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So will the Reading and Leeds veterans triumph, will anybody stop Adele, will James Corden cause me to slit my wrist half way through this report? We’re about to find out.

Coldplay kick off the show in suitably spectacular fashion with “Charlie Brown” and an absolute fuck tonne of fire works. I always hate watching bored celebrities at tables sitting front and centre while the fans are stuck in the rafters.

James Corden introduces a shamefully tacked on Whitney Houston Tribute.

21 by Adele is our first album of the year nominee. Adele is her usual relatable charismatic self, but I still have reservations about that record. It feels like a collection of half decent tracks held together by some mammoth hits and Adele’s innate strength of character. It’s still the odds on favourite.

Florence & The Machine is our next performer and she’s bringing all the energy you’d expect, while over singing her heart out. The dance routine is pretty spectacular, they’re really putting on a big show here.

Was that Katy B and Mark Ronson’s Olympic single? I love Katy B but that was pretty tepid.

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British Female presented by Kylie Minogue

And The Nominees Are: Adele, Laura Marling, Kate Bush, Jessie J and Florence + The Machine.

And The Winner Is: Adele

Reax: Surprise Surprise. It’s definitely a kiddy winks crowd as Laura Marling and Kate Bush’s names were met by deafening silence. Still a relatively deserving winner. Also how was Katy B not nominated. Nice speech I thought.

International Male Solo Artist presented by Jack Whitehall & Jessie J

And The Nominees Are: David Guetta, Ryan Adams, Aloe Blac, Bon Iver & Bruno Mars

And The Winner Is: Bruno Mars

Reax: Poor Poor Bon Iver. A popular winner. Another neat little speech.

Are next performer is Olly Murs with The Rizzle Kicks. Poor poor Rizzle Kicks…this…is…brutal. Poor Olly too having to follow Florence and Coldplay. The red dress dancers and the sheer scale of it nearly saved it, but that was beyond tepid.

Critics Choice: Emili Sande

Reax: I’m not overly familar with her work but she’s received some decent reviews from  some credible critics. Classy Brit Awards interviewing Jessie J instead of the actual winner.

Ed Sheeran is our next performer, phew, he’s not rapping and he’s not playing “A-Team”. Damn, spoke too soon.

British Single Presented By Tinie Tempah

And The Nominees Are: “Someone Like You” – Adele, “Heart Skips A Beat” – Olly Murs, “Change The Way You Kiss Me” – Example, “Pricetag” – Jessie J, “A-Tream” – Ed Sheeran, “Whereever You Are” – Military Wives, “All About Tonight” – Pixie Lott, “What Makes You Laugh” – One Direction

And The Winner Is: One Direction

Reax: You wot? I never thought I’d type this but Adele was robbed. That was a pathetic category and Adele didn’t win. Something tells me OD’s fans spam voted that. Come on lads you don’t all need to speak.

Internation Female Presented By Jenson Button

And The Nominees Are: Beyonce, Rihanna, Feist, Bjork, Lady Gaga

And The Winner Is: Rihnanna

Reax: That was the strongest category with the most deserving nominees so far, and while Bjork and Fiest dropped great albums, they couldn’t have made a bad pick. Rihanna is a fine winner making a brief thank you speech. Also Rihanna’s dress is pretty hot but last year’s was better imo.

Ed Sheeran’s + is the next album of the year nominee, I can’t say I’m a fan, but given it’s success he’s a relatively decent nominee.

Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds perform “AKA What A Life”. A few vocal cracks but he’s pulling it off pretty well so far. Chris Martin is on keys, I was about to say that was his piano.

Let’s hope this Amy Winehouse tribute is less tacky than the Whitney tribute. This is pretty nice, and pretty emotional it has to be said. I wish they’d mixed the bleaker moments with the cheerier ones, although I can’t blame them for keeping it up beat.

British Male Presented By Plan B

And The Nominees Are: James Blake, Ed Sheeran, Noel Gallagher, Professor Green, James Morrison.

