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Future Rust, And Future Dust #49

Firstly howdy strangers, my fingers are buzzing, writing these word for you to mutter over. One would love to say I had another holiday, breathing in disgusting British holiday markers vomit; instead I had to work, work night and day – day to night. Ridiculous is an understatement, the past few weeks have been overwhelming, now one is back. Back again, tell your mind, unless you have become so totally wrapped up in Team GB, that you have forgotten that Reading and Leeds Festival takes place in three weeks time, lucky us, hey? We have joined Festival Republic Army.

Excuse this, let’s dig deep, deep into the wonderful  indie music.

Single Of The Week:

 Palma Violets – Tom The Drum (live at studio 180)

One of Rough Trade’s newest signings finally went uploaded some music, like previous YouTube material, the audio is a little bit fuzzy, and visual is quite cramped, literally. ‘Tom The Drum’ is the one track  got everyone talking about, the quirky dirty rock n roll guitar, Ian Curtis vocals meet sweaty strumming drums, and a rather egomatic guitarist/bassist Chilli.

The band are playing The 223 Club on 9th August in aid for The Basement Fund in a one off evening. What else can you spend a fiver on? Beer and some nuts? Go see Palma Violets, in their secret hush hush element for a mere fiver, better still? See them play Reading and Leeds this year.

Outfit – Everything All The Time

New single from the brilliant Liverpool band Outfits taken from new EP Another Nights Dreams Reach Earth Again. The track features a funky bassline to current single ready to sway those new romantic shoulders, Andrew Hunt’s vocals are memorizing, as are his bone pointing dance moves, be prepared to be hypostasised with tropical melodies shimmering its wave through escapism, straight out of a iconic 80’s cult movie.

The Carpels – Handshakes

Another Birmingham band causing me heartache for their brilliance is The Carpels, although live, I must say the band had surprised me, mostly for front man’s over dramatic stage presence, which at times was overwhelming with shouty lyrics (think Eli from WU LYF on an angry day). Other than that the band are awesome.

Having first been a little wary of all the different types of musical genres all pushed into single songs (actually their back catolgue is all like this). In one corner we have dubstep, in the next indie mixed with electronic punk creating The Carpels. ‘Handshakes’ was produced by  Jim Spencer of New Order fame, just a little something you can tell your friends about.

Jaws – Toucan Surf

New single from one of B-Town’s finest young talents, having recently caught the band at One Beat Sunday Festival in Birmingham, the band blow the straight bar away. The band look rather shy and their hazy beachwave was met with adoring nodding heads. Be ready to escape to all things sun and sky with ‘Toucan Surf’




Author: Simone

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