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Future Rust, And Future Dust #23: Less Chat More Bands

Last week I realised, my intros had over begun to overtake the reason I am writing this article. That is for all things indie music, not Simone’s chitchat.  For-now-on-in. Short and sweet, not like me, I am tall and not so sweet. Unless I am downing warm water and layers of sugar, you know for an energy reboot? Stop the shakes, dizzy spells. You know?

Purely music based; I say purely, I mean mostly. I have the mental concentration level of a three year old, my thoughts are like taking a dark wonder along an unsafe highway.

Music talk.

Another slow week for albums personally, all the goods one have been done and dusted. Snow Patrol is out if any one fancies it? I don’t. So neither should you alright?

Future Rust, And Future Dust EP Of The Week

2:54 – Scarlet EP

I have been following the London sisters Hannah and Colette Thurlow’s for a while, but had no real reason to write about them, now I do. 2:54 have released their first EP called Scarlet. Both have said the music ‘‘just kind of comes out” with no real rule to follow, always best hey? The Internet, I mean VICE, The Fader and of course with the biggest whoring help from Gorilla Vs Bear begging their first single ‘Creeping’, which drowned itself within the hazy harsh shoegaze era. Having already supported my favourite girl band Warpaint, Wild Beasts and label mates The Maccabees on tour, watch out for them currently supporting The Big Pink as well as their jolly own dates. Busy girls.

Scarlet EP was mixed by Alan Moulder of Smashing Pumpkins and Nine Inch Nails fame and produced by Rob Eliis of PJ Harvey fame. To think those two legends on a four track EP, imagine the LP. Leading song ‘Scarlet’ is a tense moody gloom pop melody like pure cocaine is to the Colombia’s, tense right? Singer Colette has a bittersweet sex sense to her vocals added with a battered Dr Marten crumbling inside her throat. This is good. You hear? Effortless hooks on ‘Get A Hold’ and ‘Wait/Awake’ bolded with bashing guitars and spacey rhythms. One cannot help but nod her head like a car dog. Colette oozes her lullaby vocals over this like air floating around the top of the airing cardboard.

Strictly Our Opinion: 2:54 will blow; they will be the 2012′s leading female band if all goes correctly with the support tour dates. Getting a personal invite from The Big Pink to tour with them can only lead to great things. Mega important point is the sisters are a fully-fledged band, singing whilst stringing their guitar/bass. Get me wearing my knickers out in public Pixie Lott? If you like The xx or stoner rock evil punk than 2:54 are the perfect supplement for your musical ears. You my reader have amazing taste [4.0/5.0]

 Future Rust, And Future Dust Single Of The Week

The Horrors – Suffragette City (David Bowie)

This was part of a Channel Four programme called On Track with… which sees musicians record straight onto vinyl in one take, scary no? Amazing, yes. The bands have 16 minutes to make a live vinyl record, one being a cover.  Already the lights of Manic Street Preachers, The Duke Spirit, and James Morrison have taken part. Last week was the turn of The Horrors.

The Horrors four set was ‘I Can See Through You’, ‘Changing The Rain’ Suffragette City (David Bowie) and of course Skying’s break through single ‘Still Life’

The Suffragette City cover was fun to listen to, beachy echo. Josh shows his the guitar bomb with his own little beefy solo which to be honest makes me dribbles. Awesome.  Husky voiced Faris shows us once again gone is the shouty ‘Jack The Ripper’ voice replaced with a voice of magical husk. Such a hairbrush bouncing on bed moment, did I? No, I head banged whilst nutting the bus handle. One is cool like that. Lucky my hair wraps around my face, ashamed? Me?

The Horrors really are beginning to surprise people with their recent covers are they not? First Beyonce, then Bowie. Okay Bowie is not so bad. They keep pushing the boundaries don’t they?

What next? Oh yes a Lady Gaga remix of ‘Bloody Mary‘ I am yet to hear the original, but The Horrors have loaded ‘Bloody Mary’ with lots and lots of dark dripping synths. Synth player Tom gets to have a right old fiddle. ‘Bloody Mary’ is indeed very slow, a charming slow. Now how one does mute Gaga’s voice?

The Maccabees – Pelican

Comeback song. Covered in Maccabees quirks.  Orlando’s voice is mind humming. I could listen to his talking and singing voice for the rest of my life. There is something quite charming about the lad’s accent.

Having stated third record Given To The Wild is more their sound, or ”nailed it” in other words, ‘Pelican’ let’s us have a deep insight into the rest of the songs on Given To The Wild, with the typical Maccabees melody and grassy guitars. Having seen The Maccabees at Village Underground a few weeks back, my they will blow your blacked cut by the knees drainpipes away. I missed you Macs, with all my indie heart. Welcome back Princes.

Woman’s Hour – Jenni 

Kendall band now based in London play minimal pop music, space-upon-death-ish meets pop wet dreams, no Bieber stuff okay? The first thirty seconds of ‘Jenni’ is shivering, with the air of lo-my-fi before breaking into Vampire Weekend guitar kicks later breaking into airy reverb vocals. You know the first glass of champagne you gallop down at the work Christmas party to hide the awkwardness? The keys embrace that very feeling, hazy, dizzy. Spin around while you pour another glass of bubbles before anyone spots the alkies within.

