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Future Rust, And Future Dust #16 – S.C.U.M and Slow Club

This week I have mostly been watching the ‘Skanking Policeman’ on Youtube while grinding up against my laptop, oh to have been there, shanking, with a policeman. You should have been here too, watching me try and fail to grind to a piece of heated plastic.

I decided that I was going to write something funny with all my wit here instead I fell back on myself, when one says ‘I will be funny here’ funny does not occur does it? If you try and be funny, it falls flatter than a month old mouldy lipstick ringed can of Stella. Instead I say [insert something funny in here] this box belongs to you guys. Don’t say I don’t give you much, once that mouldy can of wife beating Stella preaching’s the tender age of two months you know it is time to drown your body within and vomit all over your computer screen whilst saying ‘I did it, I beat the wife’

Future Dust, And Future Rust Album of the week

Slow Club – Paradise

2009 was the year Slow Club created their sunny wavy boy-girl folk pop with Yeah, So, an album packed with romance of all things childish love, full of life. Singer-guitarist Charles Watson and singer-drummer come by guitarist Rebecca Taylor voices scamper softly over each other while mixing a heavy bowl of love dust to spread to the people.

Paradise gets a hit on the head with the drumming groovy harmonies song ‘Two Cousins’ with Rebecca’s voice bursting over the drum kit, no one wants to be upstaged by drums do they?

‘If We’re Still Alive‘ has funky clap beats, whip your stick against the table, minus the big climax we were all waiting for. Keeping us keen? ‘If We’re Still Alive’ has a Foals quirk in certain places, if you know your Foals quirks you will spot this a few times. Paradise was actually produced by Luke Smith of Clor fame that turned Total Life Forever into one of 2010′s brightest records. Heads up.

Slow jammer ballad ‘Never Look Back‘ is a finger clicking sense of joy. Charles takes the lead to which his voice is broken into a sadden 60′s swing of dramatic husky tones, backed by his trusted guitar Charles and Rebecca voices create the perfect balance between desperately sad and a shine tingle of hope, honestly breathtaking. Can I get a drum roll please? ‘Where I’m Waking‘ is the sex song on Paradise, bursting with purring, clawing and stroking. Take that as you please, or just use your creativity. ‘Where I’m Waking’ has a tempo that will have you spinning in your head, pleading for more and more.

Slow Club have another bash of acoustic with layered humming guitar strings ‘Hackney Marsh’ strips the sound down to an echo in the far distance. Heard is back blowing simple vocals handed with an acoustic guitar. This is how acoustic should be done, with a sense of dark humour. Yeah, So would have been pleased, the ever slow low paced swaying ‘Gold Mountain‘ has rough outbursts of emotional and guitars with dots of sore throated shouts.

The rather intimate breakdown ‘You, Earth Or Ash‘ is an absolutely pleasure to be placed under the dark spell of Slow Club, slow rocking strings and Rebecca’s incredible smooth voice.

Quirky body mover ‘The Dog‘ is a festival song, jump to the left, to the right, make only small jumps unless you want to squash your bits into the sweaty pervert man standing next to you. Is that your dad? ‘Horse Jumping’ is a bit of a slow burner, having listened more than the once my heart was warming casually each time. Charles sings mostly on this over six minute song with his guitar whilst Rebecca jumps on and they have this interweaving voice connection.

Secret song ‘Paradise’ is a fizzy, sun faced pass the cocktail in a coconut. I truly believe when Rebecca velvety sings ‘I wanna live Paradise’ she wants too.

Strictly Our Opinion:  Slow Club are far more than the cute folk pop band that burst onto the scene with Yeah, So in 2009. Slow Club have mixed their influences together; Charles 60′s love and Rebecca’s love for R’N’B pop to create the unique sound that is their own, already one of 2011’s best albums [4.0/5.0]

Catch Slow Club on tour

S.C.U.M. – Again Into Eyes

The long over due debut album of S.C.U.M arrived some would say arrived too late, but is the buzz over? Knowing S.C.U.M they waited for the buzz to be over having been 2009 ‘most pretentious band’, 2011 they have moved up, and are now giving out a few interviews, not a lot, but enough to go on.

