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Future Rust, And Future Dust#20: Older, Ghostlier & Lock Jawed

This week I have mostly been thinking turning twenty-three can’t be that much different than when one was twenty-two. Now I am twenty-three, I have decided to enjoy home baking and Sherry from a shot glass* I say home baking I mean pre-made cookie mixture, yet somehow I still managed to turn out death for the bin..

I indeed fail as a twenty-three year old. We all can’t stay this youthful forever can we? I would love to say I ditched Future Dust, And Future Rust last week for afternoon with the tea with the Queen, but that would be a lie. So welcome to last weeks edition (its not really, unless you want me to sit a firm week behind schedule like the rest of my work/social load?)

*Plus other ridiculous amounts of alcohol no age should ever consumer unless you are a full time alcoholic than please carry on. Seems Begging people to allow me to mark their face with my new found long nails (screw you twenty-two) falling out of taxi’s and fingering male fluid that somehow managed to be above a door frame. I will never grow up. Until next week.. .

Future Dust, And Future Rust Album of the week

Veronica Falls – Veronica Falls

London/Glasgow boy/girl quartet visual band Veronica Falls have come under a backlash of the hipster haters and ridiculous amounts of C86 comparisons.
Are Veronica Falls hipsters? Are they not? I say why does this genre matter when deciding whether to listen to a band (I say a mixture of Dream pop curved into Garage Punk twisted with a little juice of Riot Grrrl by the way)

‘Found Love In A Graveyard‘ takes the lead for the dark mystery theme, with lightly beaten drums. Roxanna’s voice falls into place with the perfectly, almost too well, into the rest of the band’s backing harmony. ‘Found Love In A Graveyard’ is about falling in love with a ghost, come out to play Casper. Veronica Falls have fallen for you. Don’t tell them ghosts are not actually real, unless its Halloween. ‘Misery’ could well be a spooky lullaby to sing to the young children, who said ‘Bloody Mary’ was the way to boo the kids?

‘Bad feeling’ is heavy sounding, almost summer like. Have you got a bad feeling this hipster tag won’t go away VF? Sounds very ‘Paint It Black’ by The Rolling Stones, I may add.

One of my personal favourites on the debut is ‘Stephen’. It sounds like a more lo-fi version of Pixies.

‘Beachy Head’ sees the band go demon possessed. Singer/guitarist Roxanne Clifford’s clings onto the key of the last note without ever trying to over power her voice. Punking guitars tickle over the dark harmonies leads to a sexual nightmare of haunting the death.

The debut ends with the ever-cheery almost hopefully sad song ‘Come On Over‘ if this is Veronica Falls saying yes we are dark, yes we are dark. Yes we like to talk about ghosts and drowning by falling from a cliff. It works. ‘Come On Over’ is a mad puddle of tense.

Strictly Our Opinion: Veronica Falls have proven with this debut that they are more than just a 7” single band. Although the song pattern is mostly the same on each song; tambourines, more tambourine, and lots more tambourines blending into the girl/boy lullaby harmonies and reverbing guitars. Thankfully, Veronica Falls happened to make each song fresher than the last. Veronica Falls are making sure the UK have their very own post-Drums girl bands [3.5/5.0]

Spectrals –  Bad Penny

Yorkshire man of the moment Louis Jones finally stopped doing little EP’s and went for the big guns on debut Bad Penny. Love and heartbreak by the age of mere twenty, some people have all the luck don’t they? I hear all the songs were written about this one girl, who is now rumoured to be his girlfriend. Louis is going to be okay. No need to wheel the girls out just yet.

‘Lockjaw‘ sees Louis swan about not being able to kiss a girl because she’s got lockjaw, I kid you not. May sound rather what? However Louis somehow manages to turn ‘Lockjaw’ into a surprise love story gone wrong.

‘Big Baby’ sounds a little like Jesus & Mary Chains giving birth to The Cure. ‘Big Baby‘ has this damped old high school rock feel marching through.‘Many Happen Returns’ manages to breathe smooth rattled drums coon coon click your fingers away for the 50′s Broadway finale.

Strictly Our Opinion: Very Alex Turner like, not so much Arctic Monkeys, more like Alex’s solo work. Anyone remember Submarine? Louis has used all his influences of 60′s slick doo-wop mixed with dad-American garage rock and used them to create the jar of his debut. Whilst Bad Penny sounds outdated and vintage, Louis makes it seem very current. I give Louis this, he loves his love songs. As much as I admire Louis’ work, I feel like something is amiss. My brain is unable to register what this is yet. One day [3.0/5.0]

Future Dust, And Future Rust Single of the week

The Horrors – The Best Thing I Never Had (Beyonce cover)

OMG right? Who would have thought the Southend band would have live lounged one of today’s biggest female stars hey? The Horrors did and made it their own, if like me you are no Beyonce fan listening to The Horrors version you would never know. They have defiantly made it their own. Joshua knows how to fiddle his guitar perfectly around Faris singing.


