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Future Rust, And Future Dust #19:

This week I have mostly been biting the skin from my top lip and sucking out the blood. I am no vampire wannabe, I am just re-applying my lipstick. I could so totally be a vamp. I hate the sun. I like the dark. I sometimes occasionally go to full moon parties in a…um…park with people buried six foot under. I am pale from avoiding the sun. I am the perfect vampire. Who wants a bite?

I came across a blank CD labelled Japanese Pop, I have no idea who this band is,  nor will I be that bothered to hunt them down, takes away the mystery about this round orange CD. I may not be bothered to hunt them down, sort of impossible really don’t you think? Shall we come up with a name for them? They use lots of synths with darken airy guitar riffs based on a drummer’s hate for passion. The drums sound tortured.

Future Dust, And Future Rust Album of the week

Ben Howard –  Every Kingdom

Devon singer/songwriter Ben Howard’s album has been highly anticipated for a long time, Ben makes dreamy, flowery guitars with this raw emotional energy. Every Kingdom is set to make this week’s top 10 album chart, not bad for a surfer hey? Now with a band behind him, his no longer just the one man and a guitar.

Every Kingdom starts of with ‘Old Pine’ which I can only describe as pure beauty is the only word I can describe the first song on Every Kingdom. ‘Old Pine’ had my eyes watering wow-ness whilst my hairs were ready to jump out of my arms. Completely laid back, intimate guitars, and husky voiced Ben with his rather amazing Devonshire accent (I am a sucker for an accent). Mid song the instruments kick out slowly but they steadily creating a sense of  energy. ‘Old Pine’ ends with an irish-ish tone, you know right?

‘Diamonds’ is another emotional song; the strings carried me away within Ben’s voice. He’s built up such raw emotional, the climax was pelting against the energy resources from the strings.

‘The Wolves‘ is stunning, howling stunning. We hear howling, totally could be Jacob Black’s howling fight against the vampire Edward soundtrack for Twilight, um I don’t like Twilight. Um, sure I do, I mean don’t.  Moving on  We get to hear Ben’s accent to the full during ‘The Wolves‘ such a chilled melodic song.

‘The Fear‘ is empty, as in empty of unanswered thoughts and questions running crazy in Ben’s wild pool of sea. Blues-folk echoes strongly on ‘Keep Your Head Up‘ perfect soundtrack for a country walk or a bike ride across London’s busy roads (I did, forgot I was riding) Every Kingdom ends with the ever dark song ‘Promise’ with the guitars building up to somewhat a trance of a bed time lullaby. Close your eyes and allow Ben to take you down a path of unexpected peace and chill.

Strictly Our Opinion: Ben Howard makes me emotional. I have short attention span, but I was hooked from start to finish of Every Kingdom. I am kicking myself for judging him before even have a proper listen, I used to see singer-songwriter and think ‘meh’ let’s face it more than 70% or more are not so good. Ben fits in 30% amazing. The whole of Every Kingdoms sparkles intimate soul baring around a beach late at night, a few rums down you. Every Kingdom feels like an album made from being sat over looking the nightfall into the sea of the darkness with your friends. Ben does this make us friends now I know your secrets? [4.0/5.0]

Did you guys know Aqua have a new album out this week called Megalomania? Mega lol if you ask me, come on admit it. Who’s listened to it? I can’t tear myself away from the classic ‘Barbie Girl’

Indie Princes The Maccabees have announced new album will be called Given To The Wild which is set to be released in January 9th. I for one cannot wait.

