fan grrl here, absolutely adore her, I wish I could carry Grimes around in a acid fuelled bag. Grimes recently (I say recently I mean a few months back) collaborated with Blood Diamonds aka Michael Diamond, which saw Blood Diamonds release his viciously infectious debut single ‘Phone Sex’ on 4AD Records in July after hooking up with Grimes on a night on gin.

‘Phone Sex’ is out now, with Grimes singing a chorus straight out of ‘Barbie Girl’, to steel bands, Strange pop combo gone musically correct, too damn great.

Two Door Cinema Club – Sleep Alone

‘Sleep Alone’ is most certainly catchier than a teenagers mouth ulcers, anyone over the age of 16 now listening and actually enjoying Two Door Cinema Club deserves to be put down. I can picture a scene of the swarming youth watching Two Door in the NME tent with the odd dad in a bucket hat who never got the memo that Two Door are now the Ed Sheeran of guitar bands.

Rachel Zeffira – The Deserters 

The rather extremely talented Rachel Zeffira one half of Horrors man Faris Badwan, sorry I meant one half 60′s influenced girl group duo Cat’s Eyes, has sneaked a little 55 second online trailer promoting her debut solo album The Deserters, out December 10th. The trailer is sunning itself in pure beauty, Rachel’s voice is hummingly beautiful. Check The Deserters trailer out – mark my words one listen is not enough, check out Rachel’s voice on Cat’s Eyes ‘Love You Anyway‘ for the full magical world of her talent.

On the note of talent, I have a date with a mini banana while watching a bus do press up’s in Angel, London. Utter talent.

In association with Oxjam Islington

Peace out my fellow eyes,

Simone F (the secret F society)  

Each and every record mentioned above is worth a trip to your local record store/iTunes for, If you don’t go, I may just haunt you, I can do this. I am special. Honestly you won’t regret it (the buying I mean, not me haunting you)



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