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Future Rust, And Future Dust #48:

Guess whose back? Back again, tell a friend, Simone is back.

Thanks to Strictly Dave for keeping Future Rust, And Future Dust slightly warm and live. Okay perhaps not that much of a big deal considering everyone hates me (well at least my poor fourteen year old writing skills)

Now we get to the good stuff, holiday swagger of avoiding the sun. I literally would lay down with a leopard print sheet over my once upon at time white body. It seems wearing shorts and walking and still causes a little tannage action. Disgusting, I plan to sue the sun and the factor 50 sun cream business. Fear not I am currently sat here typing away, fluttering my Chanel eyelashes away, couldn’t handle the high street rubbish on my eyes and lips anymore, all melted away, literally, my face is living the dream.

After spending far to much time gagging with the ugly British tourists come night time on the Magaluf strip, or shall I say Watford on a Friday evening? Think ‘get your bits out’ and Essex girls off their trolley ‘’aving it large’ – totally brilliant right? One indie bar among the hundreds of socially disgusting ‘music’ bars. I tried to walk in, body heaving springs to mind, will never let my poor ears go through torture again – Alex’s Indie Bar, is where the life is., oh and the endless amounts of bottle of Apple Sourz, no lie, straight from the bottle (mostly)

Who would have thought I’d be glad to be back to the misery of London, with the busy underground and the huffing and puffing of slow walking people.  I could write about absolutely nothing all day, I won’t bore you.

Instead beware of the mind blowing indie music to grace the rest of this page (maybe?)


 Enjoy It While It Lasts Spector X

Spector broke up, Spector then become Spector X; Spector X resolved issues and went back to being Spector, confusing much?

Yes, you read currently, during Spector time over at Mallorca Rock’s and Ibiza Rocks supporting Kaiser Chiefs, the band broke up, as a press release (actually social media statement)stated that the band have broken leaving Fred and Dan alone to carry the group on with a Kaiser Chiefs, Rizzle Kick member, and um James Blunt forming the super group Spector X. Don’t worry a while later the band updated their fans with

UPDATE: The legal battle is over! Jed, Tom and Chris have agreed to settle out of court AND rejoin Spector to continue touring and recording as before. Spector would like to thank everyone for sticking with us through this difficult time and we promise to never let a fictional disagreement tear us apart again.

Anyone else find this somewhat hilarious PR stunt, how very Liberty X? No? Just me? Right.

Viva Brother NEWS (sort of) the band are back and relaunch as Lovelife or LVLF, remember my VIVA4EVER motto? Those days were the best, however after reading the smallest amount of press on the three inter-web songs, I was a little too scared to grace my tiny hidden ears to listen to the 80′s synth, and as a Viva Brother fan girl, I can confirm that….Lovelife make an interesting pop duo featuring Lee Newell along side former Mirrors Ally Young. By  far more experimental than Lee’s previous bands including the post-hardcore bands Kill The Arcade and Wolf I Am, the band are based in New York City, Slough not good enough any more?

Good luck to Lee, he enjoys making music, just a shame no-one will ever give him a chance to fill the potential somewhere stuck in his tattoos and gobby mouth. I for one will be interested to see where Lovelife takes Lee from now on… With one other member of Viva also hanging out in in New York, ssssh.

Upon arriving back from my sun-horrors holiday, I heard that Peter Doherty has since checked into a hideaway rehab in Thailand after massively relapsing, such a shame. After the death of Amy Winehouse, Peter committed himself to a new way of life, he moved to Paris and strummed away on his guitar making art, a visit back to London and boom back to square one. Demons will always come back, willpower is another equation, keeping the demons away with willpower alone is hard work. Wish Peter all the luck, again and again and again.

Single Of The Week 

DIIV – How Long Have You Known?

