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BBC Introducing Stage Guide

The BBC introducing stage is where one can see the latest unsigned, self signed, emerging new music talent. The BBC introducing stage once played host to many of the world’s biggest music stars from the likes of Florence and The Machine at Glastonbury 2007 and all way to Friendly Fires, and of course that infamous supposed The Foo Fighters secret set that caused the FF’ers to be bottled.

The Introducing Stage lies in the heart of the festival arena, so be prepared to be wowed by the huge volume of talent bracing the tiny stage.

I spent a few hours for a few days listening to one song per band for every single band playing this year’s BBC Introducing stage. I thought ‘’this stage has a few bands I love at the minute. Why should I only give them my love?’’ Instead I went deeper; I went on an experiment with the help from Skype friend Paul. I could have copied and pasted each bands Last.Fm bio, but what’s the point? This way I give you readers my honest opinion, whether I loved the band or snot.

Read below to uncover my findings, I was pleasantly surprised by the results. I rated each band out of 5 on watch worthiness.

If you can’t be bothered to read through all my little indie thoughts, do please head to the bottom where I created a top 5 bands to see.  If you go straight there after reading this, you are a mean person who has just broken a fragile girl’s cold bloodied heart. Mean.

A Genuine Freakshow - Experimental Pop

I started screaming ‘I KNOW THIS’ then I realised I don’t. The chorus was very familiar, too similar in my brain. I can honestly say A Genuine Freakshow would be a thrill to see live with all their instruments. I could picture them like Arcade Fire on stage, that should never be said. I won’t compare them to Arcade Fire bar the sheer number of instruments. The National ,anyone? [2.0/5.0]


Anguish Sandwich Garage Punk

I got really excited when I noticed Anguish Sandwich were a Garage Punk band with a women on drums. Then I listened to them and wow I loved them. This is what Reading and Leeds needs, a big fun loud guitar garage band in the middle of a field. At times, I guess, with the man on guitars and the female on drums at times they felt like The White Stripes, instead I will say Pegasus [3.5/5.0]

Arthur Rigby And The Baskervylles – Orchestral

I remember Arthur Rigby And The Baskervylles from Orange unsigned television programme a few years back. Never thought much of them then and still don’t. Was more of a Revenue fan myself (Lily Allen even had a soft spot for the lads, should have won) Arthur Rigby are not even worth a proper listen. Dull, not fit for a festival crowd.  [0.0/5.0]

Black Diamond Bay Electro

Never would I have believed  I’d be listening to Electro and enjoying it. Black Diamond Bay produces funky key beats. What surprised me the most is I roughly enjoyed the female vocals too, even with her sort of squeaky voice [2.5/5.0]

The Bronze Medal - Indie

I gave The Bronze Medal my heart strings the second I heard the lead singer open his mouth. The Bronze Medal gave me the cold shoulder with their low guitar indie sound. I had to listen, a good three times. I need to start going to Bristol again. The Bronze Medal are a must see for any indie fan [4.0/5.0]

Castrovalva – Hardcore rock bounces grime

Please. Please listen to Castrovalva. Please. Amazing, yes I did put them into a Rock Grime box. Looking at pictures of Castrovalva I thought bad things. I listened to ‘Donut‘ and I listened four whole times. Heavy rock beats with a white kid spitting grime bars, amazing. I want to say a hardcore Hadouken on a year’s supply of drugs, but my hearts saying no. Best fun, I have had for a while.

I have placed Castrovalva in the ‘must find out more about box’. If you want to mosh heavily at Reading and Leeds go see these guys, I never knew this type of music was around. Neck strained.  Reading and Leeds in the daylight will not know what hit it. I need to see Castrovalva live. Now [4.5/5.0]

Clock Operaother

I found this rather dull full, in the environment of a festival where everyone is pumped on warm can beer. This would put anyone to sleep (even me the insomniac) [0.0/5.0]

Courage Have Courage - Indie-pop

The Courage Have Courage lads give teenager girl butterflies in stomach music. All members are from previous bands that really don’t matter, none of them were decent. Together Courage Have Courage are cheese on toast (move away Kate Nash, step away from the cheese on toast at Harrow disco’s) after a while I drowned my ears in not very nice sounds. Tad annoying, a twenty minute set (total guess) of this hyperactive ‘LOOK AT ME’ jump in the air nonsense would want me to jeer [2.0/5.0]

Cuba Cuba Indie-pop

I love a good old indie pop band. Cuba Cuba is just this. Not that I enjoyed them. Poor man’s Foals. We get it you have synths and try to re-create those amazing Foals’ hooks, but you are not doing it for me. Live I could imagine them being boring, more so than on record. Not a stand out for me sorry people of Wales, try The Missive instead [1.0/5.0]

