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Future Rust, And Future Dust #37

The feeling of feeling, the feeling of having such a great time, the time goes by, within a flash, the feeling is over. Turn around to find breathe in your face, turn to the other side you have an armpit within nose contact, looking up for air until you realise that the air does not exist, here, there or anyway. The feeling is over; the music walkman ran out of juice, the feeling is dead. All that is advisable is to make music up, in your head, not mental, just needing a music juice reverb. When will ears become automatic music walkmen?  Like a hearing aid, but only to hear music, not your mother complaining and moaning?


Another week, another load of festival news, come on Reading and Leeds, give us names, only less than three weeks to go. Hurry already.

Tri-city Dot To Dot Festival is back this year in  Bristol, Manchester and Nottingham, and recently confirmed the first batch of bands, The Drums, Pulled Apart By Horses, Summer Camp and a huge wave of new current bands Kyla La GrangeDeaf ClubRyan KeenBroken HandsDirty GoodsPearl & The BeardThePETEBOXVadoinmessicoWonder Villains, Dog Is Dead, and Lucy Rose.

And  many more acts are set to be announced in the coming months, just a real shame Dot To Dot falls on the same weekend as Field Day, it’s a tough choice as both providing such amazing bands.

The annual Camden Crawl is back this spring, with bigger range of hotly tipped bands than ever, featuring the tipped of the tipped bands, featuring many of our own , Strictly New Bands Dalston heroes Spector, Echo Lake Lucy Rose, Funeral Suits, Theme Park,  Toy and headlined by Death In Vegas with much more to be added as the months go on, full line up can be seen here 

Monday saw V Festival announce part of their line up, to the surprise of no one they announced yet another headline appearance from The Killers, who have been joined by none other than The Stone Roses and The Happy Mondays, perhaps a huge pop drop down from last years superstars Eminem and Rihanna, I will say.

All the pop fans need fear not, all the usual bubble gum acts will appear, it’s not only for the oldies, but the one person who does annoy me about his appearance is Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds subbing to The Stone Roses, I understand the debut went on to sell ridiculous amounts of copies but to be given such a high slot on the fact the man wants one million pounds to appear on the X-Factor…wait wrong moan.

At least an Oasis man won’t not be making an appearance at Reading and Leeds this year, which lets face it is beyond awesome.

Single of the week:

2:54 – You’re Early

Hot on the release of Scarlet EP last year, the tipped for big things Dalston sisters 2:54 have unveiled new single ‘You’re Early.’ 2.54 have steered not to far away from ‘Scarlet’ and ‘Got A Hold’ but far enough for 2:54 to be more than a one sounded grunge rock band.

‘You’re Early’ is filled with Colette’s sexual vicious vocals carving swirls into the microphone, a bassline to make even the brooding bassline shiver. ‘You’re Early’ features a rare Wild Beasts remix and will be released on 9th April on Fiction Records.

Catch 2:54 on tour in April/May, tickets

Arctic Monkeys – R U Mine?

Yes, another Arctic Monkeys song, this time it’s the dirty scruffy rock n roller ‘R U Mine’, which will not be a released as a single, but it is near impossible to believe that right now as the Arctic Monkeys are on top form.

Anyone else feel like every two weeks, the northern boys seem to be releasing new songs not on current record Suck It And See. The black and white music video sees the boys lip synth, air guitaring and drumming to ‘R U Mine?’ In a car, being boys, drum rolling straight into a hand held camera it seems. Does this mean the Monkeys wrote far too much during Suck It and See session or is Alex Turner tipping new songs straight off his quiff on a daily basis? Either way, I for am enjoying the big musical process that is The Arctic Monkeys.

Craft Spells – The Fog Rose High (at Room 205)

The ever amazing Californian band Craft Spells have kindly upload a in session at Room 205 version of ‘The Fog Rose High’, which leaks nostalgic electro pop, you will suffocate under it’s DIY C86 style. Front man, Justin Vallesteros vocals blister over the dreamy guitar melodies. The recording at Room 205 is beautifully filmed on what appears to be a shaky camera, creating an intimate feel.

Caught live this week:

I managed to dance, sway, fist pump, and sing through the tears while watching The Drums, smile when Boy George came on, and laugh at Spector’s mid set talk. Read the Strictly review.

3rd February – Bleeding Knees Club – Old Blue Last (Vice launch)

Australian lo-fi garage rock band Bleeding Knees Club took to the Old Blue Last as part of Vice’s magazine launch, and my, was the tiny upstairs room sweating through the walls.

Known for their reckless live shows, this set was crazily hyper active, even security had to jump in, when a very uncontrollable circle pit started to happen, the set was cut, but not before inviting members of the audience to come on stage during ‘Teenager Girls’. By this point, everyone’s eyes were patched together with sweat. Bleeding Knees Club are not only about being hipster cool and playing druggy hazy music – live they’re are a great band to get moshy too. I for one cannot wait to see them over the summer again.

Until next time,


Each and every record mentioned above is worth a trip to your local record store/itunes for, If you don’t go, I may just haunt you, I can do this. I am special. Honestly you won’t regret it (the buying I mean, not me haunting you).



Author: Simone

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