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Future Rust, And Future Dust #31

Awkward, I like awkwardness, beyond personal pleasure, planning to be awkward, made it less than awkward, why? Because I tried and failed to make a situation awkward, all in all, I become an awkward fail.

Congratulations to The Maccabees for getting to number 4 in the official charts, mid week they were at number one, but as the Brit Award nominations came to light, so did the mainstreaming pop star albums and the children went and broke out their piggy banks to buy, but come on, how long have Bruno Mars, Adele and Ed Sheeran’s albums been out for? The Maccabees are the highest new entry, so in the terms of real music they are the golden children, who deserve every moment of glory for their third album Given To The Wild. 

Tribes  début  album Baby is finally out, receiving rave reviews, not only from Strictly, but from pretty much every music person with a decent ear for music. Tribes, according to ‘word on the street’, are currently within the top 10 – the moment 4pm today comes around Music Week will let us know the real facts. Have you entered out competition to win Tribes merch? If not, where have you been?

Live Reviews: 

Tribes, Baby Album Launch

Monday 16th January –  Barfly, Camden

To celebrate the release Baby, HMV had very nicely cooked up an album release party for Camden boys Tribes. The Barfly was filled with money couldn’t buy Tribes Vibes fans, the gig was exclusive to competition winners, friends and those who got lucky outside.

Tribes took to the stage in the mist of a smoke machine working over time, to flashing out of control strobe lights – god bless the epilepsy sufferers. The crowd were blinded by the lights and choking in the smoke, nice. Tribes were not messing around and stormed into the first song from Baby; the Pixies fuelled ‘Whenever’ burst with noise, from that very moment on my ears were loving it. Next up was EP hit ‘Girlfriend’, again Tribes were met with fans mouthing back the lyrics producing the kind of frenzy the floor was not quite expecting. ‘Sappho’ was quite the stormer, but Tribes slowed down the pace for ‘Himalaya’ before switching up the pace again with an acoustic version of ‘Coming of Age’, which saw Johnny wandering his eyes around the crowd in pure amazement.

Johnny dedicated ‘Nightdriving’ to Charlie Haddon of Ou Est Le Swimming Pool, as was the chilled out and emotional ‘Corner Of An English Field’, which was written for Charlie Haddon also. The raw emotional pouring from the pores of Tribes was real, every tingle they were feeling, we were feeling it, however; what did bug the shit out of me was that during the more emotional slow lyrical bounding songs their were pricks screaming the lyrics back to the stage, jumping everywhere. We get it, the album officially came out on that day, you know all the lyrics, Tribes are your favourite new band, but come on, have some respect.  If you want to dance and scream lyrics then become a rock star, not the Towers Of London wannabe, okay?

Dan got his turn to sing for the first time – the crowd stood still, lightly swaying and taking in the beauty of his voice during ‘Alone Or With Friends’. ‘We Were Children’ saw the tiny Barfly explode with body heat, fist pumping and crowd surfers then, just like that, Tribes were gone and walking down the side of Barfly to many hand claps.

The after party was amazing, watching girls throw themselves over the band, that was my cue to leave. I went home ears ringing to the company of a crumpet and Red Stripe down the Underground, proper rock n roll. Tribes belong to Camden; Camden is their very own throne to old school rock n roll.

For the final time make sure you enter our competition to win Tribes Baby merch

Whales In Cubicles – We Never Win Single Launch 

Friday 13th January – The Old Blue Last, Shoreditch 

I managed to get down to Whales In Cubicles single launch for ‘We Never Win’ after knowing not much about them bar the odd good comments of recommendation from friends of heavier music taste than my own.If you are a fan of The Lock Up Tent, then Whales in Cubicles are for you. I was blown completely apart by the rock statues, the band worked their hair and the stage like every moment was the very last moment, their final breathe. The bass on ‘We Never Win’ is flithy 90’s rock with, a bit of Black Sabbath being thrown into a race with Radiohead, the guitar crashing chorus is one that won’t be forgotten.

‘We Never Win’ is due for release on 23rd January via Young & Lost Club


The Kills – The Last Goodbye

‘The Last Goodbye’ is The Kills next single taken from Blood Pressures. ‘The Last Goodbye’ along side ‘Pots And Pans’ were the most low-key songs on Blood Pressures, The Kills are known for their feisty bluesy garage rock, but those songs set them apart. Having previously released more upbeat, feisty, and sultry singles, this time The Kills are showing us that behind all the dirt they are able to create a sort of ballad, tough, but a ballad nonetheless.

Jamie had said  “I wanted to make it completely different from anything we’d normally do… I used an octagon keyboard from the ’60s which takes flexi-discs with real bands playing and mixes them together.”

’The Last Goodbye’ is the celebration music video for The Kills ten-year anniversary, directed by actress of Samantha Morton of Sweet and Low Down fame (Woody Allen) ‘The Last Goodbye’ music video see’s Jamie and Alison pout-y in front of a mirror, sorry I mean in a photo booth, silent and black and white, oh this is why we are admire The Kills, moody.

Matthew Dear Featuring Jonny Piece – In The Middle (I Met You There)

Attention Drums fans, Matthew Dear has a new four-track EP out called Headcage, featuring The Drums very own front man Jonny, who has managed to blend his nourished sicken nostalgic melodies over the synth-tastic track ‘In The Middle..’ Of course, no Jonny vocals is without the melodramatic point of frustration. It’s impossible to only give this one listen.

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Each and every record mentioned above is worth a trip to your local record store/itunes for, If you don’t go, I may just haunt you, I can do this. I am special. Honestly you won’t regret it (the buying I mean, not me haunting you.)



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