Daughter Folk

Singer Elena Tonra left me listening very hard to the sad lyrics. She’s very good, harmonies, voice, guitar. Perfect. BUT, yes there is a big but, I don’t think this type of genre is suited to a rowdy Reading and Leeds crowd; they will eat her up without even a listen. Like I said Daughter is very good and emotional, millions times better then NME Coolest person 2010 Laura Marling, but the people of Reading won’t accept her. Especially considering BBC stage is in the middle of the arena, people run, shout, and eat. Basically people just walk past the BBC Stage. Would be better suited in a tent. [3.0/5.0]

Discopolis Experimental Electro

I am no fan of full on Electro, the beats usually make me cringe vomit and lager. Lucky for me no vomit nor lager left my pale body when I listened to Discoplis, if you fancy a spacey dance without the big band keys Discoplis, my reader, are your friend [3.0/5.0]

Don Broco - Rock

Bedford band, make music I call emo scream rock, the sort of music I very much have a sour scented mouth for. For fans of New Found Glory and mosh pit heads [1.5/5.0]

Funeral Suits Indie

Already gaining my respect in my weekly indie column #13. The more I listen and read about Funeral Suits the more I fall deeply in love with them. Hooky guitars, storming keys, light headed drums and low toned vocals. Made for one a very light headed young female. By far one of the top bands to see across the weekend [4.5/5.0]

Fixers - Experimental Dance

I love Fixers. Fixers are one of many weirdly strange oh-so-cool sound from Oxford more closely part of the ‘Blessing Force’ cult making tiny waves in that one little road. Fixers love the dance; they love the psychedelic while keeping some quirky unique surf sound to themselves. A must see [4.5/5.0]
General Fiasco - Indie

Already appeared on the BBC stage back in 2008, this time round with a album under their belt. Worth a listen if Kids In Glass Houses are on your musical wave sway, just far to child like for my senses [2.0/5.0]

Ham Sandwich - Indie

Another Irish band to grace the BBC stage. Ham Sandwich have a cool name, I can picture it now ”What shall we call our band?” Moments later ”I’m making a ham sandwich anyone want one?” if this is the official story I would personally make them a ham sandwich cake. Just a shame, I don’t like the music that spills from their mouths, go shove a ham sandwich in there.

I can still make ham sandwich jokes can’t I? No? Okay. Don’t see them, unless you want to chuck ham sandwiches towards the stage, worth a walk by for [1.0/5.0]

Heart-Ships - Folk

Listening to Heart-Ships made me realise I most certainty had come across them before, whether that have been live or via the shiny round cd, I don’t know. All I say is, they clearly never had an impact on me and again, they left me high and dry. They sound Irish without being Irish? They could be Mumford & Sons but without the Sons, you know? Just dry [1.0/5.0]

The Kill Van Kulls - Indie

Already a big fan of The Kill Van Kulls catchy sing-back verses. ‘Lost and Found’ is amazing. Live they are brilliant too. For fans of the pure indie sound, if indie makes your teeth sweat, stay away from the BBC stage. The lyrics will have you diving into the deep end, the guitars will flirt their way into your heart [4.0/5.0]

Kirk Spencer Other

I found myself warming to this slightly then I realised I was doing some strange dub step upper body Bollywood dance. Much to the laughter of my Skype friend, who asked me to turn it up? We ended up having a dub dance off. I won. He burnt his hair on his cigarette. Kirk Spencer has a very addictive sound, try keep him away from those with addiction personalities [3.5/5.0]

The Mexanines - indie rock

The Mexanines are little indie darlings with their upbeat guitars and layered drums, with shifty harmonies and softly spoken lyrics. I felt myself swarming around listening to them. I could picture their set being a good’un. If I was there I would be hammering myself up to the barriers for the full on effect of the guitar [4.0/5.0]

The Minutes - Rock

Ireland’s coolest band, The Minutes have a dirty sweaty dingy rock n roll sound. The energy I got from single ‘Black Keys’ was electrically dirty. Live I can imagine them putting on a hard mental show, dripping in Guinness and hair spray [3.5/5.0]

The Original Rude Boys – Hip-folk 

If the name never made you raise an eyebrow then the sound will too. I original thought oh great some kind of Odd Future band. How wrong was I? The lead singer’s voice is one of a kind; looking at him you would think Plan B. Then he sings and you think low toned Irish Plan B but with acoustic guitars. The Original Rude Boys are quite lovely, must be the lucky Irish charm. I had to listen to a few of their songs, they had me hooked. ‘Sunny Days’ is a homage to a friend who took his own life, very beautiful [3.5/5.0]

