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Future Rust, And Future Dust #24: Cool Camp Magic

You know when you have a plate? A plate overfilled with food, that you realise you will never be eat it all? You try and try and keep trying until you are ready to burst?
My head feels like that now, minus the food and plate. Just water and sugar.

So NME Top 50 annual ‘Cool List’ is out there, and public. Oh, dears. 

With Azealia Banks leading the pack; I never realised vulgar explicit lyrics and making dirty electro grind to ”my penis beats” and rapping and tings would be super cool. As of 2012 expect this from me, you know ‘cos it’s totally cool and NME told me so. ”Whose this man ridin’ on my f*ckin’ c*ntin’ knee, give a grrrl a ****’?” Now grind. Hashtag Fail?

I do wonder how Janelle Monáe feels? One year being super hot, next being dropped down to 17th place. Don’t worry love. No one remembers you anyway.

 Tom Meighan & Serge Pizzorno from Kasabian had to be tied didn’t they not? One is not cooler than the other, imagaine the fight. ‘‘No eye-liner for you today Serge” Fact for you, those two spent the two minutes remembrance day silence talking about their day. Respect our rumoured Reading and Leeds headliners okay? Like they did our heroes.

The rest of the cool people contains the predicated Indie band member charmers: A Vaccine, a Maccabee, a Bombay Bicycle Club, Wild Beasts and wait, is that Fred from Spector I spy?

Future Rust, And Future Dust Single of the week

Gross Magic – Yesterdays

Gross Magic, Echo Lake, The History of Apple Pie and Novella all teamed up with Marshall Teller records for a too cool for school 7 inch record
Two words for ”Yesterdays” by Gross Magic: Mind fuck, or is it mindfuck? Hazy, messed up synths with drug-fulled vocals. ”Na na nanna na nana na na nananananaa” this is how MCR should have projected such a melody.
Beware, one listen is not nearly enough. Fifty listens should do it. Dirty-psychedelia within its highest glory.

7-inch record is due out on 12 December 2011, for now you can get yourself a FREE download.

The Big Pink- Hit The Ground

I forgot how much I missed The Big Pink, the beat is heavenly contagiously addictive. The Big Pink are bigger and better than that ”Dominoes’ song okay? ”Hit The Ground’‘ is even more anthemic with promises of the new album humming big melodies. More please.

Howler – Back Of Your Neck

The Minneapolis band, are one of my ones to watch out for in 2012. ”Back Of Your Neck” is the first single from forthcoming album America Give Up. When I listen to ”Back Of Your Neck” I cannot help but picture a lazy summers day on a boat being drowned in a river of rocks. Rock those rollers guitars out.

Download your FREE copy from Howler’s website. The catch? Your email.

If you are catching The Vaccines this December, get there early, Howler are supporting. Two bands with the tag ‘bringing back rock ‘n’ roll,‘ only good things can happen.

The Vaccines – Tiger Blood

‘’Tiger Blood’’ is the song The Vaccines and Albert Hammond Jr become one. Filled with Strokes quirks and Vaccines bouncing.

The music video contains lots of vintage retro, filmed with a mixture of live shows and the band messing around off duty, drinking, skating and lots of fun. The Vaccines style.

Future Rust, And Future Dust Blast From The Past

The Drums – Down By The Water

Little under a year ago, The Drums headlined The HMV Forum after a huge hype from the start of 2010. They swayed their way through the harmonies body tingling bittersweet set. By the time the encore of ”Down By The Water” started, I started to drain liquid from my mascara-fuelled eyes. Emotional is not even the correct word. After following The Drums from the word go, and seeing them truimph at such a special event; tear, cheeks and hand clapping was well needed. Not only is ”Down By The Water” a huge ballad for The Drums but also the down-tempo melody is body staring with a feel of the 60′s girl bands.

For that reason alone, a year later it is beyond worth a mention.

Future Rust, And Future Dust caught live this week

Summer Camp - Efes, Dalston.

Who would have thought a run down Turkish Pool hool would be used for a gig venue for 80′s teen reference band Summer Camp, okay. Something different. Having arrived just in the nick of time (I still had time to grab myself two Red Stripes) something bizarre happened. I could see the stage, empty but hear a stripped version of ‘’Better Off Without You’‘ from behind me. I was late  (always) and now at the front and giddy. Already Jeremy Warmsley’s acoustic guitar and Elizabeth Sankey’s vocals had been melting away as they made their way down to the stage, with a live drummer in waiting.

Sankey found her place by a microphone and Warmsley swapped guitars before embracing into ”Welcome To Condale,” ”Round The Moon ‘‘ and ”1988” even playing ”an old song” ‘‘Veronica Sawyer”  to my own personal amusement. ‘‘Done Forever” is a personal favourite, all those electro keys and springy vocals had me grinning.

Projected throughout the set, retro looking photos, moving photos. Giving the set a more of a 80′s movie vibe. Jeremy had time to show his thoughts on playing one of East London’s infamous hipsters hang outs as ‘being excited to play here since we booked the gig” then something about being ”spiritual connected”
”Losing My Mind” was another acoustic song, stripped bare. And my, the crowd loved it. I even put my can under my armpit to clap, remember this is in a narrow hipsters venue, never usually happens.

Before ending straight into the last remaining minutes of the set they had time for the. 80′s summer songs ”Summer Camp” and ”I Want You’‘ along side the credits of Breakfast Club.

I left skipping down the street. I can only promise those Red Stripes and 80′s songs were to blame, I won’t swear on it.



Each and every record mentioned above is worth a trip to your local record store/itunes for, If you don’t go, I may just haunt you, I can do this. I am special. Honestly you won’t regret it (the buying I mean, not me haunting you.)



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