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Future Rust, And Future Dust #11: Viva Vomit Famous Words?

Future Dust, And Future Dust has hit the 11 mark, I think we all need a drink to mark this, oh mighty good number. Lets mark it by listening to Viva Brother

Has anyone ordered a taxi for the sun, yet? Let me know when it arrives. My blacked out clothes, does not enjoy such bright. Any one moaned about the heat yet? I am still wearing a jacket and a thick blouse. Not even warm. No sort of sun  reaches my body, try break the news to my forever summer tanned hands. Gently.

Album of the week:

Viva Brother – Famous First Words

Strictly MY Opinion

Viva Brother are the band pretty much everyone who has heard of them has an opinion on them wherever that be bad, good or they really do not care for the Slough lads, who are bringing back the Brit-Grit sorry I mean Brit-Pop era. As a fan of Viva Brother I have waited for what seems like forever to listen to hear debut record ‘Famous First Words’  The minute the hard copy arrived in my mailbox on Friday 29th July, I was sexually arousing my ears with the torment of finally listening.

‘Darling Buds Of May’ come on sing up, we all know the words, even that haters. ‘Darling Buds Of May’ is such a energy big loud in your face chorus driven song loaded with a mouthy Lee, you know from Slough.. Come on we are know the lyrics sing them back to me ”ooooweoooh”

‘News Year Day’s‘ is one of my Viva Brother highlights, catchy. Off the mark guitars, Lee screaming like a LAD. Can’t see it becoming my official New Year Days song, what the hell ”owh-oh-owhhhhh”
‘David’ not quite as upbeat and fun as the rest of the album, also with perhaps the chorus being a tad annoying, still ‘David’ could still grow upon my ears (See I can have my negatives)
‘Electric Daydream’ the most Oasis like song, actually this is the only song on the Famous First Words, that I would actually say sounds like the 90′s brit-pop band. As the biggest hater towards Oasis I did find this song quite whining to listen to it, but the guitar in the middle picks up and crushes the hate. By-a-bit. Just a bit. Oh Viva!

 ‘Otherside’ lyrical is ridiculous, or do I mean hilarious? Nonsensical is what I mean, yet so brilliant .

Viva Brother, weather you like them or not. They produce big catchy choruses that catch your mouth humming along to the lyrics before the song dies out.
I am not afraid to admit to being a Viva Brother fan, my arse has gotten whipped and will continue too. I like Viva Brother. A lot.

If Lee didn’t say those silly arrogant, meant as tongue in comments at the end of 2010, would you guys have a different opinion of Viva Brother?
At the time of writing, Famous First Words is set to crack the Top 10 this week, well done [3.5/5]

These views are my own and not worthy to any other member of Strictly staff. I swear. 


Single of the week

Girls- Vomit

Those quirky American hipsters are back with new single ‘Vomit‘.

‘Vomit‘ is very laid back with a very different tone of musical direction, not so much ‘art’ is buzzing around ‘Vomit’ as with the pure hipsters song ‘Lust For Life‘, however come within a minute ‘Vomit’ gets louder and heart breaking with very minimal-ish guitar drops and lazy like guitars. I can forgive Girls for this. ‘Vomit‘ as time goes clocking away, actually is a very beautiful song. Christopher Owens singing is magical when he sings ‘‘looking for love” I believe him. The extra gospel singing towards the end, brings into a sheer of ‘I must listen again’ although what is love?

No one seems to be in love no more, who likes love songs? I am a fan of the dark, moody I want someone to hate to love songs. Love depression is a bitch that makes wonderful enjoyable pleasurable maybe that is make cold stoned solid heart talking.

‘Vomit’ is available for FREE download too. New album Father, Son, Holy Ghost is due to drop  on the 12th September.


 Kasabian  - Days Are Forgotten

illiant, almost too like a future James Bond theme tune. Check out the chorus will blow your minds away. I am really following Kasabian for some reason before the release of the forth-coming album. Honestly this song makes my head think like a dog licking the air from a car window.

Cloud ControlGold Canary

Very sway your head side to side and my shoulder blades do little jumps. I do find myself thinking this would be the perfect song for Matilda, if and when the re-make shall hit the screens


The Subways - We Don’t Need No Money

Very Rock and Roll Queen, which to be far is one of  best The Subways song, I am not the biggest fan of The Subways but having seen them many times I am always curious to see what their up to and ‘We Don’t Need No Money‘ has me hooked, Billy said new album ‘Money and Celebrity Life’ has at least four more songs better then that, how I can not wait. ‘We Don’t Need No Money‘ is an aggressive, shouty song. Actually based on a true story, so I heard..

Introducing ….(previously ‘Band to watch’)

For the next few weeks, I am giving this section a little bit of refresh. With Reading and Leeds happening in around 4 weeks time, it is time to introduce you to the better acts circling the BBC  introducing stage this year.

The Kill Van Kulls

Manchester band The Kill Van Kulls are all about ‘the melodic that get stuck in your head’ -Last Fm profile. Personally I would say they have an 80′s groovy wavy pop air to themselves. Debut single ‘Fools Wish‘ is all about the 80′s. I am more of fan the song ‘Lost And Found’ very deeper bass lines, with the dazzle to sharpen the guitar sticks with. One listen is not enough.

Be sure to catch them on the BBC Introducing stage, live they storm the stage. Both times I have witnessed the glory of  the Manchester four piece.


Future Dust, And Future Rust caught live this week:

 The History Of Apple Pie - Old Blue Last – 28 July – Vice issue Launch

Too cool to smile?

Sorry having seen The History Of Apple Pie twice before tonight, I was hoping for third time lucky afraid I went away screaming ‘arrrrgh‘ I am getting a little sick of these front women singing too quiet into the microphone with the ‘don’t look at me’ tone of music, annoying. Which is a shame as I really dig The History Of Apple Pie melodic lo-fi sound. I just wish their faces would show more then the ‘boring face, I have red hair, I am too cool” we all know and hate.
That is more then enough times of seeing them and 3/3 times coming away thinking ‘thanks, but no thanks’
Gutted to have missed new band Being There, also on the bill for Vice new Issue. I have only heard positive comments about them, they are on my list to haunt down and watch next. Please don’t dissolve away. The minute I manage to track down a few songs, I will let you readers have a listen, you know ‘cos one is a nice girl not smoking on a crack pipe.

Peace out,


Each and every record mentioned above is worth a trip to your local record store/itunes for, If you don’t go, I may just haunt you, I can do this. I am special. Honestly you won’t regret it (the buying I mean, not me haunting you.)



Author: Simone

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