I felt weird listening to opener ‘Faith Unfolds‘ this a numb giddy sensation ran through my body. Between over the top bass and the circle of synths pits
Tom sings artily over the top of this sudden big bang of music. In ‘Days Untrue’ I hear a Horrors keys intro. As far as I’m aware S.C.U.M and The Horrors do use the same synths. For those of you saying S.C.U.M are Horrors rip off, move away. Yes the synths, at times, sound a like, but if you were to use the same instrument/style as another band of course you are going to come away with a similar tone. ‘Days Untrue‘ is freaky awesome, ruined by Tom soft trying to sing opera slow somewhat annoying singing and heavy keys.

Dark and mean  ‘Cast Into Seasons‘ makes it easy to crash onto the floor and casually sweep your hand upon the air in slow motion. If I were to do my Dance GCSE dance again ‘Cast Into Seasons’ would be the song. If you were out late one night ‘Cast Into Seasons’ would make you believe you were trapped in a horror movie, good luck moving on.  ‘Amber Hands’ has big loud angry confused guitars that you can’t get away from, run trying to run through floating disorganised synths. Haunt keep haunting. The finish line is in sight, keep coming but the big finish does not really climax in the way would expect.

Pure banger, yes I said banger ‘Summon The Sound’ is torn between two worlds, which would you chose. The bad, or the ugly? Huw plays bass to the highest mountain and the keys are going crazy.

On both ‘Sentinal Bloom’ and ‘Requiem’ I felt a lack of impulse. Both could have been so much more, the keys were almost in pattern for an almighty power finish. In ‘Requiem’ S.C.U.M are doing dramatic beauty than they passed by the scrape of their teeth

Strictly Our Opinion:  S.C.U.M are theoretical band of the year, they make music  that makes the heart stop while shivers descend slowly down the spine, the soul is lifted from the body hovering slowly looking down at your cold blooded eyes. Lead man Tom voice at times was tiring, he is no Zola Jesus. Music for soundtracks [3.5/5.0]

Read Strictly Dave’s review on the newly released Girls album Father, Son and Holy Ghost. Why? Because my review would be put to shame, you would never hang a cat out to dry would you?

Future Dust, And Future Rust Single of the week


Future Dust, And Future Rust recommends 


Slow grinding light drum tapping, a burst of electric strings from the musical genius Luke Tristram and Edgar Smith, did anyone catch them on stage at Reading and Leeds? They were guests along side The History Of Apple Pie. Take your wild guesses which band they joined? Oh The Vaccines joined this band on stage also. Come on enough with the clues, what is your answer? I may give you a prize for the correct answer. I said I may not will. IF you do want a prize, you will need to haunt me down and demand.

‘Escape To Hell (And Other Stories)’ is sleazy to which lead singer sings away whilst the wavy pop picks the listeners ears out. You can’t help but fall deep in airy love with ‘Escape To Hell‘, at first you think chilling, laid back, live this would be oh so awesome. As the song goes on it gets louder and meaner. Three minutes of foreplay is over Advert are getting their sauce and wiping it all over the rest of the track and me, they mean loud moist business. The deed is done come by six minutes, the drums fade out into total darkness. A must hear [4.5/5.0]

Tribes – When My Day Comes

Tribes are a FDAFR favourite hear me? Favourite. Fresh from playing the festival circuit including, a slot in The Festival Republic tent this year. The Camden heroes are back with the follow up to ‘Sappho’ with yet another indie meets drunk meets get me a kebab (or nothing for all you veg-heads like me) meets vomit on the night bus home meets drunk one night stand track. If you have done two or more of those meets, I welcome you with my stale beer bloused arms into the alkie’s secret society [4.0/5.0]

Novella – The Things You Do

Girl power, no not what The Spice Girls did for the music world but for Novella an all girl punk band? They have nothing on my favourite girls Warpaint, nothing. Novella have been compared to the Dum Dum Girls and  Veronica Falls, I am too lazy to disagree. ‘The Things You Do‘ does smell oh so bad of dirty lo-fi sleazy punk rock, totally lush. Bring back the laddered tights look, or is that only okay for the IT whores? [3.5/5.0]

Wild Mercury Sound – Itchy Skin

Reading itchy skin makes my skin feel itchy, surely a good thing right? Wild Mercury Sound have a raw rock n roll sound. Husky voiced, dirty guitars, chuck whiskey in your face [3.5/5.0] 

Future Dust, And Future Rust caught live this week

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Each and every record mentioned above is worth a trip to your local record store/itunes for, If you don’t go, I may just haunt you, I can do this. I am special. Honestly you won’t regret it (the buying I mean, not me haunting you)



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