How long until this free champagne season comes along? Drying of thirst right here. Until then enjoy ‘Jenni’

Friendly Fires – Hurting 

Groovy. ‘Hurting’ is the new single from favourite dancer and favourite Glastonbury Festival act this year as well as fighting for my top album of the year amongst two others. ‘Hurting‘ is fuzzy jibes, perfect. Reminds me of the summer or the perfect set at Glastonbury. Note perfect, hip bouncing, perfect. Cider moves. Beautiful.
The music video is amazing. Seriously Ed gives me dreams at night. Funky floral shirts, dance steps to rival Rihanna. If men can be piggish why can’t I? I would never hurt you Ed, unless you like that um stuff?

HTRK – Synthetik

Let’s get this cooling, a dear friend has been banging on about HTRK formerly Hate Rock Tro for while. I finally checked them out, and my. Wow. I am undecided wherever they’re good or bad. ‘Synthetik’ is creepy strange somewhat hypnotising, yet at the same time utterly blowing my curly fringe away. ‘Synthetik’ is quite the erotica beautiful piece of art, if I may add. If I could love, I would make love to this. Cringing myself out, love? Who the freak uses love? I am from Landan; we say ”are we gonna bang doe?” Will most definitely be worth a wonder down Rough Trade for. The band not the ”bang doe’‘. Well…


I have always been an individual critical of WU LYF, but secretly not so secret now I do generally enjoy their muttering ‘world f**k unite motto. ‘Millionaire’s do that you see. Just ask Bono and Africa and the taxman’. ‘WE BROS‘ is the new current song from WU LYF debut album; honestly I have grown to enjoy WU LYF with as much pleasure as a fox dry humping a bin.

Come on, its 5am, you’re are sat on the doorstep and you see a cat, no a fox going down your neighbours trash. You try and stay quiet in case the rabbies come bouncing your way. Like I said as fun as WU LYF. ‘WE BROS’ has the ever laddish tone of reading, but also has  gospel chanting ”sing back to us Bono, we are stadium”. But with cooler grittiness, FU bad butt guitars. The music video sees people running and running. Most likely from WU LYF and their ‘views.

Run Forrest run.  They end up floating on a piece of something; you know the type Rose could have shared with Jack Dawson? Selfish bitch. The ship had sunk and you could not spare your one true love, you slept with him then killed him? Anyway the group of WU LYF float away from a polluted city, one does believe that is the moral of the ‘WE BROS’

Now where did I see that fox? Get me bros? I am not street enough for that, am I?

Future Rust, And Future Dust Blast From The Past

I feel sad not writing about my Slough boys, its been weeks, no months. Its been a while. ‘Time Machine’ always gets me pumped into party grit mode. I don’t care. I have awful taste. What’s not to love about ridiculous infestation lyrics, wearing sunglasses indoors and a front man who says ”we are the future of music” at their very first London gig filled with A&Rs? Hey what’s not to laugh?

Now where did I leave my fake tattoo sleeve? ”Lalalalalala” this is Simone gone lad-dish ”alalalala.” Stella please.

 P.s my ears detest Oasis. ”It is what is it”

Get the hanky out FRAFD Recommends/Ones To Watch is no more. Fear not we here at Strictly are expanding to bigger and greater posts. Get the party poppers out. Poppers? Or whatever those annoying New Year’s noise spits are called. Get them out. 

Future Rust, And Future Dust caught live this week

Constellations Music Festival Leeds

I was still am gutted to have missed Outfit, Big Deal and Exit Music. Arriving late after the smelly boy bus broke down twice on the way up, the minute the machine leaves London, it cracks up. Vehicles need water so I hear. Arrived with ease in time for Spector, could have caught the end of Summer Camp but would have meant missing the start of Spector. Flip of a coin went with Spector at Mine. Seeing Spector also meant missing the start of Givers.

Spector seem to always put a huge grin on my face, cheesier than Kate Nash’s cheese on toast discos. Spector make me want to thrust my hips in places only hula-hoop girls know to be possible. Energetic front man Fred gets to comb his slicked back hair like a certain Alex Turner does on stage. A little bit Grease Lighting whilst jumping around like The Hives mini me’s. ‘Grey Shirt & Tie’ improves on each viewing and firstly becoming a firm live favourite, I like spacey. Do you? . ‘What You Wanted‘ always embraces the kick of the legs? Of course the biggest charmer is the clapping slapping sing-along ‘Never Fade Away‘ and just like that Spector leave the stage taking all their new romantic indie with them.

We took a breather, met some friend whores, had a few more and then some more alcoholic drinks.

Just in time for Yuck and Wild Beasts. Of course catching Yuck and Wild Beasts meant missing The Antlers, The Big Pink, Bos Angeles and 2:54. Too many clashes, I could have had a mental music breakdown. I did. I drunk, instead.

Wild Beasts were flowing, although not as good as their own gigs, hey its only Leeds University after all. They still had the energy flowing bouncing onto us.

Memory fizzles out



Each and every record mentioned above is worth a trip to your local record store/itunes for, If you don’t go, I may just haunt you, I can do this. I am special. Honestly you won’t regret it (the buying I mean, not me haunting you.)



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