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Buy Or Sell: The Reading & Leeds 2012 Edition

1) The Foo Fighters will go down as THE DEFINITIVE Reading Headliner after the dust has settled on their 3rd Headline set?

Lewis Lowe: SELL

I have never understood the appeal of the Foo Fighters. I find them boring and see them as no more than a middle of the road rock band. I understand that they are popular and have every chance of being the DEFINITIVE Reading band for lots of people, I however think there are plenty of bands on this years line up that could take the title instead.

David Hayter: SELL

Don’t get me wrong, Foo Figthers are a legendary Reading band, and between their festival debut on the NME tent in 1995 and their first headline set at the turn of millennium they seemed destined to become Reading’s own headliner. However, since that time the Foos, and their predictable headline routine, has been shopped around, and they don’t feel like THE DEFINITIVE Reading band anymore.

They’re up there, but for me Nirvana will always be the Reading band, followed in some order by The Libertines, Rage Against The Machine, Muse and The Strokes. Foos are in and around that list, but they’re not a clear number one.

2. The Cure will be a success at Reading&Leeds 2012?

Lewis Lowe: BUY

The Cure have proved themselves numerous times over the years that they are a great live act. Most recently they wowed and captivated Bestival audience with their huge array of classic songs. Whilst we can’t expect the same response from the fans at Reading due to the difference in the festival demographic, we can still expect an excellent show no matter how small the crowd may be.

David Hayter: BUY(ish)

This was so tough. As I have faith in both The Cure and Reading, sure Arcade Fire got a small crowd, but it was a passionate crowd, the same is true of The Pixies. Now the thing that gives me pause for thought is The Cure’s style. If they start pulling out the 8-minute tracks full of slow subtle texture will they take the crowd on a celestial journey or leave them chilly and disinterested?

It’s hard to say. Bestival as Lewis rightly points out, was the perfect festival for Robert Smith and co. Reading is a tougher sell. Still if Reading 2011 showed us anything, it’s that the slower sell outs bring more hardcore fans of the individual bands (MCR, Strokes) and that can be a really good thing.

3. Florence + The Machine will outshine Paramore and The Black Keys?

Lewis Lowe: SELL

In all honesty until I read the question I had completely forgotten that Florence and co were even playing the festival. They are a true summer festival band, it’s just a shame it was last summer. They wont get much competition from Paramore, who are quite frankly a cancer to the music Industry, but The Black Keys will easily steal the sub-headlining thunder. They have the hits and the buzz to draw a big, lively crowd plus enough potential to pull off one of the best shows of the weekend.

David Hayter: BUY

I’m going to back Florence Welch here for two reasons:

1)   Love her or hate her, she is a torrential force live. Her vocals can tear skyscrapers down and she has a selection of hits capable of uniting an entire field in song. Plus I think we all know the Beeb will put her front and centre of their coverage.

2)   The other two are unknown entities in certain ways. Paramore will get a boisterous crowd up for a sing-along, but Hayley seems to fluff her lines every so often. She could miss every note or she could nail it, and I can’t back Paramore until they showcase some consistency.

The Black Keys did a fantastic job at Coachella, but this is the UK we don’t quite know what’s going to happen. Will thousands turn out to roar them on, or will they be met with a middling responses, we’ll have to wait and see.

Change Places!

4) Kasabian will prove themselves worthy headliners?

David Hayter: SELL

Kasabian really underwhelmed at Isle Of Wight Festival (granted in the face of terrible weather) and while I think Kasabian will be a success in the short term (they are good live), I could see them being remembered more like Franz Ferdinand (who I enjoyed), than say Muse. I just can’t see this set being talked about in decade.

Lewis Lowe: BUY

I have no doubt that Kasabian will pull off their set. They have great tracks and are brilliant live. Headlining the festival will be no problem for the lads and I’m sure they will take it all in their swagger.

5. A Green Day secret set will be a major coup rather than a major distraction?

David Hayter: BUY

This is a major coup there’s no doubt about it, however, while it will grab the headliners it might not be so great for the neutral. For the hardcore GD fans they’ll love it, but for the rest of us, we may miss one of our favourite acts to sneak into the set, only to listen to an hour of B-sides or unaired new material with a bunch of confused fans. Now I’m hoping for the best of both worlds – something a little special that you wouldn’t get at a regular Green Day show, but also a few killer classics.

Lewis Lowe: BUY

No matter how much I dislike Green Day I’d have to be a complete moron to say that having them perform at the festival wouldn’t be a major coup. They are a headline caliber band so to have them play anywhere else on the line up will be a fantastic addition for any fans they might have at the festival. Secret sets are one of the things that create a great festival experience, if Green Day are there this year it will just add to the legend of Reading 2012.

6. Reading 2012 will be remembered more fondly than Reading 2011?

David Hayter: BUY

This is a really tricky one for me. I had a wonderful time last year. The Festival had a much more chilled vibe, all my friends got tickets, and we enjoyed the majority of the bands we watched. However, for the rest of the world, it was a bit of a dud. For most people last year’s festival season went from Beyonce and U2 to The Cure and Bjork and pretty much every festival inbetween became lost in the shuffle. This year’s Festival season has been lost behind the Olympics and The Stone Roses, but Reading 2012 already feels bigger than 2011.

Lewis Lowe: BUY

This is a no-brainer for me. I thought last year’s line up was atrocious and it was the reason I decided not to attend. I already know that for me 2012 will be a better festival. Although there aren’t a huge amount of bands I really want to see it has a good amount of bands I have never had the chance to see previously. I for one cannot wait to pitch up tent at Richfield Avenue this year.



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