Rae Morris - Piano

I read piano. I thought, god no. I listened, wow. Rae Morris has a quirky set of lungs embraced within so much soul. If you have a spare minute go bounce along and listen to the soulful voice Rae Morris has. Why only a minute? After a minute you will realise you are at a rock festival and rock people can’t be inflated with love for a pretty girl who has sounds like Norah Jones. Can you? [3.0/5.0]

Rainy Boy Sleep – Acoustic

This singer songwriter is such a darling, his music is magical. Most of Rainy Boy Sleep’s catalogue may be slow, however your feet will be moving, even if it’s just by a little bit. Perfect festival music [3.5/5.0]

Rizzle Kicks – hip hop

This is too kid like for me, something the little girlie teenagers would listen to at the back of the bus. Not even sure how to define this, I can appreciate the singing but it’s all just so wrong for Reading and Leeds. I see Rizzle Kicks are top of the bill too, I read that they have had a top 10 hit too? No thanks [0.0/5.0]

Save Your Breath - Emo Hardcore

Big up South Wales. Save Your Breath come from South Wales. If I was into this sort of music I would easily find Save Your Breath very attractive to listen to, unforgivably my indie taste buds see them as a bunch of whining boys with tattoos (yum). For fans of New Found Glory for sure, I accept this type of genre is not favourable to me, it’s not actually that bad. Not for me [2.5/5.0]

Sam Sure & Giacomo - Hip-Hop

For fans of Mike Skinner, Example and Professor Green. Sam Sure & Giacomo have a cheeky lad status to themselves. With their hooky beatsn and lyrics that make the brain stand on hairs and take notice. Would be worth a standing around and eat my greasy noodles to this band. [3.0/5.0]

The Simon Pollard Band - Country

Why do country bands like this exist? I wish I had a magic word to speed up their fingers and ramp up the guitars. I really am not a fan of this. If a sickbed Frank Turner is your thing, The Simon Pollard Band band (ugh!) is for you. This silly band name could be up your street. Bore me a drink [0.0/5.0]

Spector Indie

I love Fred. Sorry I mean Spector. Spector are a sad heart throbbing geeky to the max English new romantic band, with coo-cooing guitars. Debut single ‘Never Fade Away’ is just this. If I were going to Reading I would be at the front with my roses and hearts, with a bottle of champagne and picnic blanket. But I am not going, don’t look at me. I’m heartbroken. Are you? Listen to and watch Spector. They will mend your poppy heart with tales of love, the British way [4.5/5.0]

These Furrows Rock

Riffs to rival the real boys Biffy Clyro. Some say Biffy are the watered down Foo’s then These Furrows are the watered flat diet no added sugar Biffy. Just a shame, the tone of singing is not hard enough. The lead singer has an annoying emo singing voice. The guitars are pretty decent, if the singing can be muted, this would be amusing [2.0/5.0]

This Boy Wonders – Blues Acoustic

I found myself completely involved within the lead singer Chris voice, he wormed his way all the through my body. My legs were giving a little away. Do you remember when Kings Of Leon had that perfect bluesy rock sound? This Boy Wonders have just that. Sex on what field? [3.5/5.0]

Tomahawks For Targets - Rock

NO. I really dislike vocals of this sort. I like men to sing loud and hard, not womanly over incredible annoying beats. Pass. What’s occurring? A headache [0.0/5.0]

The Winchell Riots - Emo

Run. I thought. Run. Emo. Run. Guess what? I never ran. I enjoyed the emo Editors. The lead singer voice was annoying at times; I startled through and listened along. Nod bouncing, and live, I reckon, they would get my legs bouncing along too. Someone check them out for me then report back. I am curious on why I like them. Please? Pretty please with a hair on top please? [3.0/5.0]

I did it! I listened to every band on the BBC Introducing stage besides the Deejay sets. Even if only one/a person reading this takes my advice and watches a band purely because of me. My work would be done, and I will snog your hand, the day we will never met.

Overall my top 5 bands to see are:

1.       Castrovalva

2.       Fixers

3.       The Bronze Medal

4.       Spector

5.       The Kill Van Kulls

That is correct. Little indie me, would love to rock out to the most ridiculous band on the bill. Castrovalva will blow the BBC stage apart with pure power of hardcore sweat, and oh- my, the dancing. Always the dancing. Next year I can picture them having a worthy slot on the Lock Up. Please someone take my spirit with them so we can go wild together? Cheese.

If I had to choose a wild card, it would be:

Anguish Sandwich

Do leave us a comment somewhere. Agree? Disagree? Want to start beef with me for slagging your favourite band off? Please do. Debating is my middle name, not legally though. Duh!



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