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Future Rust, And Future Dust #47

This morning I had a ‘LOL’ moment. I walked into a pharmacy and hastily ran to the pain killer isle, on my way to the till I found myself staring out the Lucozade energy tablets, I grabbed a few packets, and run out the store…… Kidding. I made my way to the till with Mystery Jets blaring in the ears. This is where the cashier tries to make small talk; I thought she asked ‘would you like a bag?’ I said ‘No (being green and all that) but can I get two boxes of Sominex too?’ This is when I got the look of disgust. I took off the headphones only to say ‘Sorry?’

She in fact had asked if I was okay, with me rudely blurting ‘No’ beforehand. I fell into a dozy wavy daze until seconds later with her sad alert face. I looked down at my purchase, awkward pause, she asks ‘ID?’ Since when was ID needed in a pharmacy ? How about they go ask underagers for ID on Condoms, huh? ‘Just a perceptional, we cannot be held responsible if you are going to overdose on these’  

NO WAY! There goes my life insurance, no suing.

The moral of the most pointless story is – Do not buy drugs in a pharmacy….Kidding (again, I know I am on a rolling roll this time) There is no moral of the story. Just between us: I was not going to use these legal drugs to self harm, more of a going away for two weeks treat to me. The sun gives me craggy, and food and I, are not really friends, I need these pills more than air itself.

Disappointing, huh? Two paragraphs, of me, me more me. How are you?


Chazzstock weekend

This Sunday saw The Vaccines, The Horrors, Tribes plus many more great bands grace the same stage within the same venue within the same day as part of Chazzstock Festival in honour of Charles Haddon of Ou Est La Swimming Pool at Wolverhampton Civic Hall. The bands all played emotional sets, with Tribes front man Johnny Lloyd dedicating the song ‘Nightdriving’, which the band wrote for Charlie, to his recently deceased freind. Meanwhile Horrors frontman Faris thanked Charlie’s dad for all his help for organising the event.

The one day festival came to an end with an energetic 50 minute set from The Vaccines, where they debuted new songs alongside a mixture of hits. ‘No Hope,’ garage-y ‘Bad Mood’ and the even punkier ‘Teenage Icon’ were all debuted, before closing with ‘Norgaard’ which saw members of Charlie’s family take to the stage during Ou Est Le Swimming Pool’s ‘Dance The Way I Feel’

The atmosphere was buzzing, calm and everyone was there for celebrate the life of a lost one and rise money for the Princes Trust, all in all, a brilliant day.

Next year Chazzstock festival will return, bigger and better.

NME Vs The Big Mouth

NME finally grovelled and gave Morrissey an apology after that illegal immigrant
interview that happened five years ago, you know the one where Morrissey got a fair few pages of an interview draped in an England flag. Total racist right? No money has been exchanged, just a sorry. Five long years for a sorry? Right. The most annoying scenario in regards to musicians doing NME interviews, is that they want the PR and the lavish front page, but then get angry when The NME misquote a quote, hello?  Learn and never give in to them, how about that? Do a Bloc Party and lie to them, maybe?

(For legal reasons Morrissey is not a racist, just a monarchy and meat racist, once again for legal reasons, Morrissey can say and do whichever he likes, he is no racist, sorry?)

Song Of The Week:

Blood Orange and Florence Welch – Never Let Me Go

One of my favourite people Dev Hynes of Blood Orange managed to get his 80′s synth hands on Florence & The Machine song ‘Never Let Me Go’ and buddy  up with Florence Welsh herself. The two go back a long way when it comes to making music: Dev having once upon time been part of ‘The Machine’ and then later touring with the group on their current Americna tour,

The contrast of Florence’s voice and Dev’s vocals during ‘Never Let Me Go’ blend in a quite confusingly way, over a layer of great fuzzy warm synths. Think 80s R&B pop instead of a grand ballad of screeching. Great rework, Dev Hynes strikes again.

King Charles – The Brightest Light

Newly confirmed Festival Republic act King Charles has just dropped new single ‘The Brightest Lights’. The song he opened his Mumford & Son support set with only last year. Filled with nothing but soulful acoustic guitar, the music video shows him on his tour.

The official music video title reads “Ft Mumford & Sons”, a little misleading as M&S do not feature on this track just a small appearance while on tour last year.

King Charles is a great addition of talent (and hair) to the Festival Republic tent along side many of our Strictly New Bands Favorites, Palma Violets, 2:54, TOY and many more. See for rather amazing line up HERE

The Vaccines – No Hope

Only two weeks ago did ‘No Hope’ The Vaccines new single from the follow up to What Did You Expect From The Vaccines? Premiered on Zane Lowe’s BBC Radio One show, and already we have been blessed with a new music video. The Vaccines as always like to hurry this along, for better or worse who knows? ‘No Hope’ picks up where the debut left off.

The band are currently looking very American rock scruff, and hairy, one does approve. Dear men please grow your hair, don’t shave for a while (only applies to dark men) wear charity clothes. Having been showcasing three new songs on recent tour dates, it seems The Vaccines have gone for a more darker punkier sound, while still buzzing with youthful lyrics. They have high hopes of releasing the follow up later this year.

Violet – I Come Undone (AA side to Y.O.U)

New band Violet are just confirmed the AA side to the debut single Y.O.U, which is larking in hazy grunge, the AA side however is rather bland and awkward with a bittersweet feel of  how glamour would have been in the 60s. The song it self has no real motion of going anywhere, the same pace throughout, no climax, no nothing. Worth a listen, the song is not bad, just bland with no real emotion.

The music video features lead male role for model Yuri Pleskun of 2008 Topshop fame, still highly in demand I must add and according to YouTube comments, he is the best thing about the music video. Quite bizarre to see a music video for the AA side when we are yet to preview the full length music video for the debut Y.O.U. What is going on with LuvLuvLuv Records?

Oh a little fact, the vinyl was over a month late to arrive on my desk (freebie, who cares?)


This is your lot folks, I am spending the next few weeks hiding under a massive black floppy hat in Mallorca. I plan to do tourists things as I avoid bathing my pale body in the devil star’s rays by getting my suntan on the beach under the moon with a jug of something messy, vomit messy me hopes.

Back on the 4th of July, I may be Americanized, I may not be? In the meanwhile, enjoy the rain bitches!

Peace out lovers!


Each and every record mentioned above is worth a trip to your local record store/iTunes for, If you don’t go, I may just haunt you, I can do this. I am special. Honestly you won’t regret it (the buying I mean, not me haunting you



Author: Simone

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