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Don’t Watch MCR Watch The Horrors

This is the first time in many years that Reading and Leeds has not sold out, why? It starts with a little band called My Chemical Romance or should I nickname them the Festival whores of 2011? Not only are they completely over rated; they just make me want to vomit out emo blood. I never thought I would be telling the once rock crowd of Reading and Leeds to chose The Horrors over the, oh so, Marmite band main stage headliners My Chemical Romance.

But I will.

Why would you need to compare the two bands? If you need to, go wipe your eyes away My Chemical Romance fans because The Horrors are a band who symbolise all things great and mighty in the dark, without the over emotional ‘this band saved my life’ schtick. Yes both bands are a fan of the dark side, but My Chemical Romance have pushed themselves the other side of dark, the emotional ‘I cant live’ state of dark.

The Horrors have the credit. When you see them live (now is your chance) you open your mind to a completely different level of raw emotional. They have stage presence that will leave you hungry for more whenever front man Faris Badwan towers over his microphone, covering his hand and acting sullen. You’ll be overcome by this tingling inside when Rhys Webb tortures his bass with the perfect amount of hair whipping. Cool, yes?

Back, on topic.

Right if are still thinking why should I go see The Horrors? Firstly because The Horrors don’t need to be storming the mainstream charts to get creditable attention. The Horrors by far could easily fill a much bigger tent, even a nice slot on the main stage, but these guys are keeping it real and intimate, they like to feed off the audience and capture your soul. They managed to pass the dreaded ‘second album’ with flying colours, something MCR have not managed with their successor to The Black Parade (I only found out a few days ago that MCR are in fact on their fourth album! If you are thinking ‘why did she not research her MCR’ well to be frank. I don’t have the energy to type anything MCR related into Google, plus it would show in my history. Can’t be having that now. I need to hang onto my last bit of music cred)

Anyway, The Horrors will now get ready to hit The Festival Republic tent with a brand new album, which will make your  hairs stand erect. The climax will be amazing. Just be patience, when it comes, you will not regret seeing them over MCR.
Honestly, if you are neither a fan of MCR, The Horrors or even Beady Eye and Unkle,  go see The Horrors. The atmosphere in the Festival Republic stage will be like having your third full on snog, by the end you would end up mesmerised by the soul of those drain-piping Horrors.
Team Horrors.



Author: Simone

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