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Future Rust, And Future Dust #2: Pirates, Horrors & Convicts

First things first, according to court papers Peter Doherty is set to be released on the 21st August, a few days before he is due to headline The Festival Republic stage at Reading and Leeds.

Its a shame, all these recent court appearances are out dated tracing back to previous years. 2011 was the year Doherty decided to keep his head down and focus on gigging and festival slots (with no new material), he even tried his hand at acting.

I really hope Festival Republic will hold off making a decisions for a few months; Doherty is a great alternative to Muse and Too many DJs/The Streets. Then again, what’s stopping FR from booking another headliner who may be able to save the sinking festival into ‘SOLD OUT’ mode?

Only time will tell, if they do decide to stick with Doherty, he will come out bearing an exclusive festival slot, just the way Festival Republic like their headliners.


Pete and The PiratesTwo Thousand Pictures

I was never a huge fan of Reading based band Pete And The Pirates debut album Little Death, it was too shiny, preppy and poppy in my book, and I am not a huge fan of second LP Two Thousand Pictures either even though it has dark edgy gloom surrounding the tracks (always a bonus in my books). I tried with patience to listen to the album, my ears felt in pain. “United” on the other hand is a remarkable song. It’s worth watching the video on YouTube. If you like cats, you will love it, if you hate cats, it’s also worth a watch. It will give you nightmares for years.

Strictly Our Opinion: Two Thousand Pictures doesn’t really push the boundaries within the world of music. After one full listen, it’s really doesn’t warrant another (thank god for the NME album stream). [2.0/5.0]

This week, was not that great deal in terms of new album’s.


The Horrors – “Still Live

Beautiful, within a minute I found myself emotional connected. To hear the sharp recognisable voice of Faris sent my emotional sparks flying.

The one thing The Horrors are excellent at is big, “take notice”, lead singles. They grab the attention of the audience, without having to try too hard. “Still Live” has more colour than “Sea Within A Sea”. Did someone mention Simple Minds and The Jesus and Mary Chain?

The Horrors have got the life back within, still carrying the echoes of Primary Colour but with more hearty warmth and colour. The direction and musical influence on each album comes natural, and “Still Live” reeks of early 90’s guitar.

If you stare at the audio video for a while, the XL smashes your eyes in.

The track listing for the forthcoming Skying is:

1. ‘Changing the Rain’
2. ‘You Said’
3. ‘I Can See Through You’
4. ‘Endless Blue’
5. ‘Dive In’
6. ‘Still Life’
7.  ‘Wild Eyed’
8. ‘Moving Further Away’
9. ‘Monica Gems’
10.  ‘Oceans Burning’

Skying is entirely created from a dingy home made studio in Dalston (East London). You never know, you may get a smile during the performance of  the otherwise moody looking Horrors.

O.Children – Heel

When I first happened to see O.Children, to say I was a little overwhelmed by the presence of Tobi O’Kandi would be an understatement. He is a big tall scary looking man, yet get him on stage with the band and the Goth Rock hypnotises you.

You feel like this tall man is shadowing over you, taking control of you, even if you are sat at the back of the room avoiding all means of contact.

“Heels” is O.Children’s latest storming single. They named themselves after a Bad Seeds’ track following the failure of Bono Must Die (who remembers that band?).

If you are a fan of either S.C.U.M or ROMANCE, the O.Children should tickle your gothic rock taste buds.

Tom Vek – ‘World Of Doubt’

Tom Vek is the guy who started off my Nu_rave phase (get over yourself) but five years have passed since his debut album was released.

“World Of Doubt” is the second single from new album Leisure Seizure. It screams “listen to me on the most powerful headphones you have”. You need to, the beat demands a lot of attention.

Each and every record mentioned above is worth a trip to your local record store/itunes for. If you don’t go, I may just haunt you, I can do this. I am special. Honestly you won’t regret it (the buying I mean, not me haunting you).



Author: Simone

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