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Foo Fighters Are Strictly’s Favourite Band: But Do They Really Matter?

It’s official Foo Fighters are the Strictly Readers’ favourite Reading band of 2012! They won the battle of the bands comprehensively, breezing through each round before effortlessly dismissing Enter Shikari and The Cure in the grand final.

To be honest it’s not much of a shock. The Foos romped many of Strictly’s 2011 awards, including our “If you could pick one headliner for 2012” award, and one thing is for certain: people love Dave Grohl and they love the Foo Fighters.

Still for all there continued popularity, one question rarely gets asked: do the Foo Fighters actually matter?

Seriously, it might seem strange to question the Foos’ relevancy, but when all has been said and done just how will this band be remembered, and what exactly will they mean?

Explaining the Foos to an outsider is tricky; they’re a long running band, who’ve never released a bad album, but who don’t have an all time classic in their locker either, despite consistently releasing above average records.

They took Nirvana’s quiet-loud dynamics, gave them a slick, lovable pop make over, but never truly innovated in their own right. The Foos are one of the few great bands who’ve yet to inspire generations of followers. Largely because, the Foos play great hard edged, but ultimately middle of the road, American Rock. During a brilliant 18-year career they have never produced a game changing release. The kind of record that changes the scenery of the music industry seemingly overnight, that forces everyone else to react, and that goes down in history instantly.

Instead, the world’s most beloved band have always been the elder statesmen (practically from their inception) who continuously deliver massive hit singles that express angst, joy, and humour (sometimes all at once). Outside of the still understated stadium anthem “Everlong” and its epic drum fill, they rarely touch hearts. Instead they prefer to unify sold out crowds. The Foos created some hilarious videos along the way, becoming one of the late great MTV era bands, but they never created an artistic statement on a par with Radiohead’s still debated “Just”.

In truth they’ve always been the ultimate party band. They send everyone home happy. They rarely risk alienating anyone, and they continually produce hit singles and hit albums. There have been no mental breakdowns, no crazy moments of delusion genius, and looking back on their career, it’s hard to imagine what stories the band have to tell in their old age and what The Foos defining moments actually are. What exactly will they’re mythos be based upon?  Nicesness?

So the question is raised again. Do the Foo Fighters really matter? The biggest, most popular, most universal loved band in the world, whose most enduring attribute appears to be their inherent consistency, rather than their brilliance.



Author: david

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