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Future Rust, And Future Dust #42

Hays all, long time no read, I see.

This feels like an awkward sexual moment, when you know, you have not seen someone for a while and you would like to super impress them with lots of new techniques, which frankly turns out to be the worst incoherent thing one could ever experience. This edition, I can sense from my confusion will be just that, A massive let down. A mistake, could have done better, if you tried not to think about the massive itch empowered on the brow, could have been the best you ever had, damn itch.

My more than a few times criticised fourteen year old writing skills have been; let’s say having a holiday, without the fun of an actual holiday, a place of peace for a few weeks, worming myself back into the apple, the rotten apple, the Samantha Brick apple of self attention.

Indie News:

Cool kids are you ready? 

Land Of Kings Festival takes over Dalston venues this weekend, in time with the opening of new music venue Birthdays, which JD Roots will be taking over, featuring Oxfords Trophy Wife, Male Bonding and O Children. You can also expect to see the lights of Slow Club, Toy, Rory Philips, Factory Floor, Bos Angeles, Novella, Is Tropical and many more amazing bands playing over Dalston’s favourite hang outs, all mixed in with sessions of all things art and poetry.

Tickets are still available, and are dirt cheap, with the extra days rest, why not go wild with electro feasted music in the um, the coolest part of town? Two nights of music and Turkish food, even the Italian places are Turkish; why not indulge in a Turkish cooked Italian meal? Do it, they may save you from the next London Riots.

  Massive face lick, another limited 12” would be rad, thanks Richard. 

Massive congratulations to XL Recordings, who for the best two years have been continually pushing out amazing chart topping music, from Adele, Radiohead, The Horrors, Friendly Fires,Vampire Weekend and must recently Jack White. Thanks to the success  of the label over the best few years, XL Recordings took home Record Company of the Year award at this years Music Week Awards, while chairman Richard Russell won the outstanding contribution prize.

This weekend saw Jack White’s amazing debut Blunderbuss replace Adele at the number one album spot. Jack White has been in the music business for years, yet it feels rather strange to tap away at debut and Jack White within the same sentence, crazy?

Guitar bands are supposedly dead, did someone fail to let two of Britain’s band know? 

Arctic Monkeys and Kasabian have both already hinted at new albums, so soon after their current albums. Arctic Monkeys have hinted at more guitars powered fast songs, like B-side ‘R U Mine?’ which personally I believe to be one of their best songs to date. What is not to love about the hungry tone in Alex’s voice? I would be more than happy of an album of ‘R U Mine?’ type songs.

While Reading and Leeds headliners Kasabian recently told Absolute Radio that they have are ready to write the next album, but won’t settle down and record any new material until next year, they also discussed breaking America with the next record, so there we have, two massive guitar bands already thinking of the next record, guitars are dead and buried, I keep hearing.

Song Of The Week 

Blood Orange–Champagne Coast

‘Champagne Coast’ is the latest single from last year’s debut album from Dev Hynes (formally known as Lightspeed Champion) under the recording name of Blood Orange (also my top album from last year.) ‘Champagne Coast’ is quirking in monster lo-fi under sexual tranny tones, loading with slow sexual vibes, yet you come to realise that dancing alone is frankly lonely, or as Dev recently put in an interview with T-Magazine

“I have always been infatuated with the movement of a woman’s body while dancing. Nothing is sexier. The motif a girl alone in her bedroom is a recurring moment that has often inspired me, in films like Paris, Texas and Bye Bye Birdie, to name two examples. I wanted to represent this iconic scene a new way.”

The music video sees his friends in 2D format take on the place of being in animated 90’s bedrooms (Dev says ‘bedroom’ more than just the average amount of times in one song) slow dancing  to themselves, watch out for an appearance of Slutever’s Karley Sciortino, who is doing what she does best, opening her legs.

‘Champagne Coast’ was directed by Haley Wollens, and is out NOW, catch Blood Orange playing this years Field Day, in between touring America and Australia with Florence And The Machine (Dev, used to play guitar for Florence before she got ‘You got the love big’)

Graham Coxon – Ooh, Yeh Yeh

‘Ooh, Yeh Yeh’ is the new single from Blur guitarist’s Graham Coxon‘s eighth solo album, and my is A+E an absolute pleasure to listen too, filled with nothing but guitar guitar synth layered shoulder jerkers. Seeing Graham Coxon’s name on the NME Tent list last week, made my heart skip a beat, now playing with a full on band, the bass is two days worth of ear buzzing, and none stop dancing, perfect for an afternoon of awkward stage presence, ‘cos live Graham and his band kick the living hearing out of anyone listening.

Not only has Graham committed himself to solo touring, did I read he is taking part in some Blur action this summer? A little bizarre, considering he cringes at ‘Park Life’ in public, would you not agree? In an interview with free magazine publications DIY, he associated Blur with hooligans and drunkenness at the Brit Awards, oh stop being sarcastic Mr G Coxon, I see you sipping on your coffee, mac-ing away.

Having been a huge fan of Happiness In Magazines, then coming to read the reviews for A+E before listening to the album, still unsure on where this reviews are comparing Graham to bands, no where within his musical radar. Yes A+E is dark, more so of a sarcastic tongue on cheek than Joy Division. Honestly if you are thinking off getting in on Graham, start with A+E, one of his finest pieces of work.

The music video for ‘Ooh, Yeh Yeh’ sees a more softer side to Graham, he smiles nervously during the crazy floating body, having already said he write ‘Ooh Yeh Yeh’ after seeing lots of kids drunk and high during one of his smaller gigs.

A+E is out now, and catch Graham Coxon play this years Reading and Leeds.

swim deep Swim Deep   Beach Justice

Swim Deep – Beach Justice (King City B-Side)

Swim Deep are one of my uproar favourite bands at the minute, they featured in our Strictly New Bands features a few weeks back, check them out. ‘Beach Justice’ is the B-Side to the brilliant new song ‘King City,’ Austin’s vocals have restrained themselves a little compare to the care-free A-Side, still rocking the lo-fi 90′s grunge era still dashing in summery California pop drizzles, perhaps a little vocally stronger than ‘King City,’ who cares? Both tracks are brilliant and fresh. Just wish they could drop out the ‘babes’ in real life, double cringe worthy, with a catchy chorus like “She gets up and I’m still awake / Please go easy on me, Sunday.” all can be forgiven – just.

Out 14th May 2012.

Until next time,


Each and every record mentioned above is worth a trip to your local record store/iTunes for, If you don’t go, I may just haunt you, I can do this. I am special. Honestly you won’t regret it (the buying I mean, not me haunting you.)



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