Future Dust, And Future Rust Single of the week

12 Dirty Bullets – Motown

West London boys 12 Dirty Bullets are currently making indie mischief waves over in America. ‘Motown’ is everything indie could ever dream of within a few minutes. Put it on loud and let Jamie Jamieson charm his voice into your hazy dreams. Catchy lyrics, hooky guitars. Everyone loves boy meets girl? Shove two fingers at everyone?  [4.0/5.0] 

Florence & The Machine – Shake It Out

Wherever we like it or not Florence and her rusty machine will not go away. After the huge success of that cover song, you know, ‘You Got The Love’ creating an even bigger annoying fan base than the album Lungs could have expected. Then they went off to wow the America. Now Flo Mo is back with ‘Shake It Out‘ which now has a sparkly new music video. I am a fan of ‘Shake It Out’ I feel like after the cover went huge, I decided I was over Flo Mo, then this beautiful un-annoying song came about. I’m re-loving for the time being. If I hear that cover, I will re-hate. For now ‘Shake It Out’ is a great comeback [3.5/5.0]

Fractures – Brixton Animal (demo)

Fractures are 2011′s answer to Supergrass whilst managing to stay fresh. In other words Brit-druggy-pop faced with the dilemma of ‘fuck yeah‘Brixton Animal‘ is just this, first demo ‘Alone/Ridewas just this also. Be prepared to be caught in Fractures Camden Caner druggy web, just please don’t do a Towers Of London. Lead singer Fred Murry has the ultimate rock star hair. I am jealous [3.0/5.0]

Watch Tribes new music video for ‘When My Day Comes’ remember to sing along 

Future Dust, And Future Rust recommends 


Female fronted duo Coves have a 60′s vibe running wild within their indie-pop sound. If you like Slow Club, Coves are a must listen too. Rebekah Wood has a heavy 60′s fling about her voice while being stomped by the glittery sound.

Coves released Coves EP back in August, which you can listen to via their Bandcamp page.

See below for first London gig review and only second show ever, remember you read about Coves here first.

Future Dust, And Future Rust caught live this week

Viva Brother – 30 September – KOKO

Sorry, but Viva Brother know how to get the crowd moving. We screamed back the lyrics to Lee while Viva belted out pretty much every single song from the debut including: ‘Darling Buds Of May’ ‘David’ ‘Time Machine’ and ‘New Year’s Day.‘ Arms and hair was going everywhere, as was my Gaymers. The next went wrong when some random guy came in for a random hug. Yeah my mind goes hazy. I don’t even remember finishing my cider.

The plan was to head to the after party at Vibe Bar, but after a random hug from a random guy, I had to get a taxi home with the taxi driver screaming ”PLEASE! NO SICK PLEASE!’‘ pretty lame, home by 11pm on a Friday because one wanted to get mashed and I was promised an awesome time at the after party. Must take note, sun, no food and random huggers make me uncontrollable of my own body? I was practically carried home. So yeah, take that hug as you please, I am usually such an awesome drinker, but my memory goes blank. Grrr

Barfly Presents – Barfly, Camden – Tuesday 4 October

First up on this weeks Buzz night was Hot Panda, who have been around for quite a while now. Live Hot Panda were exciting, most certainly caught my feet’s attention. Female band members seem to the be the current right now, I keep coming across female drummers and bassist’s regular nowadays. Is this the Kate Nash ‘thing?’ Making girls want to join bands? Moving on from the Nash.

Liverpool band All We Are brought their pop psychedelic with a twisted sense of folk to Barfly. The trio had whistled their way through their sunshine bass and hypnotic drumming. All We Are have a chemistry on stage that seems to be the ‘real deal‘ when it comes to making music. They totally blow me away.

Next up was Coves the band I had attend to see play their first London show; blow me away with their quirky folk pop. Incredible, for a band with only very little gig experience, can only get better.

Headliners Swim Deep are a 80′s synths wet dream. If you enjoy Summer Camp or even Wavves, Swim Deep sound right up your gender. However live at times the band seemed unorganised on stage, at the same time it worked. Rough dreamy vibes filled with times of skater beauty.

So yeah I am going back on google to look at Orthodox Jewish man, arousing times.



Each and every record mentioned above is worth a trip to your local record store/itunes for, If you don’t go, I may just haunt you, I can do this. I am special. Honestly you won’t regret it (the buying I mean, not me haunting you.)



Author: Simone

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