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Strictly Punk (vol.7)

Sup y’all

As January rolls on apace, the weather seems to have finally gotten cold and I dunno about anyone else but I’m running out of money… roll on payday I say!

Download Makes an Announcement

To break the doom and gloom Download Festival made an announcement this week adding fourteen more acts to Metallica, The Prodigy and Black Sabbath. Punk wise it was slim pickings with the closest bet being punk poppers (as opposed to pop punkers) You Me At Six who seem set to headline the second stage opposite the mighty ‘tallica. Fingers crossed for a better bevy of punk bands in the next announcement.

The End of Lookout!

Some sad news this week as Lookout! Records finally called it a day. It always seemed to be on the cards sooner rather than later following various non-renewals of contracts with a number of their incumbent artists. The doors finally closed on the label after almost 25 years of loyal service.

Some of the bands to have appeared on Lookout! Over the years include Green Day, Screeching Weasels, Alkaline Trio, Operation Ivy, Pansy Division and Rancid. Here are the five records from the label’s history I’d recommend to all:

Kerplunk – Green Day (1992)

Kerplunk was Green Day’s second LP and their last one before they joined the majors and left the planet. It’s still rough around the edges compared to the Green Day that their 21st century fans would recognise, but it’s still a strong record and features an early recording of ‘Welcome to Paradise’.

Death By Television – The Lillingtons (1999)

Death By Television is pure geek punk. It’s crammed with twangy surf guitar and sci-fi motifs as if the band fell asleep during recording sessions with late night TV on and The Outer Limits, Twilight Zone and Tales from the Crypt just imbedded themselves in there. Want just one track to check out, try opener ‘War of the Worlds’.

The Donnas Turn 21 – The Donnas (2001)

The Donnas are a blend of classic rock and garage punk and 3 minute sugar coated guitar music is a specialty, best heard on their last record on Lookout!, The Donnas Turn 21. As the name suggests the all girl rock group were still young, well, girls, when they made this album and it’s full of energy.


Undressed – Pansy Division (1993)

Undressed was the debut album of queercore band, Pansy Division, a band at the forefront of the punk sub-genre that dealt with overtly gay themes from openly gay musicians. If further proof were needed there were tracks like ‘The Cocksucker Club’ and ‘Boyfriend Wanted’, the latter of which is a jangly pop number reminiscent of REM or The Byrds.

Energy – Operation Ivy (1989)

Arguably the greatest and most influential record ever put out on Lookout!, Op. Ivy’s Energy is a ska punk opus. Op. Ivy formed the backbone and origins of punk monsters Rancid as Tim and Matt started out together in this California four piece. Energy itself is just that, pure energy, and pure fun too. Just stick on opening track ‘Knowledge’ and go ape!



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