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Future Rust, And Future Dust #46

Fingers up if today you are sat here wondering where that four day handsome weekend went? Did you manage to squeeze in as many cucumber sandwiches, Pimms, and all the love for the Queen in those overwhelming days? Me either. I am no Morrisey but I have more important things to do, like acting all cool and scene at Field Day, picking up Leopard Print Cardigans from squats, and pretending to be stage sober, when in fact standing still is like asking a monkey to shove a tenner down your bra and say ‘I am the monk.’

I did manage to travel across the other side of London with an IKEA metal leg ready to attack the dirty pervert who flashed his penis at my fourteen year sister while she waited for a bus at three in the afternoon, yes really. THREE O’CLOCK! (When did the sick heads get that brave?) Being the big sister who received the hysterical call, off with the leg it was, and off I was. Circling the area in question armed with IKEA metal and a mouth uncounted for spit. Later the whiskey was sweated off, as I asked ‘what the brick am I doing? You crazy whore’ I returned the leg and went underground to pity away the remaining time.

Fear not, I spoilt the sister with my version of sex pests disgrace and ice-cream, while the sweats went cold turkey. I know, I am the best; ice cream in the rain is a dream, right? Disgusting ice cream lovers? Ice-Cream taste like pure cow, lick a bare backed cow, it tastes like ice-cream. Now here we are, counting down till the weekend. One day, two days…almost there. Nope, still Wednesday.


Get these dates down in your calender 

Folk, my folk

Mumford and Sons have confirmed new details of the follow up to the multimillion 2009 hit debut Sigh No More, yet to be named but confirmed to be released on the 24th of September. The band also happened to play their very first own festival Gentlemen of the Road Stopover in Huddersfield over the weekend, playing a mixture of new and old songs including new songs’ Below My Feet,’ ‘Whispers In The Dark’ and ‘Ghosts That We Knew.’ Others on the Mumford & Sons bill were  Michael KiwanukaNathaniel RateliffSlow ClubWilly MasonThe Moulettes and The Correspondents. 

Bloc Away

The will they won’t they record again band Bloc Party (or total NME bull?) have finally confirmed more details on fourth LP, having named it, wait for it…Four, which is set to be released the Monday before Reading and Leeds takes place (August 20th). I spy a secret slot at their musical home? (Lets get the rumour rolling) The unoriginal titled album Four has been produced by Alex Newport of Death Cab For Cutie fame.

The band are set to play a very minimal intimate tour later this month at Glasgow Garage (June 19) followed by a show at Manchester’s HMV Ritz (June 20) and before hopping over to London KOKO (June 21) If you were one of the lucky ones to have gotten tickets, which sold out in a flat record, you will be able to first hand witness the new material.

Beak my X

Mercury Award winners The XX have confirmed new album details, the three piece wrote on their website over the Jubilee weekend

“We’re so excited to share with you the news that our second record ‘Coexist’ will be released on September 10th. After a long time on the road, we took a break, created our own studio and wrote these new songs that we’re so looking forward to playing to you. We will be touring throughout the summer and beyond, and hope to play somewhere near you soon. xx The xx”

And finally

Brooklyn indie band Grizzly Bear have unveiled details of their yet untitled fourth album, set to be released ‘sometime in September.’ Having already previewed first single ‘Sleeping Ute’ from the forthcoming album, the band are set to tour the UK in August and October.



Single Of The Week:


2:54 – Creeping 

New band 2:54 released their self titled debut album last week on Fiction Records to critical acclaim.  The Thurlow sisters have been touring for what it seems like forever with support roles with The Maccabees, Wild Beasts, Warpaint and most recently The XX and now currently on their own headline tour to support their debut album, which to be straight forward honest is a polished masterpiece.

The combo of Hannah’s breathy husky-like vocals and Colette’s riffs meet to form a clean cut spacious melodic shoegaze sound, ‘Creeping’ was every bloggers wet dream. The one song that set 2:54 up to become a name, now reworked on and ready for overdrive. Hot on the heels of their debut 2:54 have released the new music video for forthcoming single ‘Creeping’ and in the typical manner of being dark, musky and atmospheric the band fiddle around a lake.

Continuing from their live session underneath Fiction Label offices ‘Creeping’ is the latest live session from the Thurlow Sisters. Check out 2:54 YouTube channel for more sessions.

Breton – Jostle

South East London warehouse band Breton are currently taking their European tour to high new places. The French have most certainly accepted them in (like they do many of the young British bands.) The clip above shows the band performing ‘Jostle’ taken from their amazing debut multi talented Other People’s Problems in a little Paris Bistro restaurant for legendary La Blogothèque (known for providing gigs in unusual locations) broadcasting their amazing guitar skills. Last night (Tuesday 5th) ended with the band playing an hypnotic headline set at Cargo’s mixed in with a backdrop of short films in time with the rhythm, timing and sound, to say live they are brilliant would be an misunderstanding, not the average gig. 

A little secret from insider to reader, no names to be mentioned, a certain well respected band are highly annoyed by the new wave of bands completely ripping off their guitar style, with the band in question adding the new waves are not putting their own stamp of soul into their music.

I disagree, the guitar style is present in the new wave, but not to the point of ripping the sound completely off. There is only one Future Rust and Future Dust style band (are you understanding?) Breton are artists more than they are musicians, this comes across quite easily, they have the visions for the masses.

Novella – He’s My Morning

‘He’s My Morning’ is the lead single from London band of the moment Novella new self titled EP recorded by Rory Atwell of Warm Brains and Test Icicles fame. Novella for the most recent months have been intensly doing the rounds supporting TOY, Veronica Falls, Fanzine, Friends and 2:54 while playing successful sets at The Camden Crawl and The Great Escape. Novella sound is drowning in C85 melodic shoegaze, the rather dark track ‘He’s My Morning’ showcases the bands intense drumming and a build up of guitars that slowly climaxes with fuzzy solos.

The three piece band of Hollie Warren (vocals, guitar) Sophy Hollington (guitar)  and Suki Sou (bass) adds Ian Laws on the drums for live shows  and have been known to have gathered a rather fresh approach to their live shows. Having gained a reputation of winning the crowd over as the girls flick their long hair over their shoulders. You can watch the official video HERE (Vimeo dislikes being shared)

Summer Camp – Always

Title track from Summer Camp’s forthcoming spanking new EP Always, due to be released on very limited coloured 12” and available to download the 9th of July. ‘Always’ is the second previewed track from Summer Camps forthcoming EP, and like ‘Life’ the band have made another New Order disco-informed synthpop tune on ‘Always.’

My hands are beginning to shake, this is your lot, phew, right?

Must go back to my day job of googling Jewish men and trolling the internet for Samantha Bricks address, I get paid for this.


Simone F (the girl who will make your dreams feel like nightmares)

Each and every record mentioned above is worth a trip to your local record store/iTunes for, If you don’t go, I may just haunt you, I can do this. I am special. Honestly you won’t regret it (the buying I mean, not me haunting you.)



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