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Future Rust, And Future Dust #32

The feeling of satisfaction is one of life’s many great things, music is itself many great things; how else is it possible to listen to Joy Division’s back catalogue only to wrap the evening up by jumping on a bed to the sound of Brooklyn Hipsters Friends with a glass of Cranberry juice?

Music is the key within, now raise your music player and rinse the sound loud, ready for the last weekend of January, ‘cos I would like you, to suck out the last part of motivation you have left. February, awaits.

At the end of last week, I like many, was slightly emotionally moved to hear about the return of Top Of The Pops, even in digital format, however Music Week have since stated this information was indeed false, and instead the official top 40 chart show will be getting a new format. Reggie Yates will be going online live for the top 10 countdown of that weeks top selling singles. I personally have not listened to the chart show, since…I have no idea when.

Peter Doherty – Jamm, Brixton

I missed Peter Doherty’s first two shows of 2012 (late afternoon and evening show), the first I have missed in a very long time, the word on the street is: Doherty previewed a few new songs, crowd surfed, and incited a huge stage invasion which left members of the audience in locks with security guards. It sounds like the classic Doherty gig, the type that has been missing for a few years, and I am gutted to have missed it. I think we can expect a new Doherty solo album by the end of 2012.

Single of the week:

Jack Penate – No One Lied

‘No One Lied’ was released by Jack Penate via his YouTube account on the 23rd January, like me, the press have been hungry for Jack Penate since he disappeared after touring his second album  Everything Is New, which did not garner as much commercial success as debut Matinee, but received rave reviews. Jack has recently admitted to drowning himself in The Smiths hit ‘Accept Yourself’, to cope with the ‘’underbelly of my life’’ second album. ‘No One Lied’ is in a different musical genre to Jack’s previous albums which were full of hearty teenager boy stories. He is making way for more intense lyrics whispering over his reverb laden guitar.

The black and white YouTube clip comes with no other description, bar being recorded at home, in one shot and directed by Dani Castro. If you listen carefully at the start, you can hear police sirens showing the raw-realness of otherwise incredible song.

Grimes – Genesis

Monday’s Strictly New Bands Grimes has only recently become on my radar, ‘Genesis’ is taken from forecoming album Visions to be released on the iconic 4AD label. Grimes aka Claire Boucher recently told NME ”I underwent this extremely tortuous experience. I never saw daylight” when talking about the potential album.

Grimes declared that at the age of twelve she decided to worship the devil and become a witch. This is relatively noticeable in ‘Genesis’, which has sexual feeling floating inside this adorable and beautifully heavy synth pop track, one listen is no where near enough.

Free download of ‘Genesis’ 

Sleigh Bells – Comeback Kid

‘Comeback Kid’ is the first song from second album Reign Of Terror due out February 13. My did Sleigh Bells come out all guns blazing, ready for a dog eat dog fight, and ready to growl at anyone who dares question them.

How is it possible not to appreciate Sleigh Bells feisty in your face distorted guitar crunching and flipping between hip-hop hooks and power pop beats? Alexis’ vocals are equally hip to match, she’s promised improved song writing on Reign Of Terror while Derek carries on growling at his guitar like a tiger ready for a sweat punch.

The Cast Of Cheers – Family

Dublin four-piece The Cast Of Cheers are the kind of people you can listen to and be instantly attached to. Their catchy math rock is overloaded with guitar quirks.  ‘Family‘ is The Cast Of Cheers debut single, out 20th February on School Boy Error/Cooperative Music, not only does The Cast Of Cheers sound Vampire Weekend-ish, the music video for ‘Family’ is quite the Vampire Weekend rip off, think A-Punk, but who cares?

And if I am honest, The Cast Of Cheers are a band to keep an eye on over the following months, not only are they are causing a little storm across with music critics and fans at the moment, I reckon they are in with a good shout of playing this year’s Reading and Leeds festival, get involved now.

Bleeding Knees Club – Nothing To Do

Another Strictly New band, Australian garage band Bleeding Knees Club, have just released new single ‘Nothing To Do’ produced by Dev Hynes of Blood Orange and Lightspeed Champion fame, in New York to collide with their debut album under the same name. ‘Nothing To Do’ has scratches swaging fuzzy guitars melting over not so heart wrenching whiny vocals, ‘Nothing To Do’ will not change the world for better or worse.

Bleeding Knees Club are gatecrashing the UK with a mini tour in February, grab your tickets or; catch them play The Old Blue Last, Shoreditch on the 23th February for FREE

Until next time,


Each and every record mentioned above is worth a trip to your local record store/itunes for, If you don’t go, I may just haunt you, I can do this. I am special. Honestly you won’t regret it (the buying I mean, not me haunting you.)



Author: Simone

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