Tribes – Sent To Earth

 Tribes are able to do ‘meaning’ in new song ‘Sent To Earth‘ and really are dreaming of themselves for as a stadium band from song released. If people thought Tribes won’t make it any further than the skirts of Camden you have another thing coming. Each Tribes song released is an anthem within its own right.

New ‘When My Day Comes’ EP is out now.

Sleep Party People – A Dark God Heart

This is incredible. Dark, spooky spine binding deathly nightmare, which you no longer wish to awake from. Sleep Party People is a project by Brian Batz from his bedroom. ‘A Dark God Heart’ has traces of shoegaze from My Bloody Valentine. Perfect Halloween song.


Future Dust, And Future Rust recommends 

Deaf  Club

Deaf Club are an indie rock band from Wales creating an unhinged moody atmosphere dramatic sound. Fronted by Polly Mackey of Polly Mackey and the Pleasure Principle fame although Deaf Club are anything like her Pop-tactic days.

Deaf Club have created a bit of love from BBC’s Introducing Jen Long and recently did a live studio session in Wales to drills of mystique creating a sound that can only get better.

You can download 5 track Lull EP for FREE via their Bandcamp page.

Catch them at Hoxton Bar & Kitchen tonight (18 October)

 Future Dust, And Future Rust caught live this week

The Horrors – Roundhouse – Wednesday 12th October

Having seen The Horrors numerous times over the summer festivals, I was due a proper Horrors gig knitted out with eye baring lights fit for a 80′s acid rave.
A bare layer of the cool-ness moved around the Roundhouse, with jeans fit for an eleven year olds. I can comment on this as mine would be tight for Mick Jagger, actually perhaps too small for the legend with the 28” wrist. All hair spray and fizz? No, that’s not just me.

Dalston came to Camden. If this was gang related, goths vs. overly fashionables? Who would have won? Battle of the curly hairs started before The Horrors took to the stage. Having missed the support acts, my ears were for The Horrors and The Horrors only.

The Horrors modelled, I mean stormed on stage with a ray of roars and hand claps. Straight into ‘Changing the Rain’ making it loud and aggressive with Joshua’s busking sounds running wild with his guitar layered upon Faris brooding staring deadly into the ever adoring crowd with his new found rather dashing singing vocals, Rhys making love to his bass whilst floating around like a catwalk fairy. Tom, when the keys were needed, went into overdrive, becoming the psychedelic core of most of the set. Drummer Joe was being the drummer and rattling down his dance rock beats. ‘Still Life‘ was slowed down so we the audience can enjoy just sheer psychedelic beauty.

‘ Who Can Say’s‘ synth line is mind blowing. With the beefed up sound no thanks to Joshua you get the feel of being at a My Bloody Valentine gig, but with a really tall man overshadowing the middle of the stage.

Faris jokes “If you’ve come for conversation, you’ve come to the wrong place.” With the odd thanks ‘Thanks’ stuck in between the laden of noise. ”Moving Further Away” is utter beauty. The synths, the bass, the drums, the guitars and the nodding Faris. Everything. Such a warm fizzy.

I walked away deaf. I stayed deaf for a few days afterwards. My leather jacket melted into my back, eyeliner decided to jump a few cms above its resting place. My hair, no longer styled the way it should, naughtily hang. The Roundhouse was beyond sweaty and loud.

I also happened to catch The Horrors at Manchester Warehouse Project on Saturday 15th October with speical guests The Kills who by far are more comfortable playing at night. The Kills brought their sex rock n roll and owned it more ways than needed. I narrated down more alcohol than needed in the batty bus on the way up, which lead me unstabnel right through until the next morning back in London.

 NME Radar tour KOKO – Tuesday 18th October 

I missed Niki & The Dove, not sure I missed much to be fair.

S.C.U.M I really enjoyed their set tonight ‘Whitechapel was a firm highlight, since the debut Amber Hand’A came out I have began to understand S.C.U.M more. After seeing them times in the past, KOKO was my most memorable with their arty over dramatic. I even found time to practise my Thomas Cohen’s theatrical hand movement’s whilst swaying. Win, win.

Wolfgang were cool. Bringing their 80′s snyth flexes to headlining KOKO.  Max McElligott made love to his pop statue dancing around the stage. Excitement risen when Max picked out his acoustic guitar and started playing ‘Midnight Dancers’ the atmosphere dropped as everyone obeyed every word said.



Each and every record mentioned above is worth a trip to your local record store/itunes for, If you don’t go, I may just haunt you, I can do this. I am special. Honestly you won’t regret it (the buying I mean, not me haunting you.)



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