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Battle Of The Bands: Round 1, Day 7

The First round is slowly drawing to a close, as we work our way down the line up. Over the Weekend The Flatliners upset Me First And The Gimme Gimmes proving that Strictly Fans aren’t purely biased against red heads, any big name is likely to fall. The Black Keys and Two Door Cinema Club had no such problems however.

Bombay Bicycle Club vs. You Me At Six

We kick off the seventh day of this showdown with a big battle between two of the fastest rising bands of recent times. Indie stalwarts and Reading favourites Bombay Bicycle Club are representing indie with their ever evolving sound that has broadened to include folk and more hushed tones as the years have gone by. Expect “Ivory & Gold”, “Shuffle” and “Lights Out, Words Gone” to go down a treat.

The Essential Album: A Different Kind Of Fix

You Me At Six could hardly be more different, unlikely to pick up and acoustic guitar let alone go folk, this post-hardcore/pop punk five piece prefer things loud and bouncy. Expect hits from across their catalogue including early smashes “Save It For The Bedroom” and “Finders Keepers” as well as new hits “Underdog” and “The Swarm”.

The Essential Album: Hold Me Down

Friends vs. The Courteeners

Another odd couple match up pitches trendy hipsters against northern swagger. Friends have been blowing up in 2012, as their sassy brand of indie-funk-pop has been parties up and down the nation. Expect etherial pop (“Friend Crush”), sassy funk (“I’m His Girl”) and some crazy genre splicing (“Mind Control”).

The Essential Album: n/a

The Courteeners are unlikely to don a hipster hat and shuffle across a Brooklyn apartment while swooning to some sensuous funk. Instead, The Manchester lads who are legends in their home town, will look to hit hard with some terse and ernest indie. They have plenty of anthems of their own including “Not Nineteen Forever”, “What Took You So Long?”, “You Over Did It Doll” and “That Kiss”.

The Essential Album: Falcon

Every Time I Die vs. Dead To Me

Every Time I Die remain hard to pin down as they progress their sound with each passing album. The rockers from Buffalo, New York could unleash a screaming hardcore assault one second, like the demented “Underwater Bimbos From Out Of Space”, and a considered atmosphere driven ┬árocker like “Revival Mode” the next.

The Essential Album: Last Night In Town

Dead To Me offer a more straight down the middle punk sound, known to infuse Ska elements the San Fran punks should certainly offer a good sing song when they uncork “Little Brother” or “You Know You’ve Doing Awful When…”.

The Essential Album: Cuban Ballerina

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