DIIV are one of Future Rust, And Future Dust’s favourite new bands (expect a full report soon-ish) Brooklyn’s newest shoe gazing band DIIV are currently do the waves of ‘Band To Watch For’ rounds, we here at Strictly are ready to conform, not for ‘sakes’ more to the fact that DIIV are brilliant, think Beach Fossils meet awkward dreamy indie rock. Lead singer Zachary Cole actually toured with Beach Fossils before deciding to start his own band in order to fit back into a community he used to belong to, upon arriving home to lonesome. There we have it: everyone feeling a little lonely, start a band to re-enter a social realm and attach whirling melodies to songs to complete a band of bedroom swirling.

Debut album ‘Oshin’ is due to drop 26th of June via Captured Tracks.


Holograms – Monolith

New single from the ever amazing Swedish band Holograms - debut self titled LP due out on the 10th of July via Captutred Tracks. ‘Monolith’ is hastily loaded with aggressive, cluttering, and distressed vocals, which at times are slighty arousing. Always enjoyable to come across a band that have not conformed to the current guitar-dance chart market, but are instead making music for the underground masses.

Holograms have shunned themselves away in dark cheaply made punk music, the sort you can imagine yourself going wild to come Friday night South-East London secret raves for societies misunderstood – everyone dragging their dirty nails into Camel cigarettes and floppy Ian Cutis moves

Warning ‘Monolith’ is not for the faint hearted, have a listen, let the inner punk pervasive go dark and wild.

Kate Nash – Under-Estimate The Girl

Yes Kate Nash is back(ish) and she’s gone back to her original girl punk roots. Having been one of many to have witness Kate Nash master from legendly Harrow rock bar Trinity (once time local hang out) to pop star to teaching girls about grrrrl rock n roll. Although ‘Under-Estimate The Girl’ is not for the average Kate Nash teenage fan. I say good riddence to the colourful bubble gum pop ‘Foundations’ and ‘Mouthwash’, while Kate used to look miserable performing alone with her little keyboard, let the Nash unleash her true punk self.

It’s not like a twenty-three year old can always sing about teenager cheese on toast at disco’s now is it? ‘Under-Estimate The Girl” was written and recorded in less than 24 hours, I heard NME have already shoved it in a ‘greatest Punk songs’ groups, right then, would not go that far.

Loving the new bad girl attitude, and the image, very Grimes. Kate knew the predictable negative backlash, hence the rather hilarious lyrics if you are able to make them out ” Everybody play, play it so safe / No one wanna mess, mess with the rules / I feel like my head may explode”

Is it cool to like Miss Nash again? Who cares? ‘Under-Estimate The Girl’ is decent enough.

Chapel Club – Sleep Alone

Oh no! Chapel Club may have fallen into the dodgy second album, for a band that started of as a pure indie band; they seem to have taken a direction of more dance than guitars. Chapel Club were never a pure indie band however, ‘Sleep Alone’ has stepped them into a different category altogether. Having been grouped along side Everything Everything for their clever sounded music, so clever even a mathematic would never been able to work at the wave frequency. ‘Sleep Alone’ feels a little the label has pushed for something that the band clearly have no experience doing.

Debut album Palace was filled with more dreamy and emotional, ‘Sleep Alone’ screams ”we are bored” which is a shame. Chapel Club were more than the once upon time indie band, now the soul has  been sold for more commercial success – where has the uplifting energy gone?  Having said this ‘Sleep Alone’ smells of the Flaming Lips being washed in Animal Collective , its just not Chapel Club magical sound of ‘All The Eastern Girls’ anymore. Let’s hope the rest of the second album brings more than just boredom. Please?

Chapel Club are giving away ‘Sleep Alone’ for free on their website.

Just to point out, these opinions are strictly mine and do not reflect any other member of staff.

On that rather depressing note, this is it! The holiday come down issue is over, did you hate it? Congratulations.

Peace out


p.s if anyone wants me to feature your band/a band I should on FRAFD/ or to send me hate mail, feel free to email me on  [email protected]

Each and every record mentioned above is worth a trip to your local record store/iTunes for, If you don’t go, I may just haunt you, I can do this. I am special. Honestly you won’t regret it (the buying I mean, not me haunting you)



Author: Simone

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