And The Winner Is: Ed Sheeran

Reax: Plan B was stoned and I was a fool for thinking James Blake might actually pinch this category.

British Group Presented By Jo Wiley

And The Nominees Are: Coldplay, Chase And Status, Kasabian, Arctic Monkeys, Elbow

And The Winner Is: Coldplay

Reax: That was pretty predictable. All five have had up and down years, the huge commercial success of Coldplay + their strong set at Glastonbury probably warrants this win.

Are third nominee for Album Of The Year is Let England Shake by PJ Harvey. This album should win, it’s an essential statement, it’s beautiful composed, and it’s timeless record like Adele’s 21 but for very different reasons. A worthy winner.

Adele is our latest live performer, this should be spectacular. “Rolling In The Deep”, that makes sense will be tough to top last year’s performance. Adele is pretty much nailing it, but the backing track is really lacking it’s usual oomph.

International Group Presented by Brian May & Roger Taylor

And The Nominees Are: Jay-Z & Kanye West, Foo Fighters, Fleet Foxes, Lady Antebellum, Maroon 5

And The Winner Is: Foo Fighters

Reax: I was pulling for Ye & Jay but Foo Fighters are a decent winner coming off a pretty huge year.

British Breakthrough Act Presenet By Cesc Fabregas and Nicole Schezwinger

The Nominees: The Vaccines, Anna Calvi, Emeli Sande, Ed Sheeran, Jessie J

And The Winner Is: Ed Sheeran

Reax: Not a surprise especially with a public vote.

Our next live performer is Bruno Mars run for your life!!! There’s something worryingly date rape-y about this performance. Not bad actually, not good, but not bad. Too smooth for his own good, someone needs to mess up his quiff, give him some edge.

Ceremonials by Florence + The Machine is our next album of the year nominee, I felt this album was over produced, but it’s easy to see why so many people fell in love with it. Big tunes, big polish, and good pacing.

Internation Breakthrough Presented by Will.I.Am and Rob Brydon

And The Nominees Are: Lana Del Rey, Aloe Blacc, Foster The People, Bon Iver, Nicki Minaj

And The Winner Is: Lana Del Rey

Reax: Hard to argue with Lana she’s the definition of a breakthrough star. That was another strong set of nominees, everyone was relatively deserving for a variety of different reasons. Wow even when emoting she remains stoic.

Rihanna is our next performer next performer, and she should absolutely smash it, fantastic tune + crazy set = proper Brits silliness.

Outstanding Contribution To Music Presented By Ray Winston

Well we know who’s winning this one. Blur thoroughly deserve this they created pop music they did a Radiohead before doing a Radiohead was cool. True social commentators and eventual avante garde experimenters who never lost their pop touch.

A nice VT is followed by a very happy looking Damon Albarn who gives a thankful speeches and says that they’re Brit triumph 17 years ago had a “profound effect” on their career. Nice to see the producers get a shout out. The biggest thanks is saved for Chris Morrison.

The final nominee for the Best Album award is Mylo Xyto by Coldplay. It didn’t love this record but it was a hell of a lot of fun and full of energy and colour (even if it felt artificial at times).

British Album Of The Year Presented By George Michael

And The Nominees Are: Let England Shake, +, 21, Ceremonials, Xyto Myloto

And The Winner Is: Adele

Reax: Without a doubt George? It’s not surprising she won the Brit Award but PJ’s album would at least give you occasion for doubt no? Anyway, Adele is very much a worthy winner for single handedly prosponing the decline and death of the Major Labels.

Adele is rather rudely cut off killing any atmosphere for Blur. Wow this really isn’t working, the sound mix is terrible on TV at least. Also note to Damon Albarn do not do call and repeat choruses at awards shows! “Song 2″ another terrible section for an awards show “Song 2″.

The news at 10 must not be delayed apparently. Really ill advised song selection there from Blur, don’t do tracks that require maximum crowd interaction at an award show, it really is that simple.



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